HAARP? 6 Stunning Earthquake Predictions Including Fukushima 3

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Does Ben Davidson’s method for predicting earthquakes remove HAARP and Climate Engineering Weapons from suspicion?

How does the collapsing magnetosphere affect Climate Events

Complete Story at MAGNETICREVERSAL.org

Summary:  Magnetosphere began most rapid decline after year 2,000.   Earth magnetic poles are rapidly moving and getting ready to reverse or “flip”.   This could lead to extinction level event and biblical floods. (More)

Satellite Image over Japan reveals electromagnetic influence and aerosol climate engineering during period of Fukushima Earthquake on 11/21/2016.


North Magnetic Pole Shift From 1900 to 2020


Was Israel Responsible For Earthquake Destruction in Italy? 3



LIKUD DEPUTY MINISTER KARA: “I’m sure that the earthquake happened because of the UNESCO decision.”

Jim Stine: My response: That is tantamount to self incrimination!

And with the earthquake tech more than just myth and rumor, we all know what that means!

Read the last line of the linked article, which is “After recovering from the earthquake, Kara met with the Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, and tried to convince the cardinal to change the Vatican’s position on the UNESCO decision.”

WHAT??!!?? I can imagine what was said: “Do you want us to wipe you out with earthquakes? We have the tech. We do it wherever we want. HOW MANY MORE EARTHQUAKES DO YOU WANT?

The answer was NO, we are not changing our decision on Palestine. AND THEN THE EARTHQUAKES RESUMED, A FULL MAGNITUDE HIGHER.

likud-deputy-minister-ayoob-kara-earthquake-retributionDeputy Minister Ayoob Kara (Likud) caused controversy when he blamed two massive earthquakes which hit Italy on Wednesday for the country’s vote in favor of a UNESCO resolution disregarding a Jewish connection to the Temple Mount.

The deputy minister, who was in Italy when the earthquakes hit, ascribed the natural disasters to divine will.

The resolution itself sparked an outcry in Israel and among the international Jewish community since it disregarded the Jewish connection to its holy sites in Jerusalem.

Kara headed an Israeli delegation to the Vatican which was sent in an effort to shore up opposition for the resolution. Kara even managed to have a short conversation with the Pope during his visit.

“Going through the earthquake wasn’t the most comfortable of experiences, but we trusted that the Holy See would keep us safe,” Kara wrote in his memo.

“I’m sure that the earthquake happened because of the UNESCO decision, which the Pope strongly disagreed with. He even said publicly that the holy land is connected to the Nation of Israel.”

After recovering from the earthquake, Kara met with the Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, and tried to convince the cardinal to change the Vatican’s position on the UNESCO decision.

Source Ynetnews.com: https://archive.is/aM6uB

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Source: Jim Stone

(Scroll Down) http://archive.is/kiUQf#selection-509.0-509.58

CNN Article


Katrina Weather Warfare: 5,000 Body Bags in New Orleans 11 Days Before Landfall Reply

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Original Post – Aircrap.org

Beyond the Veil excerpt with host Raphael O’Neil interviews Captain “G” of US Army 104 transportation Division who reports he was ordered to deliver 5,000 body bags to New Orleans, 11 days prior to Katrina making landfall.

NOTE: Captain G’s report is a bit confusing since Katrina was not a named storm until August 23rd, only 6 days before landfall in southeast Louisiana on August 29th. If the captain’s timeline of foreknowledge is correct, Katrina was only in a planning stage and only hypothetically listed as the next named storm eleven days prior to landfall. (Katrina History)


The Importance of Understanding Clouds

Even small changes in the abundance or location of clouds could change the climate more than than the anticipated changes caused by greenhouse gases, human-produced aerosols, or other factors associated with global change. (NASA: The Importance of Understanding Clouds)

GOES Satellite time-lapse reveals weaponization of Katrina as aircraft spray aerosols to intensify the Hurricane.


