Cathay Pacific Cargo Jet Caught Spraying Chemtrails Over France Reply

MrMaxBliss uses Flightradar24 tracking service and visual ID to confirm a Cathay Pacific cargo Jet spraying aerosols over southern France.   A second jet on a similar heading is noted at much higher altitude leaving short-term contrails typical of familiar water vapor trails. The higher jet is not emitting a typical civilian aircraft ID signal making it invisible to the Flightradar24 system.  Max ID’s this jet as a military aircraft.

Later in the clip Max focuses on unusual rainbow cloud typically associated with atmospheric heating, toxic aerosol spraying and climate manipulation.

Alarmists Cover Up: Geoengineering Causing Climate Change Reply

Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
August 18, 2012

James Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and eco-fascist, predicts that the warming of the Earth is happening and his “projections about increasing global temperature have been proved true. But I failed to fully explore how quickly that average rise would drive an increase in extreme weather .”

The alarmist scientists claim that the global temperature has risen an estimated 0.8 degrees Celsius because of recent extreme events that are occurring with more frequency.

The study, headed by Professor Richard Muller, physicist with the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) was startled by the findings and commented: “We were not expecting this, but as scientists, it is our duty to let the evidence change our minds.” Muller, once a skeptic, now claims he is “converted”.

The team of scientists at Berkeley used data provided by NASA, NOAA and various weather station records. Funding for the project partly comes from the Charles G Koch Charitable Foundation. Another $100,000 in monies was provided by the Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research which was created by Bill Gates.

The most startling “evidence” in favor of man-made climate change is funded by many globalist organizations who are also heavily investing in geoengineering projects to alter the weather of the Earth in support of their false claims.

Andrew Weaver, professor and supporter of Hansen, calls his study excellent “and re-frames the question.”

In his paper, Hansen says “some additional warming will occur over the next few decades. However, we can slow, halt and reverse global warming over a period of several decades. The key requirement is to stop subsidizing fossil fuels and to begin to collect a fee from fossil fuel companies in proportion to the amount of carbon they are putting into the air.”

Carbon dioxide, being monitored in the Arctic by alarmist scientists, is being measured at 400 parts per million of the heat-trapping gas in the atmosphere.

Klaus–Ekart Puls, physicist and meteorologist, has analyzed the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claim that regulating CO2 will “regulate climate change.” Puls found that the IPCC’s assertion is based on “speculative model projections, so-called scenarios – and not prognoses. Because of climate’s high complexity, reliable prognoses just aren’t possible.”

Puls agrees that sea levels have risen, however “it’s important to remember that mean sea level is a calculated magnitude, and not a measured one. There are a great number of factors that influence sea level, e.g. tectonic processes, continental shifting, wind currents, passats, and volcanoes. Climate change is only one of ten factors.”

The American Geophysical Union commented on research into the melting of ice sheets that: “It turns out that past studies, which were based on computer models without any direct data for comparison or guidance, overestimate the water temperatures and extent of melting beneath the Fimbul Ice Shelf [in the Antarctic]. This has led to the misconception, Hattermann said, that the ice shelf is losing mass at a faster rate than it is gaining mass, leading to an overall loss of mass. The team’s results show that water temperatures are far lower than computer models predicted . . .”

In response to climate change, the UN, governments and private corporations have collaborated on geoengineering projects claiming to combat the effects of global warming. However, a team of European scientists are saying that geoengineering will cause serious global droughts. The artificial reduction of sunlight on the planet’s surface will create the problems that alarmists are claiming is being caused by human expulsion of CO2.

The authors of the study say that their computer models are not “meant to give realistic ideas about potential applications of climate engineering . . . [but] possible adverse effects that could come of such designed changes to the Earth’s climate.”

Bill Gates and Daniel Keith have joined forces to support the spraying of thousands of tons of sun-reflecting synthetic sulfate aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight back out into space. Although scientists are asserting that this action will alter earth’s natural weather patterns while environmental groups decry that geoengineering nullifies their efforts to purport their campaigns to convince the public that man-made climate change is directly causational to human emissions of CO2.

Keith manages the million-dollar geoengineering research that is funded by Bill Gates and the Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research. These monies come directly from Gates’ personal funds.

Mainstream media reports that the Greenland Ice Sheet is melting at an exorbitant rate, which will free 240 billion tons of fresh water into the oceans annually. The IPCC is focusing on this as a cause for more alarm. Havoc will be realized as New York City will see seas rising which may displace residents and cause massive damage.

However, Danish researchers have studied archival photos to compare current claims of rapid melting. Kurt Kjaer, led author of the study and professor at the University of Copenhagen, stated that the glacier is melting and reforming at a normal rate and therefore “it’s wrong to use the current melting rate to make predictions about sea level rise in the coming century, as some studies have done.”

Chemtrail Jet Tracking Applications on the WEB 1

Reality Zone
G Edward Griffin
June 1st, 2011

Related Article: ACTION ALERT: Investigators Wanted to Document Chemtrails

The first few days of experience with tracking live flights has been highly instructional, and we have had some surprises. One of them is that Plane Finder is not the best program for tacking commercial aircraft in the United States or Canada.

There are numerous areas with high levels of air traffic, such as Las Vegas, that show no aircraft at all on their maps. In Canada, only a few routes along the southern border are included. Other parts of the world, except Europe, seem to be similarly blank.

I think the reason for this is that the company is still in the process of adding data receivers to its network, and these areas are not yet included. While scanning the Internet for more information, I came across a posting from Pinkfroot, the company that owns this software, offering to provide free receivers to private parties in North America who were willing to share the data with the company.

That was posted on July 4, 2010, and there were numerous responses from private parties offering to help build the network. I don’t know if the company still is offering receivers on this basis, but I mention it because it suggests that their coverage may still be in expansion mode.

When I checked out Plane Finder where I live in the greater Los Angeles area, the program picked up a large number of flights, and I was able to go outside and verify visually that what was on my computer screen actually was flying overhead. It was on that basis that I thought we were in good hands with this program.

There are two other tracking programs that have better coverage than Plane Finder. They are Flight Explorer and Flight Aware. Flight Explorer (Personal Edition) costs $10 a month for ten hours usage plus a small  fee for each additional hour. Flight Aware is free.

They are relatively easy to use if you are willing to spend about fifteen minutes exploring their features and controls. If you live in an area where Plane Finder does not work, you probably will find that one of these programs will.

There is, however, a drawback to both. According to the information provided on their web sites, flight data is delayed by five minutes because of FAA requirements. Only government and commercial users are able to access this data in real time.

That means that what you see in the sky will not show up in the tracking program until five minutes after you see it. That is not too difficult to work around insofar as keeping records. It just means you have to be a bit patient.

Plane Finder says its images are displayed in “near real time.” As far as I can tell with flights passing over my house (I am under a major air-lane into Los Angeles), the images either are in real time or within a minute of it. I don’t know why Plane Finder displays flights so close to real time when others services are not allowed to do so, but I think it may be because it takes its flight data from a different source.

