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Published on Dec 31, 2015

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In this special New Year’s Eve episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert talk to trends forecaster Gerald Celente of about the upcoming trends for 2016. They recall that a few years ago, Celente forecasted on the Keiser Report that we would see currency war, trade war and hot war, and they ask whether or not this has come true in 2015. They discuss ‘bankism’, oil prices and US election insanity and what they hold for the future of the global economy.

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Was Hinkley the Reagan Assassination Hit Man For the Shadow Government? 9




John_Hinckley,_Jr._MugshotWhat is more dangerous for the future of our country than a conspiracy to assassinate a president? It is a conspiracy to manipulate and control what the American people are told by the national news media. There are scores of unanswered questions surrounding the event of the afternoon of March 30, 1981. For instance, John Chancellor, eyebrows raised, informed the viewers of NBC Nightly News that the brother of the man who tried to kill the president was acquainted with the son of the man who would have become president if the attack had been successful. As a matter of fact, Chancellor said in a bewildered tone, Scott Hinckley and Neil Bush had been scheduled to have dinner together at the home of the vice president’s son the very next night.

And, of course, the engagement had been canceled. . . Then a peculiar thing happened: The story vanished. To this day, it has never been reported in the New York Times, Washington Post or many other metropolitan newspapers, never again mentioned by any of the television news networks, and never noted in news magazines except for a brief mention in Newsweek, which lumped it with two ludicrous conspiracy scenarios as if the Bush-Hinckley connection didn’t deserve some sort of explanation.


Jodie foster 61st Academy Awards-1989

Jodi Foster

But many other significant facts concerning the Bush and Hinckley families have remained unexplored and unexplained, in addition to other matters related to the assassination. For example:

Neil Bush, a landman for Amoco Oil, told Denver reporters he had met Scott Hinckley at a surprise party at the Bush home January 23, 1981, which was approximately three weeks after the U.S. Department of Energy had begun what was termed a “routine audit” of the books of the Vanderbilt Energy Corporation, the Hinckley oil company.

In an incredible coincidence, on the morning of March 30, three representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy told Scott Hinckley, Vanderbilt’s vice president of operations, that auditors had uncovered evidence of pricing violations on crude oil sold by the company from 1977 through 1980. The auditors announced that the federal government was considering a penalty of two million dollars. Scott Hinckley reportedly requested “several hours to come up with an explanation” of the serious overcharges. The meeting ended a little more than an hour before John Hinckley Jr. shot President Reagan.

Although John Hinckley Sr. was characterized repeatedly by the national news media as “a strong supporter of President Reagan,” no record has been found of contributions to Reagan. To the contrary, in addition to money given to Bush, a fellow Texas oilman, as far back as 1970, the senior Hinckley raised funds for Bush’s unsuccessful campaign to wrest the nomination from Reagan. Furthermore, he and Scott Hinckley separately contributed to John Connally in late 1979 when Connally was leading the campaign to stop Reagan from gaining the 1980 presidential nomination. The Bush and Hinckley families, of course, would do better under a Bush presidency than it would under President Reagan.

Available evidence at the time made clear many other connections between the Bush and Hinckley families. Reported “coincidences” involving the Hinckleys and the family of H.L. Hunt also remained unexplored. Even the official government line admitted that the Bush and Hinckley families “maintained social ties.” The deeply troubled Hinckley oil company obviously would fare better under a president Bush.

The assertion by the media of course, was that the assassination attempt was nothing more than the senseless act of a deranged drifter who “did it to impress Jodie Foster.” However, that all of these “coincidences” are thoroughly ignored by the media is also suspicious. It is also essential to understand the travesty of the trial of John W. Hinckley, presided over by Judge Barrington D. Parker. In May 2001, Barrington D. Parker was one of the first eleven nominees for appointment to federal appeals courts by President George W. Bush.


<> on April 25, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.

Was there a Second Gunman?

Judy Woodruff-mug

Judy woodruff

But there’s more. NBC correspondent Judy Woodruff said that at least one shot was fired from the hotel, above Reagan’s limousine. She later elaborated, saying a Secret Service agent had fired that shot from the hotel overhang. Could Reagan’s wound have been inflicted by friendly fire? Or, more ominously, did Woodruff glimpse a bona fide “second gunman” – a la JFK in Dealey Plaza? Either way, Woodruff’s account might explain how a slug managed to strike Reagan when his limo’s bulletproof door stood between him and Hinckley. Sizing up the Hinckley-Bush nexus, conspiracy researcher John Judge has theoretically dubbed this “the shot from the Bushy knoll.”