Technology to mitigate or intensify Hurricanes using aerosols is documented in the Hurricane Aerosols Microphysics Program (HAMP).  Carbon Black aerosols are known to increase hurricane strength when aircraft spray is directed toward the center of circulation. Satellite images reveal obvious aerosol engineering of Hurricane Katrina as it enters the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes as weapons are an operation of domestic terrorists who have control of the US government and have nothing to do with Russian weather control.  (More on HAMP)

The government’s failure to prepare for a major hurricane like Katrina reminds us of the government’s failure in the 9/11 false flag.  The similarities that point to Katrina as an operation of deliberate destruction is unavoidable. Salon Magazine: Timeline to disaster – Salon’s hour-by-hour account of the worst natural disaster in U.S. history — and how our government failed.

“Every level of government failed, to one degree or another, in the aftermath of Katrina. But the lion’s share of the blame must go to the highest level, the one that has ultimate responsibility: the federal government.” (George W. Bush)  –  Timeline to Disaster (PDF)

Hurricane Katrina was the deadliest and most destructive Atlantic tropical cyclone of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. It was the costliest natural disaster, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the history of the United States. Among recorded Atlantic hurricanes, it was the sixth strongest overall. At least 1,833 people died in the hurricane and subsequent floods, making it the deadliest U.S. hurricane since the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane; total property damage was estimated at $81 billion (2005 USD), nearly triple the damage brought by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Hurricane Katrina formed over the Bahamas on August 23, 2005 and crossed southern Florida as a moderate Category 1 hurricane, causing some deaths and flooding there before strengthening rapidly in the Gulf of Mexico. The hurricane strengthened to a Category 5 hurricane over the warm Gulf water, but weakened before making its second landfall as a Category 3 hurricane on the morning of Monday, August 29 in southeast Louisiana. It caused severe destruction along the Gulf coast from central Florida to Texas, much of it due to the storm surge.

The most significant number of deaths occurred in New Orleans, Louisiana, which flooded as the levee system catastrophically failed, in many cases hours after the storm had moved inland. Eventually 80% of the city and large tracts of neighboring parishes became flooded, and the floodwaters lingered for weeks. However, the worst property damage occurred in coastal areas, such as all Mississippi beachfront towns, which were flooded over 90% in hours, as boats and casino barges rammed buildings, pushing cars and houses inland, with waters reaching 6–12 miles (10–19 km) from the beach.

The hurricane surge protection failures in New Orleans are considered the worst civil engineering disaster in U.S. history and prompted a lawsuit against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the designers and builders of the levee system as mandated by the Flood Control Act of 1965. Responsibility for the failures and flooding was laid squarely on the Army Corps in January 2008 by Judge Stanwood Duval, U.S. District Court, but the federal agency could not be held financially liable due to sovereign immunity in the Flood Control Act of 1928. There was also an investigation of the responses from federal, state and local governments, resulting in the resignation of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) director Michael D. Brown, and of New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) Superintendent Eddie Compass.

Several agencies including the United States Coast Guard (USCG), National Hurricane Center (NHC), and National Weather Service (NWS) were commended for their actions. They provided accurate hurricane weather tracking forecasts with sufficient lead time.

Documentary: “Inside Hurricane Katrina” – In 2004 the Louisiana’s State EOC ran a test Hurricane scenario that anticipated the events of Katrina in 2005.  But despite the State’s preparation exercise, Hurricane Katrina proved to be a disaster as if by design.

Documentary: “OIL STORM”:(Predictive Programming) Released June 5, 2005 by BBC 2 (UK) as a fictional documentary where Hurricane “Julia” would strike NOLA in September of 2005. (1) Track of Julia approximated the real track of Hurricane Katrina almost 3 months after original release on 6/5/2005 by BBC 2. (2) Predicitive programming when Super-dome ominously identified as “shelter of last resort”. (3) Islamophobia and terrorism (ISIS) promoted as central to Saudi Arabia ability to provide increased oil production.  (4) Documentary suggests the solution to avoid future oil crisis in US is increased partnership with Russia to develop untapped oil resources.  FullDocumentary.net

FOX NEWS: Katrina Storm Fears Push Oil Past $70 (Predictive programming)

Wikileaks “OIL STORM” documentary originally released by BBC 2 on June 5, 2005

OIL STORM – Documentary Promotes Partnership With Russia to Develop Their Untapped Resources in Order to Avoid Future US Oil Crisis

Enterprise Mission: “Hyperdimensional Katrina”: Evidence that Climate Engineering events were in preparation 12 days prior to landfall of Katrina. This could explain why Captain “G” was ordered to send body-bags to NOLA before Katrina became a named storm. (Archive.org)

MOTHER JONES: The Secret History of Hurricane Katrina – What took place in this devastated American city was no less than a war, in which victims whose only crimes were poverty and blackness were treated as enemies of the state.

