Florida Professor Fired From FAU For Investigating Sandy Hook 1


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James tracy mug-bProfessor James Tracy paid a heavy price for free speech. He lost his job as a tenured Professor because he dared to question the official story of the Sandy Hook Elementary event. Now he could use your help, please consider donating to his legal defense fund.  (Source: Memory Hole Blog)

James Tracy Legal Defense Fund

Stunning excerpt from sworn testimony

Newtown official testifies under oath to confirm Homeland Security (DHS) involved in setting up electronic sign:  “Everyone Must Check In”

More Evidence in Sandy Hook Investigation:  3/4/2016: Suspicions of document tampering raised when Chalk Hill School statistics discovered as identical to Sandy Hook. Was Sandy Hook closed then placed on artificial life-support by cloning reports from Chalk Hill to misrepresent Sandy Hook as an active school?  

Sandy Hook Justice Report Website

7/23/14: Arrest of Jonathan Reich for asking too many questions about Sandy Hook

Documentary “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook”

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