According to conspiratologist Barbara Honegger, White House correspondent Sarah McClendon made the somewhat more subjective comment that Reagan’s Secret Service retinue wasn’t in its “usual tight formation” around Reagan in front of the Hilton. Were the Gipper’s bodyguards out to throw the game?

Hinckley on drugsThen there was Hinckley, himself. The Jodie Foster obsessed space cadet had been prescribed psychoactive drugs by a hometown psychiatrist. According to press reports, at the time of the shooting he was dosed with Valium. Before targeting Reagan (supposedly to gain the “fame” that would redeem him in the eyes of Foster and the world), Hinckley had stalked Senator Ted Kennedy and President Jimmy Carter.

He devoured books on Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kennedy’s assassin (suspected by many conspiracy researchers to have been hypnotically programmed), and Arthur Bremer, who shot George Wallace. Theorists ask the inevitable questions: Was Hinckley a mind-controlled assassin, a Manchurian Candidate programmed to “terminate with extreme prejudice”? They point to the CIA’s longtime obsession with mind control and the fact that during the 1980 presidential primaries, Bush – the former director of Central Intelligence – enjoyed the zealous support of Agency regulars, who preferred their former boss to Reagan.

For an antisocial pariah, Hinckley sure got around. In October 1980, he had flown to Nebraska in an attempt to contact a member of the American Nazi Party. Columnist Jack Anderson later claimed that Hinckley had ties to an American faction of the pro-Khomeini “Islamic Guerrilla Army.” According to conspiracy author Barbara Honegger, a member of that group told Anderson he had warned the Secret Service about Hinckley’s designs on Reagan – two months before the shooting. If Anderson’s source is to be believed, the Secret Service did nothing to stop the Jihad-happy gunman.

The day after his Nazi-seeking mission, Hinckley flew to Nashville to stalk Jimmy Carter, but was arrested at the airport when authorities discovered three handguns in his suitcase. Oddly, after only five hours in custody, this unstable character – who had attempted to transport weapons across state lines and into a city soon to be visited by the president of the United States – was fined and released without further ado. Even more oddly, the authorities apparently didn’t bother to examine his journal, which in Dear Diary fashion, detailed Hinckley’s plans to kill Carter. Was this a case of bumbling negligence or something more ominous? Most likely they had found a perfect fall guy, similar to Oswald, to be used in some future covert operation.

The shadow government did not care for Reagan when he first ran for president. He would sometimes speak out against the Trilateral Commission, and other secret government organizations. After winning the White House, Reagan, never known for his detail oriented approach to administering, probably unknowingly allowed his cabinet to be filled with the same shadow government types he campaigned against.

However, it was still early in his first term, and the insiders still did not feel comfortable with him in the White House. The insider Bush, the ultimate brown-nose of the illuminati, was someone they could count on.

Word probably came down to Bush to proceedTrilateral Commission round-table-group-circle with the assassination attempt. At the very moment the assassination was to take place, Bush was on his way to speak before the sinister Trilateral Commission.

Reagan was no fool. He must have at least suspected what was really behind the assassination attempt. Close associates claim he was never the same again after that day. Whatever plans he may have had to go against the wishes of the shadow government, ended on March 30 1981.The remaining 8 years of his presidency, he was reduced to following orders of the secret government.

Remember:  Bush Was President During the 9/11 False Flag – an event used for the illegal invasion of two countries, authorized torture, created the Department of Homeland Security and Airport body searches.

911-twin Towers Crime Scene

Debunking the Chemtrail Debunkers – Follow The Money 5

Agents of Deception

logo_of_the_Israel_Council_on_Foreign_RelationsThe relatively recent addition of the Israeli ICFR reveals a rogue split in the original concept of a unitary, global Council on Foreign Relations

History of CIA attempt to discredit reports connected with criminal government activity

CIA Document 1035-960: Foundation of a Weaponized Term
Professor James Tracey, PhD.

“Conspiracy theory” is a term that at once strikes fear and anxiety in the hearts of most every public figure, particularly journalists and academics.