Plane Finder says it derives its flight data from radio signals constantly generated from each aircraft. These are called ADS-B plane feeds. This is not the same as signals from aircraft transponders. That is another type of identification altogether.

Wikipedia says that a transponder “is an electronic device that produces a response when it receives a radio-frequency interrogation. In aviation, aircraft have transponders to assist in identifying them on radar and on other aircraft’s collision avoidance systems. Air traffic control units use the term “squawk” when they are assigning an aircraft a transponder code.”

The reason we have created a place on our data sheets for “Squawk” is to make a record of each plane’s transponder code.

So, what is the difference between a transponder signal and an ADS-B plane feed, and why are there two systems? As far as I can tell (I trust I will be soundly corrected if I am wrong, in which case I will pass along the correction), there are three differences.”

(1) Transponders send out signals only when they are contacted by a radio request, while ADS-B is constantly broadcasting; (2) Transponders have a wide range of responses available depending on the nature of the request, while ADS-B transmits only one set of information; and (3) transponders are used in larger planes and commercial flights, not available to everyone, while ADS-B is a kind of poor-man’s system, available to anyone who wants to have the safety benefits of being electronically visible to other aircraft.

According to Commercial Aviation Safety, 4th Edition, “ADS-B uses satellite navigation and datalink to enable an aircraft to broadcast its identification, position, altitude, velocity, and intent to every other aircraft in the vicinity as well as to the ground tracking system. This broadcast information may be received and processed by other aircraft or ground systems for use in improved situational awareness….”

That is the source of flight data used by Plane Finder. Data used by Flight Explorer and Flight Aware apparently are derived from a composite of other sources. Flight Aware says: “FlightAware compiles, aggregates, and processes data from a variety of government sources, airlines, commercial data providers, as well as FlightAware proprietary tracking network.” It is possible that this aggregate includes ADS-B feeds, but I have not been able to find any mention of it.

The primary reason to be aware of this is that it takes some of the mystery out of the technology and makes the process less intimidating. The important thing to remember is that all three systems are locked into data that comes from conventional sources that exclude military or classified flight missions.

Therefore, if there are such things as chemical tankers whose sole mission is to implement geo-engineering, they will not be tracked by any of these programs. Plane Finder has the advantage of being able to point an iPhone or Android camera at a specific aircraft and quickly identify it if it is in the system, whereas Flight Explorer and Flight Aware have the current advantage of being able to identify more planes. All of this leads to several challenges:

(1) If you look at the tracking screen of any of these programs and then try to locate them in the sky, you will never spot anything but a flight that is acknowledged by the system. In that event, do not be surprised if all of them show up as normal commercial flights.

(2) If you first spot planes in the sky and then try to locate them on the tracking screen (the preferred method for our purposes), they may not show up on the screen for up to five minutes or, possibly, not at all.

(3a) If not at all, and you are using Plane Finder, you have to determine if they are missing because they are private planes without ADS-B transmitters, your tracking program is not receiving ADS-B flight data in your area, or because the flight is blocked from the system. OR

(3b) If not at all, and you are using Flight Explorer or Flight Aware, you have to determine if they are missing because they are small, private planes without flight plans filed with the FAA, or because the flight is blocked from the system.

This may not be as difficult as it may seem at first. Knowing in advance that Plane Finder has areas with no coverage, the first step is to determine if your location is one of those. That can be done simply by looking at the tracking map and watching for a while.

It soon will be evident that planes either are being tracked in your area or not. If any planes are being tracked in and out of your nearest major airport, probably all of them are, in which case you are set to go. If no planes are being tracked, simply choose another tracking program until you find one that shows the flights.

We have other issues that also need to be clarified in this project, but I want to get out this notice right away for the benefit of those who have been having trouble with Plane Finder. Another update will be sent in the near future.

To all of you helping in this investigation, I send my deepest gratitude.

Overview of Weather Modification programs using published Government documents.

Chemtrail Whistleblower Allan Buckmann: Some Thoughts on Weather Modification Reply

By Allan R. Buckmann
Activist Post
August 17, 2012

I am a trained U.S. Air Force weather observer who worked in the military as an observer from 1960‐1964, serving mainly at Beale AFB, with a 3-month assignment at the Pacific Missile Range at Point Hueneme, Oxnard, California, working with NASA, RCA, and the U.S. Navy on the Tiros III weather satellite readout team.

I am familiar with cloud observation, jet contrails, the military, and space-based weather information systems.

Contrails are by definition ‘condensation trails’ left by hot jet exhaust melting ice crystals which rapidly cool and refreeze and disappear. They do not stay in the sky and create clouds.

A contrail is usually of low volume and extends some 2‐20 times the length of the aircraft. Exceptions occurred during WW II from large deployments of combustion engine bombers, but did not generally extend into the jet age.

Jet clouds made their major appearance for weather observers in the early 1990s, after many years of jet traffic without such clouds. One can go back and look at the sky in old movies to see the changes.

Why the change? Were the changes unintentional from commercial airlines and a change in fuel?

To answer this question, I began to observe the aircraft with telescope and binoculars.

My observations found that the majority of cloud-creating aircraft were all white, unmarked KC‐135 (Boeing 707) or large C‐141 air tankers, flying in groups and in grid patterns including turn around, flying in both military and commercial airspace, and clearly not commercial aircraft. They have to be military or military contractors.

It is clear to me there is an intentional cloud creation program in operation daily across the USA, and a large part of the globe. There are also some commercial airlines being outfitted for such purposes judging from other reports, as well as numerous other military aircraft.

Further analysis of the jet clouds indicated many cloud types in rows or cross hatched, indicating many different formation nuclei, rather than the normal cloud front with gradual changes in patterns. It is obvious that a cloud creation program is in operation.

It is obvious that it has been going on for many years and not just occasional testing. The absence of such clouds during the 9/11 events and aircraft groundings was a clear break in the jet cloud program. Anyone who witnesses a jet trail turn into a cloud and hang in the sky for hours, and sometimes days, is a witness to a cloud creation program.

You can call them anything you want, but they are documented fact and yet are being largely ignored.

Online research indicates there are many other observers and professionals who have made similar reports and are ignored, or called ‘conspiracy theorists.’ I was only asking questions, so I was amused to find out I am so defined. It is obvious to me that the term is used to convince the untrained to ignore factual information with disinformation.

The cloud creation program is not a theory as they say, but a fact. There are literally millions of pictures and miles of video of jet cloud formation.

This fact and military comments addressing the issue as a conspiracy is probably true; they should know since they are doing it. But they would probably couch it as ‘National Security’ if they claimed it at all, and I am not sure whose; theirs or ours (See my comments on ‘Ask an Astrobiologist’‐ NASA website).

Once I realized that there was a major and significant military weather modification program going on, I wanted to know why.

It was bad enough to have more than 80 recognized weather modification ‘for hire’ programs going on in the western US for snow pack, or water for hydroelectric power or agriculture, and other reasons which are altering the normal weather cycles for profit, and it is a ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’ program; one gets water, the others lose it (drought, then fire) and the environment suffers.