THE NATION: “Blackwater Down” – With military and law enforcement forces combing New Orleans in the wake of the storm, why did the federal government feel compelled to hire private security firms Blackwater USA and BATS to keep the peace?

Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani:  Katrina: Another Deliberate 9-11?

PBS Interview: Author, Jeremy Cahill witnessed Israeli commandos patrolling in NOLA, setting up armed check-points. Only 4 years after 9/11, Israeli Commandos showed up post-Katrina and before FEMA representing ISI(S) “Instinctive Shooting International”an Israeli company. (Video)

VIDEO: NRA Demonstrates Illegal Firearms Confiscations in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

WDSU Video:  New Orleans Police Given Orders to Shoot Looters in Katrina Aftermath.

WDSU Video:  Paul Gleason claims to have shot 38 (black) looters in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina .

Article: Bush Family connection to WWII NAZI regime. Consider this in the context of Israeli attacks on the USA.

Cloverleaf Skies: Weather Modification Research and Development Policy Authorization Act of 2005 – CIA Backs $630,000 Scientific Study on Controlling Global Climate

RENSE:  Was Katrina A ‘Man-Made Storm’ For Profits? by Michael Shore, with links.

Global Research: “Some researchers have raised questions about the possible involvement of HAARP in major disasters like the earthquake in Haiti, Indonesian tsunami, and hurricane Katrina.”

RT Video: Weather Warfare Agenda: Natural or Man-Made Disasters used as pretext to confiscate firearms.

RT Special: The Unheard Story of Hurricane Katrina: Blackwater, racism, shootings, White Militias

VIDEO:  Evidence of Aerosol Engineering to Intensify Hurricane Katrina

VIDEO: National Geographic Day-by-Day Report of Hurricane Katrina (8/24 thru 9/2, 2005)

Global Research 2001: Washington’s New World Order Weapons Have the Ability to Trigger Climate Change

NOAA Images: Hurricane Katrina eyewall images taken on Sunday, Aug. 28, 2005, during a NOAA P-3 hurricane hunter flight at the time the storm was a Category Five hurricane. This confirms the presence of multiple aircraft flying inside the eye-wall of Katrina

Great Dreams: WEATHER MANIPULATION and THE RESULTS – Multiple resources compiled by Dee Finney circa 2005


TC KATRINA:  Terra and Aqua Satellites (LANCE)





























David Icke Exposes Agenda-21 Link to Geoengineering Weather Warfare 1

 The United Nations Depopulation PlanIPCC Chemtrails Global Warming Agenda

This is an excerpt from David Icke’s 95 minute video called “Agenda-21 The plan to kill you”. (Video)  He discusses weather manipulation as a tool of the United Nations, Agenda-21 to displace populations and bankrupt independent farmers — to reduce global populations by placing control of all food and water resources into the hands of giant New World Order corporations like Monsanto.
The 2016 catastrophic flood in Louisiana is the most recent example of Agenda-21 tactics along with the ongoing drought and related wildfires in California and the western States of North America.
911-twin Towers Crime SceneThe trademark of government sponsored false flag terror events since 9/11 is when the vast technological resources of government agencies somehow fail to forecast a predictable catastrophic event – in this case it was a thousand year flood of biblical proportions that was missed by NOAA, the National Weather Service and the wizards at the Weather Channel.
We now know that the ability to relocate weather systems with electromagnetic weapons and skies seeded with conductive aerosols is the key to the creation of artificial global warming, to deliberately increase surface temperatures and melt arctic ice.
We must act now to stop deployment of these eco-weapons in order to restore a “natural” global climate — return rainfall to the forces of nature and to stop the melting of the arctic ice by covert deployment of aerosol chemicals and electromagnetic directed energies.

Are Super Typhoons Created By Secret Climate Weapons? 1

Hacking the Climate-Winners and Losers

Investigator dutchsinse received significant media attention when he showed evidence that Super Typhoon Yolanda intensified following a screen anomaly that he calls a “microwave pulse”.

