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4 Jets Spraying chemtrails-C

Chemtrails From QFA64 – Quantas Boeing 747



We have seen the anomalous “tail spray” before.  A previous video showed an aerosol “leak” from beneath a 2-engine AIRBUS.  The high powered telescopic lens revealed the leak actually originated near the wings and under the belly of the jet.

For most observers, the aerosols only become apparent when they exit the tail area to contrast with the sky.  The aerosols  in the 747 appear as normal water vapor contrails even while the leak is seen leaving a third jet trail.   It’s likely the aerosols had been shut off leaving normal contrail emissions from the engines while aerosol compounds continued to leak from the location under the belly of the 747.

The video below shows aerosols leaking from an AIRBUS.   Aerosol leaks from two jets suggest an engineering defect in the storage tank that begins to leak when the jet climbs to high altitude where outside pressure is so low as to cause the pressurized aerosol tank to “leak”.   It could be that the aerosol system was mistakenly designed for sea-level stresses without regard for dynamic stresses at normal flight levels above 29,000 Ft. AGL.

These mysterious orbs are being recorded more frequently in recent years.   My contact on the Florida West Coast (Dixie County) said the orbs remind him of honey-bees feeding on the jet trail emissions, then darting to feed on a second or third trail sprayed by a different jet. Coincidently we have located a probable NEXRAD radar station located within 5 miles from where these orbs are “operating”.

Three Contrails From a 2 Engine Jet?


Chemtrails, Aerosol Geoengineering and Bioengineering: A Massive Biological Experiment of Unknown Purpose 1

Morgellons Photos

By Prof James Tracy – source

Global Research Banner

“The ultimate solution is a multiplication of leverage by citizens to the point where it simply cannot be denied”. – Clifford Carnicom

The materials disbursed in stratospheric aerosol geoengineering operations contain a combination of ionizable metallic salts, filaments, gel-type materials, and crystals. These are the longstanding and deeply interrogated observations of independent environmental research scientist Clifford Carnicom given on a December 10 conference call organized by director Russ Tanner. During the meeting, coincidentally held on International Human Rights Day, Carnicom asserted that because the system of responsible government has failed, the immediate collective efforts of citizens are necessary “to claim their rights upon this planet.”[1]

His remarks were made just three months after his presentation at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails conference held in Los Angeles last summer. In that talk, “Geoengineering and Bioengineering: The Unmistakable Link,” Carnicom upheld his research detecting such a correlation. “’Is there a direct relationship between the alteration of living systems (us) and ecosystems (the environment)?’” he asks. “My answer is unequivocally, ‘Yes.’”

Mr. Carnicom’s work began in 1999 when he noted clear changes in the skies overhead. He has since produced a large body of sound and meticulous yet accessible research reports examining the nature and contents of such aerosols, all of which are available at Carnicom also oversees the Morgellons Research Group, a body of concerned citizens, health care professionals, scientific researchers and microbiologists who devote their time to investigating this unfolding syndrome.

The implications of his observations—that virtually every breathing organism is an unwitting participant in a massive biological experiment of unknown purpose—have proven terrifying enough to prevent many individuals from even tentatively considering his investigations and hypotheses. “There’s a personal journey everyone has to take about the reality of this,” Carnicom told call participants.

The most well-known manifestation of such nano-biologicals is the oft-misunderstood Morgellons ailment, an especially unusual and disturbing condition marked by painful dermal lesions through which such nano-fibers protrude. Tammy, a participant on the conference call suffering from Morgellons who became intimately informed about the sickness because of Carnicom’s work, asked if the broader population was also susceptible.

“I want to be as accurate as possible if I’m going to make a public declaration,” Carnicom stated. “The diplomatic way of saying this is that the evidence indicates that the general population is subject to the very same symptoms that Tammy is experiencing.”

How can one determine whether they are an unknowing subject of bioengineering? In 2008 Carnicom presented a simple technique developed by naturopathic physician Gwen Scott for the lay population to detect the presence of nano-fibers in their bodies. A mouthwash consisting of two teaspoons dry red wine and one teaspoon hydrogen peroxide vigorously applied for five minutes yielded observable clumps of fibrous strands comprised of an “encasing filament, sub-micron filament network, Chlamydia-like structures and the ‘hybrid form’” in fourteen subjects tested from diverse geographic locations across the US.