My later training as a wildlife biologist (38+ years with the California Department of Fish and Game) told me that interruption of natural weather cycles can have a significant negative impact on the native flora and fauna, growth cycles, soil microbes and health, the timing of the seasons and water availability and distribution.

There had better be a damn good reason to put our native ecosystems in such peril.

My contacts with government representatives to find out more led me nowhere. They didn’t know or would not discuss. The jet clouds were not even being discussed as influential on weather patterns.

I was treated as a pariah.

NOAA and NASA have actually changed the definition of ‘contrail’ on cloud charts by using pictures of jet-sprayed clouds to depict normal contrails. And other ‘scientists’ are claiming that jet exhaust ‘contrails’ are spreading out to form clouds, without any analysis that it is actually coming from the exhaust, or as has been documented, other vents.

Nor do they explain why they cannot be contrails. This is serious disinformation. We even have several new clouds based on the spray program!

My conclusion is that artificial cloud creation and weather modification programs have been in operation for several decades; in very visible but secret programs (see USAF ‘Owning the Weather in 2025’ PDF). These programs pose the most significant and dangerous environmental impacts in human history.

Changing the weather also changes the native plant flora and all dependent wildlife species, and threatens man’s planetary survival. These programs trap greenhouse gasses, elevate air temperatures (melt ice fields?), increase storm intensities, and alter normal weather ‘chaos cycles.’

These programs could well be the basis for our significant weather and wildlife changes and respiratory disease increases; even before being analyzed in concert with HAARP electromagnetic technology for weather modification.

The rabbit hole goes much deeper.

I am totally amazed to watch our ‘scientists’ clamor after ‘solar screen’ geoengineering programs that create artificial cloud cover to protect us from global warming, while such a program has been ongoing for decades and probably is creating the very problems they say they want to solve.

These are programs that they “don’t see,” “deny exist,” and call others “nuts” for discussing. Don’t you guys ever go outside, look up, and watch the spray program? This is basic observation that anyone can do if they know what to look for.

How can our ‘scientists’ clamor for a program that is already an elephant in the sky and is having significant weather impacts? This information is not even in the discussion, but is witnessed and hotographed by millions of members of the public.

How can they deny with the mountain of information available? Who exactly is represented here? Who the hell are ‘they’?

The largest mystery is the avoidance of the existing spraying program that is creating global warming. The next is using the reason for creating a ‘solar shield’ to protect us from global warming, by transferring the apparent cause of heating to the sun.

Weather trends indicate we are in a period of cooling, so the solar shield reasoning seems bogus and the basis for much scientific argument.

The solar data indicates that most of the solar radiation increases have occurred in the last 30 years; well within the timeframe of manipulation with jet clouds and electromagnetic weapons that mimic the sun. But one cannot deny the increases in UV & IR radiation hitting earth.

If it is not the sun, what is it? Again, military weather programs raise their shadowy head; HAARP!

HAARP is the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, based on the Nikola Tesla invention of an electromagnetic frequency generator.

HAARP press officials claim it is capable of heating the magnetosphere thousands of degrees, pushing the atmosphere out into space (a Tesla dome), protecting us from missile attack, allowing communication with submarines and ships and ground tomography (seeing into the earth for holes, fluids, etc.).

While they deny it can be used to alter weather, such electromagnetic systems are fully capable of extreme modification since they can move the jet stream. See the video Holes in Heaven, and read the book Angels Don’t Play this HAARP.

To blame the sun for the heat increases is to also refuse to acknowledge the existing sky cover that is creating global dimming, reducing solar availability from 20‐40% or more, and long range solar trends.

It is all contradictory and confused; probably for the reason of hiding an electromagnetic war, the search for more oil, opening arctic shipping, environmental stock gambling and increased resource extraction.

There are even claims that a Russian HAARP facility is responsible for moving the jet stream and amplifying the effects of Katrina. It exists. It could do that. But did it?

Testing of soils, water and vegetation indicate sometimes dramatic and widespread increases in metals, particularly aluminum and strontium, which could only come from aerial application.

Used as metal salts which are ‘water loving’ and at a nano scale needed to stay in suspension in the sky, they could very well be part of the jet spray nuclei used in jet cloud formation. These substances are similar to silver iodide salts long used for cloud formation and weather modification since 1948.

Why use metallic particles? The USAF and NASA say aluminum coated fiberglass (chaff) is 20 times more reflective than sulfur and the metallic particles have strong electromagnetic properties. So, why do they need electromagnetic properties?

Metallic particles suspended in the air column can be heated, cooled, or otherwise used to alter the environment. The inventor of the HAARP directional antenna, Bernard Eastland, claims that the generator can produce any frequency: from high intensity microwaves to human frequencies, to geological frequencies. Experts claim that HAARP can alter mental function and create earthquakes.

The daily spraying of cloud cover creates a thin but present cap on the air column, in addition to the metallic silvery haze which drifts slowly to the ground. This creates a metallic, plasma-like envelope from 30,000 feet to the ground which alters our living envelope, and which can be manipulated by HAARP.

I have documented the haze layer across the entire USA which I didn’t know was possible. Eastland is a plasma physicist and in Holes In Heaven illustrates how microwaves “light up” normal air in a closed container; analogous to heating the air column made more sensitive by metallic particles.

The cap also acts as a metallic mirror that can reflect HAARP waves to areas around the globe, and there are numerous HAARP facilities around the globe as well as mobile units.

The U.S. Government took down the HAARP website to conceal evidence of weather modification and earthquake inducing warfare (PC World News, 4/18/11). One cannot view their waterfall and magnetometer charts that illustrated their use of the facility for such activities against foreign states which were clearly damaging.

What are the environmental effects? They claim they don’t know? This is very serious and dangerous weather manipulation and biological mismanagement! We can see the damage all around us on a planetary scale, aside from the natural processes that are also occurring.

The only way to know what the natural weather really is requires turning off all the HAARP generators and stopping the jet cloud spraying. Then we will know what we need to do to reclaim and protect our natural world, if we can.

It’s hard to dismiss the feeling that the mad scientists are in charge. And in their hubris, they are ignorant of the environmental consequences while not telling the rest of us.

If you control the weather, you control the world. If you control the bank, you control the economy. The corporations control both.

Ex-FBI Director of the Los Angeles office, Ted Gunderson said, “They are toxic dumps, genocide… created by an elite cabal within government that needs to be stopped.”

I know there are natural biological solutions to help clean up the mess, and we need to get busy on it. But, most importantly, we need to expose the truth and the real villains to stop the assault.

Allan R. Buckmann is the president, co‐founder and principal partner of Microbetech, Inc. Microbetech is a leading edge bio‐remediation company with environmental products that provide effective and innovative solutions for cleaning up pollution and restoring water, soil and plant health. Visit their website at Mr. Buckmann will be speaking at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails conference Sunday, August 19th.