The theory of microwave pulsing is supported by a proposal by Bernard Eastlund that claims microwaves can alter the atmosphere. “ATMOSPHERIC HEATING AS A RESEARCH TOOL”

Although Dutch presents strong evidence,  that an anomaly appeared on a graphic screen during Yolanda and several other storms, his evidence does not (yet) rise to the level of “proof beyond a reasonable doubt”.


Satellite images reveals that tropical cyclones in the Pacific are almost always accompanied by massive aerosol seeding by jet aircraft.

In 2009, HAMP investigators (Hurricane Aerosol Microphysics Program) established that tropical cyclones can be intensified by aircraft deployment of black carbon aerosols without the need for an exotic “microwave pulse”.

Complete Article: http://wp.me/p2FjTj-xf


11/8/2013 — Microwave Pulse gives birth to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

Microwave Pulse gives birth to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).  Typhoon Haiyan, known as Super Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, was one of the strongest tropical cyclones to hit a land mass, ever recorded

dutchsinse Here is my response to the “expert”, Project NOAH Executive Director Doctor Mahar Lagmay, who came out in the Philippines National News to issue a response to this video.

“Weather Modification 101” = Dutchsinse video response to Dr. Mahar Lagmay and ABS-CBN News (ANC)


All Supporting Links and documents located in Description box 


Chemtrails and the Conspiracy of Stonewall Silence Within 13 Government Agencies 5

Climate Mafia US Agencies-square

A 5-part video sponsored by investigator, Cliff Carnicom reveals how federal agencies, congress and the senate can ignore valid scientific investigation on the issue of atmospheric pollution.

The history of covert weather modification is a deep rabbit hole beginning “officially” in 1966 when NASA enrolled all federal agencies into a weather modification program that quickly came under the department of defense as a weather-weapons program.

Civilian government agencies of unelected officials and bureaucrats became indistinguishable from the agenda of the military industrial complex where secrecy is now a job requirement  for agencies like NSA, DoD, USAID, NSF, NOAA, USFS, FAA, DOC, DOI, DHS, NASA, EPA, DOT, DOE, NWS, DOS, NIST, NSF, NHC, CIA, UN, NTSB, DHS, FEMA, Smithsonian and TV News weather meteorologists. (source)

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Carnicominstitute.org Click Here

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EXPOSED: Eco-Terrorism of Navy Electromagnetic Warfare Exercises 1

War Games Threaten Extinction of Life

Perpetual War = Perpetual Extinction

Electromagnetic warfare Growler Jets  washington State

By Dahr Jamail, Truthout

Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest in Washington State are two of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the United States. Majestic glacier-clad peaks rise above temperate rainforest-covered hills. Gorgeous rivers tumble down from the heights and the areas are home to several types of plants and animal species that exist nowhere else on earth.

These protected national commons are also the areas in and near where the US Navy aims to conduct its Northwest Electromagnetic Radiation Warfare training program, wherein it will fly 36 of its EA-18G “Growler” supersonic jet warplanes down to 1,200 feet above the ground in some areas in order to conduct war games with 14 mobile towers. Enough electromagnetic radiation will be emitted so as to be capable of melting human eye tissue, and causing breast cancer, childhood leukemia and damage to human fetuses, let alone impacting wildlife in the area.

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Book Exposes Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science 5


1/19/2015: Tim Ball Interview on Corbett Report:

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Book Review: ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’ by Dr. Tim Ball


“This important new book needs to be compulsory reading for all policymakers…”

Written by Hans Schreuder & John O’Sullivan on 17 Feb 2014

BOOK - Tim Ball deliberate corruption of climate science-smallIn this mind-blowing book ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science;’ one of the world’s leading sceptic climatologists, Tim Ball, presents us with the evidence as to why the UN IPCC is nothing more and nothing less than a politically contrived organisation.  This is the book Ball has been eager to publish the moment he was free of the censorious legal shackles imposed upon him three years ago when Penn. State University’s Michael Mann (‘hockey stick’ graph fraud) filed a libel suit against him in Canada.