According to Carnicom such organisms “have now been discovered repeatedly across all major body systems and functions, including skin, blood, hair, saliva, dental(gum), digestive, ear and urinary samples.” [2]

US Government’s Conflicted Interest

Shortly after Carnicom began his research in the late 1990s major government and corporate entities with probable ties to this program made numerous repeated visits to the researcher’s website. Their interest suggests the threat Carnicom’s investigations posed in making such programs publicly known. IP addresses employed to peruse the site included offices as high as the Secretary of Defense and Air Force Headquarters, as well as over one dozen US Air Force bases, several US-based research laboratories, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the corporate offices of Lockheed, Boeing, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Arco Chemical, Kaiser Permanente, and the Mayo Clinic.[3]

Yet such curiosity fails to permeate the US agencies entrusted with the preservation of the environment and public health. Even though Carnicom is producing especially valuable research and has persistently called for regulatory intervention on the public’s behalf, the EPA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been wholly dismissive of his findings and requests to actively enforce existing laws intended to protect the environment and public health. Nor have these agencies presented comparable evidence of their own refuting Carnicom’s findings and justifying their failure to act upon the standards under which they are purportedly governed.

For example, when Carnicom sent the EPA samples of fibrous pollutants for analysis several years ago the agency responded, “It is not our policy to identify unsolicited materials.” Carnicom characterized this key instance of bureaucratic denial as “a powerhouse of innuendo and obfuscation that has never been resolved. When you have a specific mission statement you do not adopt a policy that suits the person in office at the time.”

Along these lines in early 2012 the CDC announced the findings of its inquiry into Morgellons by stating that it could not identify an origin for the fibers and concluding that individuals demonstrably suffering from the condition were “delusional.” Environmental writer Randy Ananda commented that the obfuscation merely provided cover for the Department of Defense’s ongoing experimentation.[4]

The US Government and Human Experimentation

The US government and military have long possessed the capacity and demonstrated the will to violate the Nuremberg Code by using nerve, biological, and radiological agents on unsuspecting human subjects.The fluoridation of public water supplies and above-ground nuclear testing are but a few dramatic and irrefutable examples. The premeditated will to do so further resounds in the government’s overt sponsorship of over 700 Nazi scientists under Operation Paperclip. The fruits of their research included the noxious and debilitating mycoplasma stealth pathogen derived from the brucellosis bacterium that likely infects many today.

Further, the US military’s ability to administer lethal substances on civilian populations is well established. In 1969 testimony before the House Defense Appropriations Committee the Pentagon’s Deputy Director of Research and Technology Dr. Donald MacArthur explained how “[l]ethal chemicals … about ten times more potent than the most toxic of World War I gases” could be released “in artillery shells or bombs, rockets, or you can deliver them from spray tanks … [T]o attack a complete city of many millions of people,” MacArthur continued, “let’s say a densely populated city like New York—it would take 300 to 400 tons efficiently dispersed to immobilize the city.”[5]

There are likewise numerous historical instances of the US government using citizens as nothing short of guinea pigs. For example, in 1994 Freedom of Information Act requests forced the US Army to divulge how in the mid-1950s it sprayed hundreds of pounds of zinc cadmium sulfide into a densely populated and predominantly black district of St. Louis.

“I’m wondering if it got into our system,” said former resident Lisa Martino-Taylor, who lost four brothers and sisters to cancer early in their lives and suspects that radioactive particulates were mixed with the metallic substance. “When I learned about the testing, I thought ‘Oh my god. If they did that, there’s no telling what else they’re hiding.’”

The Army claimed that it only used blowers atop buildings to distribute the toxins. Yet a resident of another targeted neighborhood in St. Louis, Mary Helen Brindell,

recalled a summer day playing baseball with other kids in the street when a squadron of green Army planes flew close to the ground and dropped a powdery substance. She went inside, washed it off her face and arms, and then went back out to play. Over the years Brindell has battled four types of cancer—breast, thyroid, skin and uterine. “I feel betrayed,” said Brindell, who is white. “We pointed our finger during the Holocaust, and we do something like this?[6]

With such instances in mind the question is no longer, “Would the government partake in such human experimentation that may be injurious or fatal to its own population?” It is instead, “What safeguards and systems of accountability exist that would prevent the government from using members of the general population as unwitting lab animals?” The bureaucratic shenanigans of the EPA and CDC and the abandonment of their respective mandates to protect the environment and public health make the answer more than obvious.