Global Warming: An Effect of Weather Manipulation? Reply

Chinese Weather Rockets

Posted by EU Times on Jan 3rd, 2010:  

We are being told to reduce our carbon footprints in an attempt to reduce the catestrophic effects of global warming. Will this do any good? Until we know the past and future effects of Global Governmental weather manipulation on our climate we cannot take steps to save our planet.

For the past twenty plus years, the planet has been subject to increasingly unusual weather patterns.

Governments are encouraging companies and individuals to reduce their carbon footprints to tackle “global warming” – caused by modern-day energy expenditure.

Is this the whole truth?

Weather control is not sci-fi, it is a reality, yet very little is publicised about it and the long term effects of weather manipulation are an unknown.

In the knowledge that if a country can control the weather, they can control the world, an Environmental Modification Treaty was signed or ratified by 70 of the world governments in 1977 to prevent hostile weather manipulation.

Actions that would contravene the treaty would be: triggering earthquakes, manipulating ozone levels, alteration of the ionosphere, deforestation, provoking flood or drought, use of herbicides, setting fires, seeding clouds, introduction of invasive species, eradication of species, creation of storms, destruction of crops.

Weather control is the ultimate weapon.

Forget nuclear weaponry, bombs, rockets and guns – weather control technology is the new weapon of mass destruction, the technology is the ultimate state / terrorist weapon and / or deterrent.

To assume that in signing the treaty, Governments would completely disregarded weather control research – the ultimate weapon – would be naïve to say the least.

Chinese Rockets at the OlympicsChinese Weather rockets at the Olympic Games held in Beijing in 2008

In June 08, the LA Times reported that in response to criticism of the 2008 Olympic Games being held in Beijing, China, during the rainy season, the Chinese Meteorological Bureau’s of weather modification had assured the public that they had set aside, 30 aeroplanes, 4000 rocket launchers, 7000 anti-aircraft guns to modify the weather to prevent rain.

The Chinese weather control would not be in contravention of the treaty, as it would be done without hostile intent, however, it proves that governments have invested in the research and development of weather control techniques.

The above picture is HAARP in Alaska – High frequency Active Aural Research – this is one of at least seven research facilities around the globe.

These facilities were built by the US to monitor the ionosphere, the outer defense of earths atmosphere.

The ionosphere retains the globes warmth and protects the planet from the suns solar flares – variations on any point of the ionosphere can severely affect the weather.

The facility can gather valuable information in respect of the earth’s atmosphere.

However, more worryingly, the facilities have an active capability to superheat specific points of the ionosphere, creating holes or incisions, which then allow solar flares to enter the atmosphere – thus significantly affecting weather conditions below.

Under the remit of serious research, the facilities do not contravene the Environmental Modification Treaty, however the technology has the potential to used as a weapon of mass destruction on a global scale.

Details are available on

The Government website noted above, confirms that the HAARP facility has been actively tested.

An environmental study was carried out on the Alaskan facility in 1992 which concluded “all of the significant environmental impacts associated with HAARP Alaska can be mitigated to an acceptable level. Some insignificant potential impacts such as loss of habitat, socioeconomic and wildlife impacts may not be mitigated.”

Chinese preparing a rocket launcher

Further explanation of the ominous wording highlighted above, the immediate and long term effects of the use of the facility upon the environment / weather patterns and the military potential of the HAARP system are not listed on the website.

The Russian government have also developed Project Woodpecker- Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating Method.

The system was developed from experiments carried out by Nickola Tesla into electro magnetism and the potential to use the planets natural electromagnetism as an energy source which could be further developed for use as a powerful weapon.

Woodpecker transmitters emit ELF – extreme low frequency elecro-magnetic pulses.

The transmitters, positioned in facilities around the globe generate an electro-magnetic grid which circumnavigates the globe using natural high density water vapour trails as conductors (essentially five water vapour rivers which naturally occurring in both the North and South Hemispheres of the Earth’s atmosphere).

Disruption in their frequency acts as an early warning system for incoming missiles or aircraft.

Convergence of transmissions on the grid, at any pre-determined point, will disrupt the ionosphere, the release of electromagnetic energy pulses by the transmitters can either be used as a weapon and disrupt weather conditions

The Woodpecker system has the capability to disrupt the path of the Northern Hemispheres Jet Stream Flow – Which can, and may already have had cataclysmic effects upon the world’s weather patterns.

It was reported in the Wall Street Journal on 2nd October 1992, that a Russian Company called “Elite Intelligent Technologies” were selling weather control Technology with the slogan “Weather made to Order”. They claimed to be able to fine tune the weather over a 200 square mile radius for $200.00 per day.

This article only touches upon some of the technology involved in weather control / manipulation. There are many internet sites where weather manipulation and control is being discussed – Please take a look for yourself.

In conclusion, we cannot and must not trust the propaganda regarding global warming – until we are given the full facts regarding the short and long term effects of planetary weather manipulation/ weaponry.

The past and future consequences of weather manipulation cannot no longer be ignored or brushed off as conspiratorial sci-fi.

Until the public takes the time to research this topic for themselves, spreads awareness, loses the apathy and demands answers from who are elected to govern on our behalf, we, our children, and our planet will continue to hang on a precipice of oblivion.

Methods of Artificial Weather Manipulation (AWM) help agriculture, devastate the enemy and control the world economy

Engineers and Space Specialists are working towards something that can change human civilization forever! It is the methods of artificial weather modification.

The process when perfected, can help in agriculture, getting rid of droughts, floods and avoid cyclones and typhoons.

It is also the process by which the enemy can be devastated, artificial floods, cyclones and typhoons created.

It can allow controlling the world economy and agricultural commodity markets.

In ancient religions and legends, weather control, creation of cyclone, rain, flood, drought were nothing new. In the modern age the Scientists and technologists are busy perfecting the weather control sciences. It is shaping up as the most vibrant area of research and development.

Many countries are mastering the science of weather control. As a matter of fact many experts predict that a war game is being played by major powers in the world to demonstrate their capabilities of weather control. Most of these initiatives are classified and shoved off from the public. The only way one can track these initiatives is to look at countries taking actions to shield against weather control experiments.

Recently, scientists and engineers have started unveiling the actual methods of weather control. Some primitive methods like Cloud-top seeding can confuse you and point you to a wrong direction. Cloud-top seeding is usually performed between the temperatures of -5°C and -10°C. The greatest amount of super-cooled liquid water is usually found within this range. This corresponds to an altitude range of 15,000 to 22,000 ft depending upon location. Dropping or ejecting silver iodide flares into the growing cloud turrets dispenses seeding agent. The seeding agent is placed into the super-cooled clouds where nucleation is desired, so the updrafts in these cases are relied upon only to provide a continuing source of condensate. This delivery technique requires less anticipation on the part of those directing the seeding operations and may have a more immediate effect.

The more modern methods involve artificial ionization of earth’s atmosphere between 15,000 and 30,000 ft. and above. Manipulating the ionosphere and use of controlled solar-terrestrial interactions can create much larger effects. Scientists are realizing that the earth’s weather is controlled by Sun’s natural Electromagnetic Radiation reaching the earth. The Sun’s Radiations and Ultraviolet Rays have to cross the ionosphere to reach the earth.

