Decades of Chemtrails and Advanced Climate Change Technologies Now Threaten Extinction Level Event 3


Comment:  The arrogance of the Banksters and thugs of the New World Order are now flirting with an extinction-level climate disaster. 

Decades of secret tinkering with advanced weather weapons technologies may have finally pushed the stability of earth’s climate past the tipping point and into accelerated rate of atmospheric heating.   In desperation, the masters of the Universe have put HAARP into service in a race against time to mitigate the quickly rising oceanic methane releases rising up into the stratosphere and mesosphere.  This (still undisclosed) planetary emergency comes after decades of deliberate climate warming experiments and deployment of geoengineering aerosols (chemtrails) that have finally let the genie of hell out of the bottle.  

Let’s read the conclusions of Malcolm P.R. Light first:


The UN/US must immediately declare an international emergency of the most extreme kind and call for a conference of world governments and oil companies to select the fastest and most efficient way to deal with the Arctic methane eruption threat. The Lucy Project and suggested HAARP experiments are methods of destroying the Arctic atmospheric methane clouds at a distance and will be our first line of defence against the extreme global warming potential of the fast increasing concentration of methane in the atmosphere. The Angels proposal aims to depressurize the Arctic sub seafloor methane in – situ and shut down the methane eruption centres, but it will require massive cooperation between governments and oil companies to achieve its objectives (Light, 2012c). We are already two years past the tipping point in August 2010 when massive subsea atmospheric methane eruptions started in earnest in the Arctic. The next three years are all we have left to try to put a break on the Arctic methane emissions before the heating effects and sea level rise due to loss of Arctic sea ice and Arctic methane induced global warming will be completely unstoppable and humanity will be facing total extinction before the middle of this Century (2050).

I cannot emphasise more how serious the Arctic ocean methane eruption problem is and how little time we have left before its effects on global warming become catastrophic. We need to act now before it is too late.