“Our World Has Been Transformed”

In a 2011 paper Carnicom demonstrates how the filament samples likely originating from aerial spraying are identical to those found in Morgellons’ victims. “The fact that this traces itself to a repeatedly occurring environmental sample represents, in my opinion, the worst crime in human history.”[7]

Indeed, such observations suggest how the unspeakable horrors of Dacchau and Auschwitz are not the stuff of a seemingly distant historical past. As Carnicom’s deep research suggests, such profound crimes have been resurrected in the skies above and worlds within. “Our biology is being negatively affected by this intrusion into our lives,” Carnicom warns, “whether it will be fifteen or fifty years.”

Drawing a conclusion to his remarks on the GlobalSkywatch call, Mr. Carnicom responded to an attendee articulating frustrations shared by many conscious and concerned citizens. “How do we get this to stop? How do we get the government to respond to us?”

“I will be inadequate in terms of what I can offer,” Carnicom began.

I have an obligation as a human being to do what is within my means to make the world a better place. As an individual I have that obligation, and so I do that to the best of my ability, so much so that it has occupied the past 15 years of my life and I have to spend a good part of it managing a non-profit. I’m one person that has certain particular talents and a background. I’m not the best public speaker in the world. I’m not the best activist in the world. I’m not the best money raiser in the world. But I do some things hopefully reasonably well.

To start answering this question I have to extend it to each one of you. Do you remember the old JFK [challenge]? I know it’s a cliché but clichés sometimes have some meaning. “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” Just skip the patriotic aspect of it and ask yourself what you’re going to do.The first thing that I would do is extend to every one of us the necessity for involvement and using your talents.

The second thing is that our world has been transformed now. Normal things don’t work. Frustration does not eliminate the call for duty that exists upon each of us … This is more a level of consciousness and awareness; of planting a seed, but the level that is going to be required is so different in this world than anything that has been imagined in terms of the demand for the right to a healthful and peaceful existence on this planet. It’s going to have to happen at a level that we’re not thinking of right now because the normal processes are not working. The Million Man March doesn’t cut it. I wish that I could answer simply what it is going to be. But it is going to [require] a shift in consciousness and awareness that is so forthright and direct that all of the games and manipulations–and the business of three, four, six companies controlling the media–no longer works and no longer applies. I don’t want for it to be decades in our future.


Jet Aircraft Aerosol Geoengineering Emissions Deployed as Trails and Plumes 5

Aerosol Geoengineering Emissions Deployed as Trails and Plumes

Jet Aircraft Aerosol Emissions Continue to Plague Skies over Global Communities.

Much  evidence exists that Evergreen Air is a CIA front company for jet aerosol operations within the United States, weapons,  arms dealing, drug running and rendition tortures.

In 2010, Shepard Ambellas – Investigative journalist for the The Intel Hub – interviewed a former Evergreen Air employee (now whistleblower) who verified his work history at the Pinal County Arizona facility with documentation.

The former employee reported that Evergreen was involved in retro-fitting Boeing 727 and 747-c aircraft with liquid discharge tanks and aerosol sprayer devices.

Click here for the Evergreen Aerosol delivery patent


Patent highlights

  • “The aerial Delivery system can be used to fight fires, chemical decontamination, weather modification, to treat oil spill contamination, and other uses.”
  • “The aerial delivery system can drop about 25,000 pounds of fluid in approximately 5 seconds”
  • “The aerial delivery system has the capability to premix materials, mix materials on-board or disperse two different materials separately.
  • “The system’s load has the ability to be dispersed in segmented drops or at one time.”

Evergreen Air 747 Supertanker Promotional Video

Video Summary:  The Evergreen 747 Supertanker:

  • is designed for segmented drops, 3 hour loiter time and 5,000 mile range.
  • is able to arrive anywhere in CONUS in less than 2.5 hours.
  • can re-fuel and re-fill mission-specific chemical agent(s) at any one of 50 US military bases.
  • can be refueled at 6 strategic US military bases to drop nearly 90,000 pounds of chemicals – in segmented drops – in 16 hours.
  • can respond to homeland security (HAMP) and environmental concerns at a moments notice. (DHS is Geoengineering Hurricanes)
  • can drop up to 24,000 pounds of chemical neutralizers.
  • can neutralize a chemical or biological attack on a major population center or military installment.
  • features a versatile tank system and nozzle configurations to allow different agents to be disbursed at multiple pressures all depending on a mission-specific circumstance.
  • with it’s large size – allows room for an aerial command and control post giving and agency tasked with managing response tactics a secure, birds-eye operational base.
  • is also an ideal tool for oil-spill containment and disbursal with large drop capabilities and a versatile chemical agent delivery system.