There are early indications that the solar radiations and flares are directly responsible for planetary weather changes. And Solar flares and levels of radiations are caused by bombardment of cosmic rays on the Sun from either a distant massive black hole or a star-cluster caused by the collapse of thousands and thousands of stars in a small space.

Computer models obviously focused on the ionosphere, which acts as a filter for the solar radiations to reach the earth. If one can manipulate and control the filter, it becomes a potential source of massive weather modification. That is what the computer simulation models found. Controlling the ionosphere potentially allows weather control. The algorithmic variation of ionosphere can create the magic in a massive scale.

There are many methods of controlling the ionosphere. It is the process of artificially manipulating ion density in the ionosphere. High power transmitter and antenna array operating in the HF(High Frequency) range is one of the methods. There are lots of literature on that in the Internet and declassified scientific research journals.

However, the recent trend is in using super conductors in space satellites to generate intense high intensity electromagnetic flux.


PROJECT CENSORED: Government Sponsored Technologies for Weather Modification Reply

9. Government Sponsored Technologies for Weather Modification

Top 25 of 2012Sep 30, 2011

Rising global temperatures, increasing population and degradation of water supplies have created broad support for the growing field of weather modification. The US government has conducted weather modification experiments for over half a century, and the military-industrial complex stands poised to capitalize on these discoveries.

One of the latest programs is HAARP, the High Frequency Active Aural Research Program. This technology can potentially trigger floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes.  The scientific idea behind HAARP is to “excite” a specific area of the ionosphere and observe the physical processes in that excited area with intention of modifying ecological conditions. HAARP can also be used as a weapon system, capable of selectively destabilizing agricultural and ecological systems of entire regions.

Another Environmental Modification (EnMod) program is that of atmospheric geoengineering, or cloud seeding, which has found new life since the global warming scare. Cloud seeding involves creating cirrus clouds from airplane contrails. Unlike regular contrails, which dissolve in minutes, these artificial contrails can last from several hoursto days. Once the artificial clouds have been created, they are used to reflect solar or manmade radiation.

At a recent international symposium, scientists asserted that “manipulation of climate through modification of cirrus clouds is neither a hoax nor a conspiracy theory.” The only conspiracy surrounding geoengineering is that most governments and industry refuse to publicly admit what anyone can see in the sky or discover in peer-reviewed research. The Belfort Group has been working to raise public awareness about toxic aerial spraying, popularly referred to as chemtrails.  However, scientists preferred the term ‘persistent contrails’ to describe the phenomenon, in an attempt to move the inquiry away from amateur conspiracy theories.

Dr. Vermeeren, Delft University of Technology, presented a 300-page scientific report entitled, “CASE ORANGE: Contrail Science, Its Impact on Climate and Weather Manipulation Programs Conducted by the United States and Its Allies.” He stated clearly, “Weather manipulation through contrail formation… is in place and fully operational.” Vermeeren mentioned a 1991 patent now held by Raytheon, a private defense contractor, with “18 claims to reduce global warming through stratospheric seeding with aluminum oxide… thorium oxide … and refractory Welsbach material.”  Authors of the study expressed concern that Raytheon, a private corporation, makes daily flights spraying these materials in our skies with apparently minimal government oversight. Raytheon is the same company that holds the HAARP contract with the US.

Other countries are also experimenting. The Chinese government announced in April, 2007 the creation of the first-ever artificial snowfall over the city of Nagqu in Tibet. China now conducts more cloud-seeding projects than any other nation.


“Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails,” Rady Ananda, Global Research, July 30, 2010.

Dr. Coen Vermeeren, Video of Chemtrail Symposium speech, May 29, 2010 (beginning at 35 mins.).

”Global Warming: An Effect of Weather Manipulation” The European Union Times online, January 3, 2010.

“Man-Made Climate Change in the Skies,” March 28, 2011, Commonwealth Club National Podcast.

“Persistent Jet Contrails & Man-made Clouds Change our Climate, Harming Agriculture & Our Natural Resources,” Rosalind Peterson, Agriculture Defense Coalition, July 12, 2009.

Student Researcher: Noe Otero, San Francisco State University

Faculty Evaluator: Kenn Burrows, San Francisco State University

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Fraudulent Normalization of Chemtrails Continues Reply
June 20, 2012-Zen Gardner

Here’s the latest installment of an escalating disinformation campaign to “acclimate” the populace to the aerial spraying program under way for years in many parts of the world.

An increasing number of articles with supposed scientists conjecturing “what if” scenarios where a whited sky by metallic particles “might” help mitigate global warming have appeared lately.

This is also the second time the Daily Mail has published a chemtrail admission article claiming these spreading consistent chemical trails are some kind of natural phenomenon due to commercial jets and atmospheric conditions.

They’ve never done this before the aerial bombardment of chemtrails started in the mid-90′s. I supposed they’ll blame it on “climate change” next, and wrap it up in a nice self-reinforcing package of pseudo-scientific BS.

For those of us well aware of this ongoing poisoning of our skies this tripe is enough to make you sick, as lying, paid-off so called scientists lay out their lying propaganda without compunction.

The transatlantic jet trails visible from space: How ‘contrails’ can stay in the sky for up to 14 hours

Like a giant game of crosses without the naughts, these incredible jet engine trails can be seen criss-crossing the Atlantic from space.

NASA’s Terra satellite captured these two amazing images of aircraft trails, or ‘contrails’ as they are known, spreading across the sky off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.

The spectacular effect forms in the wake of passing aircraft due to the extra particles and water vapor contained in their exhaust.

NASA said these it has observed these clusters of contrails lasting as long as 14 hours, though most get a shorter lifespan of four to six hours.

Climate scientists are fascinated by long-lived, spreading contrails because they reflect sunlight and trap infrared radiation.

A contrail in an otherwise clear sky reduces the amount of solar radiation that reaches Earth’s surface, while increasing the amount of infrared radiation absorbed by the atmosphere.

These opposing effects make it difficult for scientists to pin down the exact effect contrails have on climate.

‘Overall, contrails create additional cirrus cloud cover,’ said Patrick Minnis, a senior scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center.

‘Current estimates indicate that contrails have a small warming effect, but the extent of the additional coverage and the amount of warming remain quite uncertain.’  Source

The Dastardly Dissociative Disconnect

This mind-numbing statement tells the tale: “Scientists are fascinated by long-lived spreading contrails”. Really? Where were they before?

How about reading the many patents filed for just such aerosol compounds designed to do just that or a quick perusal of “What In the World Are They Spraying?”. (here and here)

What’s absurd is the treatment of the world’s population as complete morons. Worse yet is they get away with it. Why?

People can’t bring themselves to think their government would do such a thing without their knowledge, so an alternate explanation is happily received. Apparently cause and effect aren’t our concern.

It’s absurd. It’s all become absurd.

May the wake up hit as many as it can. Let’s keep freedom of spirit ringing by speaking Truth.