Here, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the supposed world authority on matters of climate, is demonstrated to be a tight-knit and politicized advocacy group – a “cabal” as Ball calls them, that has cost the world multi-billions of dollars for no result whatsoever. Today we may see for ourselves why Ball correctly adjudged that Mann (and others) should be in “the state pen, not Penn. State.”

tim-ball mug

Tim Ball, PhD

The book leaves no stone unturned when it comes to identifying the serious damage to climate science – and government-funded science in general – that the University of East Anglia’s Climate Change Unit (CRU) has brought upon the entire issue of so-called man-made climate change. The damage the UN’s 30-year “green agenda” has done to modern industrial progress cannot be underestimated, says Ball. Much of the science is fudged, if not outright faked.

In an interview with Radio America’s Greg Corombos about the new book, Dr Ball tells his audience that today’s anti-industrialists are the latest incarnation of a misguided cause that goes back to the 19th century writings of Thomas Malthus. Malthus argued that the human population was fast outgrowing nature’s capacity to sustain it. Malthus therefore advocated population control to ward off mass disease and starvation.

“If you can shut off the flow of fossil fuels, that will stop the engine of those industrialized nations, but people would scream immediately if that happened,” explains the mild-mannered expert. “But if you could show that the by-product of the combustion of that fossil fuel, carbon dioxide, was causing runaway global warming and climate change, then you could use that for a vehicle to introduce legislation to shut down those industrialized nations.”

Concisely and eruditely set out, this impressive volume details why policy makers should immediately stop funding the UN’s IPCC and disband all climate -related institutions that rely on a trove of “secret science” that forms the backbone of UN IPCC alarmism.

Tim Ball explains all the steps that have led to the situation we still find ourselves in today, despite all the abject failings of all predictions and/or scenarios concocted by doom saying errant computer models. Shadowy figures behind the scenes such as billionaire Maurice Strong, are openly identified in the book and one can only hope that for their misdeeds the fraudsters will be called to account.

The undertone throughout is that sceptic scientists have long been rebuffed by the presiding UN climate cabal that refuses to enter into public debate. And it is no surprise the doomsayers are shy of open debate –  much of their supposed evidence for global warming is either kept hidden or premised on the failed predictions (or, as the IPCC lamely calls them, “projections”) of junk models. In fact, Dr Ball demonstrates there is no openly verifiable proof showing human-made carbon dioxide measurably altering climate, let alone ”catastrophically,” as is all too often claimed.

The courage and forthrightness Tim Ball has shown with this book, and in the British Columbia Supreme Court defending himself against the now failed libel suit of Michael Mann, is about to be vindicated by the judiciary. As the scientific community awaits Ball’s impeding legal triumph, we may edify ourselves not just with the black and white evidence presented in this extraordinary publication, but in the certain knowledge that Mann and his co-conspirators have spectacularly failed in their bid to silence dissent against their fraudulent science.

Mann’s abortive attempt to sue Ball in the British Columbia Supreme Court ultimately back-fired because Mann refused to show his metadata, his calculations for his junk science, in open court. Now Mann faces possible bankruptcy on top of professional suicide, as the price for his misdeeds.

Reviewing in detail the Climategate scandal with reference to the leaked emails, Mann and his fellow scammers are now shown in Ball’s book to have conspired to build the lie that the relatively miniscule human emissions of a trace and beneficial gas, carbon dioxide, will catastrophically alter the world’s climate.

Ball was the underdog made into the accidental hero of the climate wars story. He helped pave the way towards a new open platform for principled scientists on the Internet so that independent, unpaid researchers debunking the so-called ‘greenhouse gas theory’, the cornerstone of the pseudo-science of all global warming alarmism are finally being heard. Today, more scientists are coming to the realisation that the only effect that atmospheric carbon dioxide can have is one of increased cooling – never any warming – and, at laat, the journey back to empiricism is under way.

For his efforts Dr Ball will be regarded as the climatologist who was at the forefront of the paradigm shift away from the post-normalism that poisoned much government science in recent generations. Ball stood beside those who championed the traditional scientific method out to prove that an innocent – and life-giving – gas (carbon dioxide) cannot precipitate a “man-made” climate disaster. This important new book needs to be compulsory reading for all policymakers so as to bring an end to the ongoing waste of government funds tackling a non-existent threat.