An Evergreen Air 747 Supertanker can re-fuel and re-fill disbursal tanks with mission specific chemical agents at any of the 50 military bases in the CONUS.

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Another concept involves aircraft dropping… “thousands of tons of a water-absorbing powder (Dyn-O-Gel) onto a hurricane to extract moisture from rain clouds.  Dyn-O-Mat’s founder and CEO, Peter Cordani, has already arranged to lease a specially rigged 747 “supertanker” to conduct trials on actual hurricanes” – PopSci – 11/2005

Evergreen Air B-747 Tanker Missing in Action Not Fighting Colorado Fires

Evergreen Patent for Delivery of Aerosols

Fire-fighting competition from “10 Tanker Air Carrier” in Aug, 2012.  Curiously, 10TankerAir is seeking and exclusive contract despite common knowledge that USFS has not yet responded to Evergreen’s proposal.

In 2009 Los Angeles calls Evergreen 747 Supertanker to put out the fire but still no contract with US Forest Service in 2012 to contain numerous, deadly wildfires.


Chemtrails and Chembombs

Bruce Douglas

Bruce Douglas was an organizer for the Chemtrail/Geoengineering Symposium in April 27, 2012 held in Maui, Hawaii. Douglas is also the originator of the Maui Clean Sky Ordinance bill currently under review by Maui County Council member Ellie Cochran who supports such legislation.

The proposed ordinance states that the people of the County of Maui recognize that geoengineers have proposed the global disbursement of aerosols and other particulates into the atmosphere for the stated goal of reversing the effects of global warming and cooling the planet.  Supporters of the bill want geoengineers to notify and gain approval from the county with an environmental impact statement before spraying anything related to climate manipulation in Maui County skies.

Bruce’s presentation at the CBC conference brings new information that adds the term “chembombs” to  “chemtrails” to describe a novel method of toxic  aerosol deployment seen over Hawaii and globally with increasing frequency.

One suspect capable of of dropping “bombs” of aerosols is the fleet of B-747 tankers owned by Evergeen Air – a company with a dark history of association with the CIA and covert chemtrail ops.

For more information and to keep updated on the status of the Maui Clean Sky Ordinance, visit the Maui Skywatch website

Swedish Politician’s Promise to Stop Chemtrails Gets Global Support 5

SKYWATCHERS UNITE – From Patrick Lynch

An update on the brave efforts of Swedish Green Party politician Pernilla Hagberg to raise the issue of Chemtrails to the public eye.


Please join my Facebook group to support this lady. One of the first politicians in history to publicly address the issue of Chemtrails.  Please send messages of support to her at and also show your support for her by emailing the Swedish embassy in your country and the Swedish Green Party.

We have been complaining for years that no politicians address this so now is the chance to show how much we really care about our children and our environment, for real. Click like and subscribe and share the group and related videos also.

This situation could lead to heights even we can’t imagine.  If the Swedish mainstream media are forced to address this then the Swedish public, (who are an extremely conscious environmentalist people), realise what is happening who knows where this might lead. It could snowball to a critical mass. What we’ve been hoping for for many years.

We’ve always known that if enough people knew about Chemtrails and H.A.A.R.P. then it could be stopped.

Now is your chance. Take it.


Find out how chemtrails adversely affect your health Reply

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 by: Paul Fassa  Source:

(NaturalNews) When the denial of chemtrails is resolved, concerns of their content and their effects are raised. Two metals are consistently discovered worldwide in chemtrail analyses: barium and aluminum. They’re formed as nanoparticles easily breathed in by mammals and absorbed by plant life.

“Nanoparticles must be prepared and stored in a liquid medium designed to facilitate sufficient inter-particle repulsion that prevents aggregation.” In other words, nanoparticles will clump together again quickly in a powdered or solid medium. (Source 1 below)

A common phrase used for chemtrailing is aerosol spraying. Some claim the aerosol spraying is apart from the engines, and others claim it’s part of jet fuel. It could be both, but however the chemtrail is administered, the liquid that could maintain particulates as nanoparticles is there.

When they’re released into the upper atmosphere, the particles could retain their nanoparticle size and be easily absorbed as they filter down into the lower atmosphere and into our lungs and vegetation.