And sharing in love.

Love, Zen

Debunking NASA Persistent Contrail Myth Using Weather Sonde Data 4

In this video we take a look at NASA’s CONTRAIL SCIENCE website to learn how to differentiate between three types of jet aircraft contrails.

1) Short-lived, non-persistent contrail (SLNPC),

2) Persistent contrail, non-spreading (PCNS) ,

3) Persistent contrail, spreading (PCS)

We want to know under what conditions – and how often we can expect to see different manifestations of persistent contrails – whether it’s the non-spreading or spreading type.


Case Orange Report Provides Conclusive Evidence For Secret Geoengineering and Chemtrails 23


May 29, 2010, Ghent, Belgium: The Belfort Group hosted an international symposium titled:

The Illegal Spraying Of Harmful Substances In The Atmosphere By Airplanes Also Known As ‘Chemtrails’.


Persistent Contrails, Chemtrails and the Relative Humidity Deception 7

Clifford E Carnicom May 21 2001 (Source)

Scientist, Cliff Carnicom

Much ambiguity has been circulated regarding the effect of humidity upon the persistence of contrails, or vapor trails. Numerous sources, without exception, state that such vapor trails (composed of water vapor by historical and conventional definition) may persist for “extended periods” under conditions of “higher” relative humidity.

Unfortunately, it is apparent that quantitative information attached to these repeated generalizations is lacking. Even the recently issued “fact sheet” under distribution by a combination of federal agencies, including the EPA, NOAA, the FAA and NASA falls victim to this same deficiency.

Observations by this researcher as well as countless citizens of the country for the past 2 1/2 years have revealed the glaring inconsistencies of the official positions and statements made in contrast to the physical reality of a tragically altered atmosphere resulting from the aircraft operations under examination. These records have been most dramatically illustrated in the arid high desert regions of the southwestern United States, where the physical contradictions with the proffered official positions are at the level of absurdity.

The presentation made herein will demonstrate a realistic, and I might add, quantitative assessment of the expected effect of humidity upon what we all now witness on a day to day basis. The foundation of this argument will rest on what can be called a “Relative Humidity Thought Experiment”, which seeks to establish a realistic model upon which to base any quantitative examination. This work can be compared at a later point with a rather interesting discussion and dialogue between a curious citizen and three scientists from the United States Department of Energy on this same topic. That discussion follows at the end of this report.

Let us begin by imagining one of two extreme situations at either end of the relative humidity scale. To start, imagine you are in the middle of a fog bank, and an aircraft whizzes by your face leaving the most dense vapor trail (composed of water vapor, of course) possible from the exhaust emissions. Let us assume that we hold the temperature constant for these experiments. The question is, would that trail evaporate? Would it dissipate? The expected answer must be no. Although the visible vapors would eventually mix with the surrounding fog bank, they would not change form. This leads us to conclude that if the atmosphere was at a pre-existing level of saturation (i.e., 100% relative humidity), a vapor trail would not be expected to dissipate or evaporate, although it would continue to mix with the surrounding environment.

Now examine the opposite end of the spectrum. Imagine you are in the desert, the driest desert possible, and the air around you has absolutely no moisture within it (i.e., 0% humidity). The same aircraft zooms by your face, and leaves you with the same question, will the trail evaporate or dissipate? The answer this time must opposingly be yes, and it must dissipate at the maximum rate that is possible for the given temperature. So with the desert, a maximum rate of evaporation is achieved, and for the fog bank an evaporation rate of zero is earned. To assign a sense of scale to this problem, let us call the maximum attainable rate of evaporation as 1 and the rate of zero evaporation as, well, zero.

It is now time to introduce the model. First, it shall be done narratively, and secondly, within the world of mathematics. The conceptual basis for the model is as follows:

The rate of evaporation is inversely proportional to the humidity itself.

This is the fundamental premise of this work which must be examined with a fair degree of thought. Conceptually, this premise states what has just previously been reviewed. It states that the greater the level of relative humidity that exists within the atmosphere, the slower the rate of evaporation of moisture within it. Conversely, the lower the level of moisture within the atmosphere, the greater the rate of evaporation. Both of these tenets are fundamentally sound, as is demonstrated through the thought experiment described earlier. It will be of interest to scrutinize the mildly variable Department of Energy – Argonne Laboratory responses stated at the end of this report which, incidentally, have provoked this inquiry.

We must now convert the conceptual formulation into a statement of mathematics to achieve any quantifiable results. It is as follows:

E = (1 / k) * RH + C

In this equation, E represents the rate of evaporation, and RH represents the relative humidity itself, and it will be expressed as a decimal value (100% = 1.0; 0% = 0.0). C represents an arbitrary constant, and k represents a proportionality constant.

For those with an interest, this equation results from the differential equation:

dE = (1 / k) * dRH

where dE represents the instantaneous change in the evaporation rate and dRH represents the instantaneous change in relative humidity.

This equation is an ordinary, first order and separable differential equation. It can therefore be readily solved through integration of both sides of the equation. This leads to the general solution given above.

We now need to solve for k and C. This can be accomplished with the initial conditions that we have already discussed within the thought experiment.

The first case is that when RH = 0, E = 1.
1 = 0 + C
or C = 1

The second case is then when RH = 1, E = 0.
0 = (1 / K) * (1) + 1
0 = (1 / K) + 1
K = -1

Therefore our specific and final solution is:

E = 1 – RH

Non-linear model extensions of the current discussion have also been considered, with no real impact on the final conclusions that result from this work.

It is now of much interest to examine the results of using this equation under the range of circumstances that can be expected in the real world. The results are somewhat enlightening, especially with respect to the abundant generalizations that have been included within the many official responses to citizen inquiries regarding the aerosol operations.

Here is a tabulation of the results, where the relative humidity will now be expressed as a percentage for convenience sake. Recall that a rate of evaporation of 1 means that maximum evaporation will occur at the given temperature, and zero evaporation means that no evaporation will take place (i.e., hydrostatic stability has been achieved).

Relative Humidity(%)

Rate of Evaporation























We can also translate these results into a tabulation of a “persistence factor”, i.e., if the rate of evaporation is zero, the vapor trail is expected to persist indefinitely (disregarding any mixing of mediums within the environment). Therefore the reciprocal of the rate of evaporation leads to this factor of “persistence” under the circumstances considered.

Relative Humidity(%)

‘Persistence’ Factor























This means for example, if a vapor trail under conditions of 0% humidity was, hypothetically, to last for 10 seconds and the relative humidity was instantaneously increased to 50%, the trail would be expected to persist for approximately 20 seconds (2.00 *10sec) instead. More realistically, if the relative humidity was 30% and a vapor trail was to last, hypothetically, for 15 seconds, and the relative humidity was suddenly increased to 60% (a reasonably high value under commercial flight conditions), the trail would be expected to last approximately 26 seconds ((2.50 /1.43) * 15secs.).

This formulation and the results now reveal some rather enlightening conclusions. Before embarking further, it is worthwhile to mention that the upper atmosphere at flight levels may generally considered as a relatively arid environment. It is not uncommon, as countless examinations throughout the previous two years plus have disclosed, for the relative humidity at flight altitude to range between 10 and 60 percent. This should not be surprising in any particular way, since it is easily established that most cloud layers form at lower altitudes where the moisture levels commonly exceed relative humidity levels of 70%. This is not the case for upper regions of the atmosphere, which is the favored domain of jet aircraft traffic. As a case in point, during congressional hearings regarding the environmental effects of projected supersonic flight traffic at 65,000 ft., the expert testimony explained that “persistent contrails” would not be a factor as the relative humidity at that level commonly is approximately 5%. My own computations and analysis of radiosonde observations as well as those of those of the witness in this case are in complete concordance. It is fair to state that the upper atmospheric regions are generally more arid than the lower counterparts, with relative humidity levels commonly within the range that has been stated. Extreme upper levels of relative humidity within the flight corridor region are uncommon, and again are in complete agreement with our common sense observations. It is interesting to note that one study involving persistent contrails by NASA focussed on a SINGLE persistent contrail under conditions of uncharacterisically high relative humidity. The examination of relative humidity data (reported with respect to water vapor per conventional standard) in a quantitative sense is now required for anyone that wishes to justify the existence of so-called “persistent” vapor trails on a regular basis. This is the epitome of requirements if the area under consideration is the arid southwestern desert of this country, where this work has been developed.

It may be recalled that an earlier study assessed the expected times for contrail, or vapor trail dissipation. The results of that model are in complete agreement with the observation, common sense and experience base that has accumulated during the last 50 years, i.e., vapor trails routinely dissipate within a matter of seconds, and the extreme range extends at most to a couple of minutes under usual conditions. That particular model was developed independently of any effects from relative humidity, and it is a function of the particle size, the surrounding temperature and the amount of energy placed into the system via solar radiation.

If we now wish to develop the model further, and include the expected effects from relative humidity, we learn that the model is not affected significantly by any commonly encountered levels of humidity at those upper altitudes.

Even at a relative humidity level of 70%, which must be considered quite high for the commercial flight domain, a factor of 3.3 against the maximum evaporation rate of a completely arid environment must be considered as relatively minor. Most of us would have a difficult case of making the argument of a persistent vapor trail within a moisture-free environment, and more realistically we would expect dissipation within a matter of seconds (disregarding deliberate aerosol injections). To multiply a few seconds by a factor of 3.3 leads to no real world change in the situation at hand.

One of the accomplishments from this most current analysis is that generalized statements regarding the effect of humidity upon the duration of vapor trails can no longer be accepted without further definition. It can be seen that the effects of humidity upon vapor trail evaporation rates are generally insignificant and minor within the historical reference frame of human experience, physics, chemistry, meteorology and common sense observation. To offer any extraordinary and exceptional circumstances to the American public as an explanation for the events now witnessed on a regular basis is deceptive, disingenuous and a prevarication. It is important that the citizenry educate themselves on the facts and physics of the world around themselves to serve the purpose of establishing the truthfullness of that which the public is subjected to without their consent.

That truth now includes overwhelming evidence that the populace has been systematically subjected to a covert, extensive and sustained project of aircraft aerosol dissemination without their consent. Biological components repeatedly identified within atmospheric samples during that same time period remain equally distressing and disturbing. Let it be reiterated that the United States Environmental Protection Agency remains in possession of one of those samples referred to, and to date refuses to acknowledge the existence of that sample or to disclose the results of any testing.

The need for accountability, disclosure and Congressional hearings to serve the rights of the people of this nation and the world remains paramount.

Clifford E Carnicom  May 19 2001



BUSTED: EASY JET Cheap Tickets Airline Caught Spraying Chemtrails Over UK 4

By Hsaive

On a British Airways flight from Athens to London this passenger (Youtube Channel “YANMYRAT”) recorded real-time aerosols released from an EASY JET aircraft, low cost passenger airline based in the UK.

It has long been suspected that discount airlines can only afford to sell cheap tickets when the owners sign secret contracts to spray toxins over the population and into the cabins of aircraft that fly near where the aerosols have been sprayed.

This documentation of Aerosol releases by passenger aircraft significantly raises the probablilty that the Take-off and landing fuel supplies are normal JP-4 but that a secondary aerosol fuel supply is switched on at cruise altitude.

Also, the altitude of these toxic releases is not high enough to qualify as “Sratospheric Aerosol Geoengoneering”.  Investigator Cliff Carnicom has long established that aerosols at lower altitudes actually trap heat to force atmosphereic warming.

Investigators need to ask if these aerosols are a deliberate attempt at forcing AGW (Anthropomorphic Global Warming) through a covert campaign of aerosol releases misrepresented by using the plausible deniability that these Geoengineering aerosols are sprayed to mitigate so-called, “Global Warming”.

Important to consider is that the aircraft’s bleed valve system, used to pressurize and supply cabin air to passengers and crew is pumping these aerosol toxins into the cabin at cruise altitude where fresh releases of these toxins are most concentrated and potent.

The “bleed valve” issue has been extensively documented by, a group that blames the defective design of the valve for poisoning passengers and crew when the fumes from engine oil leaks are pumped into the cabin air supply.

It may seem counter-intuitive but the group is reluctant to acknowledge toxic aerosol releases as a problem associated with the bleed valve.

The liability confusion of adding geoengineering aerosols to the grooup’s long established claim that fumes from organophosphate oil leaks are the sole toxin responsible for health disorders could jeopardize ongoing law suits against the airlines where scores of pilots and crew are still seeking disability and medical compensation from the airlines and aircraft manufacturers.


BUSTED: EASY JET – a “Cheap Tickets” Airline is Caught Spraying Chemtrails Over UK



EasyJet Airline Company Limited (styled as easyJet) is a British airline headquartered at London Luton Airport.

It carries more passengers than any other United Kingdom-based airline, operating domestic and international scheduled services on 500 routes between 118 European, North African, and West Asian airports.

The parent company, EasyJet plc, is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: EZJ) and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.[3] As at 30 September 2009, it employed 8,000 people, based throughout Europe but mainly in the UK.[4]

EasyJet has seen rapid expansion since its establishment in 1995, having grown through a combination of acquisitions and base openings fuelled by consumer demand for low-cost air travel. The airline, along with subsidiary airline EasyJet Switzerland, now operates over 200 aircraft, mostly Airbus A319 It has 19 bases across Europe, the most important one being Gatwick In 2010, EasyJet carried 42.4 million passengers and is the second-largest low-cost carrier in Europe, behind Ryanair.

EasyJet was featured in the television series Airline broadcast on ITV which followed the airline’s operations at London Luton and later at other bases. EasyJet’s founder, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, was featured heavily in the series.


Michael Murphy Premiers New Chemtrail Documentary in Long Island NY Reply

Michael Murphy Premiers New Chemtrail Documentary in Long Island NY
Tuesday, August 14, 2012 3:23

The SaveLongIsland group helped get the word out with an event at the South Huntington Library. Michael Murphy, activist and co-director of What In The World Are They Spraying, gave a screening of his new film documentary that he directed and produced, Why in the World are they Spraying?”