Millions Are Waking Up to a Global Aerosol Geoengineering Operation in Plain Sight. 5

Jason  Reeve, UK – 8th September 2012:  One of the biggest Chemtrail assaults I have seen this year.  Compared to the 7th September which was a beautifully clear day with deep blue skies, the 9th was hopefully a wake up call to many Londoners.

Geoengineering is going on right above your heads and clearly they are not able to hide this fact for much longer.

Share this video and keep on waking others to this crime against Planet Earth and her precious atmosphere and delicate weather systems!


Geoengineering and Climate Change Experiments Altering Natural Weather Patterns 1

Susanne Posel (Source)
Occupy Corporatism
September 7, 2012

According to a report published in Nature, biodiversity thrives in periods of warming; however alarmists do not want this fact to be misconstrued with the dangerous conditions man-made global warming is creating across the planet.

Bálint Miklós, researcher at the Biodiversity and Climate Research Center in Germany believes that there is an underestimation of biodiversity loss when it comes to purveyors of the man-made global warming myth. By using genetics to identify a species, Miklós asserts that climate change disrupts a species natural ebb and flow which is directly tied to global warming.

The myth of biodiversity suffering because of man-made climate change stems from a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) blog that claimed the polar bear population was suffering due to man-made climate change. The claim of the drowning polar bears goes back to a federal study that was obviously doctored. The 2006 paper from the journal Polar Biology lacked any supporting evidence for its claims that “drowning-related deaths of polar bears may increase in the future if the observed trend of regression of pack ice and/or longer open-water periods continues.”


Secret Geoengineering With Jet Aerosols is Warming The Weather Reply

Beginning in the nid-90’s people all over the world began to notice a dramatic increase in jet aircraft emissions that sprayed strange persistent contrails in their skies.

Meanwhile, illnesses like obesity, Alzheimers, cancer, autism and MS have increased during the same period.

Forests, trees, plants and animals are under increasing stress from persistent drought and probable soil degradation when the aerosols settle to earth.


Look Up To See Something Important 3

The Global public is becoming aware that their governments (and the United Nations) is keeping a dark secret from its citizens and small businesses that could effect their health and cause global food scarcity if allowed to continue.

In 2010 the Belfort Group provided compelling scientific evidence that a secret weather modification program has been underway for two decades.

The Case Orange Report is a 336 page publication compiled by engineers and insiders in the aerospace industry who confirmed what the public has been seeing in the skies above the US, Canada UK, Europe, Australia, South America and Middle east for years.


Directive to US Congress and UK MP’s to Ban Aerosol Geoengineering Reply

Take action – Please use and share Chemtrails Project UK’s ‘DIRECTIVE’ to MPs to Ban Geoengineering from our skies citing irrefutable evidence and proposing immediate instigation of the UAPA – (United Atmospheric Preservation Act)
An accompanying draft letter has also been provided –

Also – a Petition & the UAPA as an additional format to share and raise awareness.These 3 documents have been put this together for everyone in every country to feel better armed to utilize/adapt to help instigate action via local representatives AND to help join the dots for friends, family and colleagues.
Please use and share these PRACTICAL documents far and wide [♥]

1) The Directive & the Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act to send to your MP or equivalent local representative.
Direct download –

2) A ‘draft letter’ to use to accompany any correspondence.
Direct Download –

3) A ‘Petition & the Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act’.
Direct Download –

(PS – The original UAPA written by R. Michael Castle is available here –

Biological Aerosols and Morgellon’s Syndrome 3

Biological Aerosols and Morgellon’s Syndrome

Morgellon’s disease, a particularly horrific condition, seems to be dormant in all of our bodies and has been identified in samples of chemical trails administered to our atmosphere via military airplanes. This has all been documented by a presidential award winning toxicologist, Hildegarde Staninger.

The Air Force Wants Your LOV: Aerial Seeding of Biological Implants into Food, Water, & Air
by Carolyn Williams Palit
February 29, 2008

Synopsis of THE SYSTEM in Air Force 2025
Based on the global attack system discussed in “Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts,” Air Force 2025

You might want to be familiar with “Weather As a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025,” a chapter from the future forecast, Air Force 2025.(1) People concerned about the ongoing, worldwide, aerosol operations in the atmosphere termed chemtrails(2) often point to this chapter as evidence that the U.S. Air Force may be involved in global, spray operations for weather control.