The documentary will officially premier at the “Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference in August 17-19.

Please help get the word out about this incredible documentary that focuses in on one of the many agendas of the aerosol operations. Weather control, food supply control and the profiting through financial markets. Another stark reality brought to light in this film is the slow conversion from the natural world to a bio-synthetic world. A conversion that could take full form in only a few generations from now.


Michael Murphy in Long Island

Direct Link to Video

Meteorologist Decodes Chemtrails, HAARP and Climate Manipulation 2

Weather Warfare

In April, 1997 then Secretary of Defense William Cohen made a haunting statement during a counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Georgia Senator, Sam Nunn:

“Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts.”

Scott Stevens is an award winning broadcast weatherman who’s career spanned 20 years at stations in Topeka Kansas, Omaha Nebraska, Tulsa Oklahoma, Albany New York and Pocatello Idaho.

In the mid-90’s Scott began investigating the claims of retired Air Force Colonel and physicist, Tom Bearden who, along with others, had evidence that North America had been subjected to full time weather modification attempts by the former Soviet Union. 

One publicly revealed symptom of the Russian operation was the Ham Radio operators’ complaints of a constant, irritating signal from  Russian high frequency radio  transmissions that were heard on the amateur radio bands and nick-named, “The Russian Woodpecker“.

During the course of his investigation into Bearden’s data, Stevens feels he has decoded one of the primary reasons for the secret geoengineering operation now orchestrated by the US government and NATO allies that Dennis Kucinich referred to as “chemtrails” in HR-2977 later called the Space Preservation Act of 2001.

A landmark documentary WHY IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING published as a DVD release in September 2012, will present the disturbing motives behind the current  and secretive weather modification agenda that goes far beyond national defense and into the world of Wall Street speculation, commodities futures, food scarcity and global feudalism.

More Info at Truth Media Productions  VIDEO: Trailer Promo

Order the DVD here

The following video is re-mixed from several of Scott’s on-line presentations at

Alarmists Say: Global Warming is Real, Pay Your Carbon Taxes! Reply

Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
July 26, 2012




The man-made climate change alarmists would have us believe that while CO2 is plant food it has been shown in experimental studies that plants are not responding to CO2 fertilization. In a new paper produced by Steven Higgins, lead author from the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre and Goethe – University, maintains that even though plants use CO2 to live, and turn it into O2 which animals use to live, global warming computer models tell a different tale.

The tropical forests along the Amazon jungle, which are the “lungs of the planet”, are competing with grasslands for CO2. In the Savannahs, according to experimental computer models, there is a battle taking place.

Higgins explains: “However, most of these studies were conducted in northern ecosystems or on commercially important species. In fact, only one experimental study has investigated how savanna plants will respond to changing CO2 concentrations and this study showed that savanna trees were essentially CO2-starved under pre-industrial CO2 concentrations, and that their growth really starts taking off at the CO2 concentrations we are currently experiencing.“

Trees growing in the Savannah are fighting for CO2 from the atmosphere. As fossil fuels are burned up, the CO2 is released into the air, which is good for the trees, bad for the grass.

And even worse, as we cut down trees in these flourishing forests, all those CO2 is released into the atmosphere and becomes a threat to the biosphere.
One way the globalists want to deal with CO2 is hydraulic fracturing , or fracking.

In a propaganda report, the National Research Council admits that while fracking causes earthquakes, it is still a “low risk” way of sequestering CO2 underground. They blame carbon capture for “inducing seismic events”, although there is insufficient scientific data to make such a claim.

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), working with the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWF) endorse fracking as a safe low-impact environmentally friendly way of dealing with CO2.

The IPCC is responsible for the use of fracking as a pollution control to move away from coal-based electrical power. Fracking, a scheme concocted by the UN’s IPCC as their replacement of coal usage and reduction of CO2 that is causing undeniable environmental damage, cancer risks to public health and detrimental seismic activity.

The myth of man-made CO2 as a direct cause of climate change was purveyed by Professor Michael Mann, who is now hiding behind the globalist academia front Penn State University. Mann’s hockey stick graph was a complete fabrication designed to further the UN movement toward blaming the effects on our biosphere on man to move the world’s population into a global carbon taxing scheme.

Just last month Fritz Fritz Vahrenholt, a professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Hamburg since 2009, spoke at the 3rd Global Warming Policy Foundation Annual Lecture at the Royal Society in London where he voiced that there was an obvious lack of scientific data to support the IPCC’s assertions.

Vahrenholt states that: “Real, hard data from ice cores, dripstones, tree rings and ocean or lake sediment cores reveal significant temperature changes of more than 1°C, with warm and cold phases alternating in a 1,000-year cycle. These include the Minoan Warm Period 3,000 years ago and the Roman Warm Period 2,000 years ago. During the Medieval Warm Phase around 1,000 years ago, Greenland was colonized and grapes for wine grew in England. The Little Ice Age lasted from the 15th to the 19th century. All these fluctuations occurred before man-made CO2.”

The late Gerard Bond, marine geologist and professor from Columbia University, analyzed climate reconstructions of the North American deep-sea sediment cores, found that “the millennial-scale climate cycles ran largely parallel to solar cycles, including the Eddy Cycle which is – guess what – 1,000 years long.”

Bond surmised through decades of research that variations in solar activity – the appearance of sunspots and changes in the emission of solar radiation – were directly causing palatable effects on the Earth’s global temperature. The heating and cooling of the Earth coincided with the activity of the sun.

The sun determines the Earth’s temperature, as proven from real-world observations over the past 10,000 years. With the introduction of man-made carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere beginning in the 1850’s, the CO2 level has only risen 11 percent; which is nearly negligible.

Empirical data has shown that pre-industrial carbon emissions were dependent on solar activity. This global warming was estimated by scientists as 1 degree Celsius. As far as the IPCC is concerned, this statistic could, and has, been manipulated to justify their agenda. However the account of the solar magnetic fields doubling over the last 100 years was completely ignored because it disavowed their scheme to blame carbon dioxide levels on human influences.

Solar activity, CO2 levels and Earth’s surface temperature are interlaced factors defining climate parameters. As modern man has been using fossil fuels which disburse carbon dioxide, it made perfect sense for the IPCC to turn this obvious fact into an attack on man through fear-mongering and propaganda while suppressing natural processes.

The infamous computer models used by the IPCC to justify their claims that CO2 levels are a direct causation of anthropogenic impact and regard solar influence as negligible. The IPCC inserts an “unknown amplifying mechanism” to explain away observed solar activity and its effect on the Earth’s overall temperature.

CO2 is not the concern of the global Elite through their various environmental fronts, like the IPCC or the numerous propaganda studies they publish. However, the myth of man-made carbon release has become such a big seller that they are continuing to run with it. Alarmists are scaring the public, while globalists call for worldwide carbon taxing to keep the CO2 at bay.