Insane Climate Modification Schemes Proposed With No Science and No Oversight Reply

Published on Aug 27, 2012 by

“It’s a technique developed in Russia, sending electrical charges into the atmosphere to make clouds and ultimately rain.” – Government defends $10-million grant for untested rain-making technology.

Queensland went a lot further than that and recommended a very substantial long-term operational trial as well, which would have cost a great deal more than $10-million.”

August 1952 RAF in Britain conducted Operation Cumulus, which involved gliders spraying clouds with dry ice, salt or silver iodide. Within days North Devon received 250 times its normal August rainfall. Lynmouth was virtually washed away and 35 people were killed.

June 2010 Australia announced a fast-start package of A$599 million for climate change. And climate change they did.. Inland tsunami’s, killing grandparents and kids, record breaking cyclones that made everyone’s hearts skip a beat, Ocean life washed ashore, birds dead in the street.

QLD State Government spending $17.6 million annually since 2007 aimed specifically at Geo-engineering CLOUD SEEDING programs. Since mid-January 2008 cloud seeding aircraft have made almost daily passes over the south east coast (Commonly known as CHEMTRAILS).

Former Climate Change Minister Andrew McNamara said ‘there would be further flights in the next wet season. This project will focus on the Wivenhoe and Somerset dam catchments. Current La Nina weather patterns will probably afford more opportunities to CLOUD SEED than the previous El Nino year.…

HAARP technology in Australia calling for more support & funding :

~ Using nanotechnology to ‘re-engineer’ our environment? With federal funding!! ‘Geo-engineering’ is the ultimate in pursuit of high risk ‘techno-fixes’ to the world’s big ecological problems. Its proponents want to use technology to attempt to ‘re-engineer’ the environment, for example by fertilising the ocean to produce huge algal blooms that supposedly will absorb carbon dioxide, or by polluting the upper atmosphere with nanoparticles in an attempt to deflect UV radiation and stop global warming.
191 countries recently rejected geo-engineering as environmentally reckless. But an announcement for the Australian Government’s “Climate Ready Program” suggested that geo-engineering projects using genetic engineering or nanotechnology will be eligible for federal funding!!.

This Brisbane Based company boasts it’s “offkey solution” for cloud seeding and other weather related sciences and atmospheric chemistry as it applies to weather modification” they also boast they are fully equipped can be hired.

I also know Qld is not the only state using chemicals and aerosols in our atmosphere to create and manipulate the weather as Tasmania and Victoria have been using this practice for great number of years.. We also have HAARP capability’s in several states our largest being American governed and guarded at Pine Gap, Alice springs.

These trails are clearly not water vapour contrails, which evaporate after several minutes. They remain overhead for long extended periods of time, often culminating in strange grid like formations. Now they have people asking some serious questions. Chemtrails have been found to contain Barium, Aluminium, Titanium, Magnesium and some Fungus.

“Geoengineering” refers to the intentional, large-scale manipulation of the environment to bring about environmental change. With no hope for Kyoto, little political will to ask industry or voters to change lifestyles and a growing recognition that carbon trading is a farce, some governments are concluding that massive earth restructuring is the only way out.

-The US government is lobbying the IPCC to PROMOTE geoengineering activities, such as deliberately polluting the stratosphere to deflect sunlight and lower temperatures.

(1) “We already know that humans can geoengineer planet earth — that’s why we have climate change,” said Pat Mooney, Executive Director of ETC Group. who actually also support the scam of global warming.

Turning our green into gold… over 600 million on climate change.

Thai program : Thai rain making comes to qld…



~sub: ~credits video-edit:

Maylasia Air AIB78D With Chemtrail Sprayers Installed at Manufacture 1

Original Video Published on Jun 29, 2012 by SoltauCruiser

Two issues that reveal chemtrails – not contrails

1) Obvious chemtrail emissions from both jets revealed with virtually no distance between engine exhaust and visible contrail.

2) Relative humidity at altitude is too low for persistent contrail formation according to NASA’s own data.

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380-841 (A388)  – (Pre-delivery test flight)
Callsign: AIB78D
Flightnumber: /
Reg: F-WWSU / 9M-MNA (MSN 078)
Altitude: 35000 feet / 10668 m
Ground Speed: 486 knots / 900 km/h / 559 mph
From: Hamburg, Finkenwerder (XFW)
To: Hamburg, Finkenwerder (XFW)
Date: 3rd May 2012
Time: 14:08 CET


New Airbus comes with chemtrail sprayers “factory installed”