James tracy mug-bSince the 1960s the label has become a disciplinary device that has been overwhelmingly effective in defining certain events off limits to inquiry or debate. Especially in the United States raising legitimate questions about dubious official narratives destined to inform public opinion (and thereby public policy) is a major thought crime that must be cauterized from the public psyche at all costs.

Conspiracy theory’s acutely negative connotations may be traced to liberal historian Richard Hofstadter’s well-known fusillades against the “New Right.” Yet it was the Central Intelligence Agency that likely played the greatest role in effectively “weaponizing” the term. In the groundswell of public skepticism toward the Warren Commission’s findings on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the CIA sent a detailed directive to all of its bureaus. Titled “Countering Criticism of the Warren Commission Report,” the dispatch played a definitive role in making the “conspiracy theory” term a weapon to be wielded against almost any individual or group calling the government’s increasingly clandestine programs and activities into question. (Complete Article)   —  PDF

youtube-icon-square-66It’s an documented fact that governments around the world hire armies of shills to troll comment sections of news websites and social media with pro-establishment propaganda in an attempt to sway public opinion. The issue of Chemtrails and Covert geoengineering is no different. Listen to the report by Paul Joseph Watson

Article: Pentagon contractor admits engaging in dirty tricks against journalists  (PDF)

youtube-icon-square-66The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR): With it’s inception, evolution and implementation following WWI, the CFR has become the most influential source of global disinformation and deception.  Wall Street, News Corporations, Endowment Funds, Universities and International corporations are subscribed to the CFR and  Alcoa Aluminum Corp. is among them.  The CFR “myth-makers” wield an unseen but controlling influence over the United Nations with a ploy to make climate change an excuse for further plunder for profit where Geoengineering the planet and copyrighting life on earth by Monsanto, could be worth unlimited $Trillions. The 1988 Book “Shadows of Power” remains one of the best sources to reveal how the culture within the CFR has been using the UN to push for a one world government in order to undermine the sovereignty of all nations with the consequence of undermining the will of all citizens.

Mick West and David Keith Debunked Conspiracy Team

Mick and David:  Silent Partners

  • In circa 2010 Mick West had assumed the moniker “UNCINUS”.  Mick openly admits he is not a scientist or meteorologist when he claims to be on a mission to “debunk” what is now revealed as deliberate and covert spraying of “aerosol dumps” high in the atmosphere. (Dr. Jasper Kirkby)  Mick’s talent lies in image manipulation using photoshop to persuade his audience to accept incorrect conclusions when the need arises. Mick’s weakness lies in his inability to provide believable data to support his outrageous photoshop tricks and “least-likely” explanations that contradict the principle of Occam’s Razor. – a useful principal, when used in science that states: “when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.”

Quotes from Mick circa 2010:

“I formerly posted here under the name “Uncinus” (there are still references to this in the comments, and I occasionally post elsewhere, like ATS, using Uncinus), I also post on YouTube as “Epoxynous”

“I’m not a scientist, or a meteorologist, but I try to ensure that what I post is comprised of independently verifiable facts.”

I also run…”  …  “I live in Santa Monica, so I’m familiar with that bit of the sky.” … ” Email me at: (Source a)(Source b)  –  (PDF a) (PDF b)

In a previous life, Mick West ( was co-founder of Neversoft Entertainment and in the game industry since about 1991 and worked as a technical consultant as of circa 2008.

Mick’s article on Practical Fluid Dynamics as applied to realistic video game media suggests West is interested in devising a “chemtrail” that cannot be easily distinguished from a “contrail”.

“Fluid effects such as rising smoke and turbulent water flow are everywhere in nature, but are seldom implemented convincingly in computer games. The simulation of fluids (which covers both liquids and gasses) is computationally very expensive.” — (See Article)

Article by Jim Lee at Climate Viewer tells more about Mick West and how he applies his gaming strategies.

We are rightly suspicious when Mick’s ContrailScience and Metabunk sites magically appear near the top of the page in a Google search when relatively modest traffic would not normally warrant such a premium search position.  An artificially high ranking serves as a disinformation trap for the naive who use a search engine like Google to find resources about “chemtrails”, “contrails” or “contrail science”.

What is UNCINUS?:  Although standard dictionaries do not define UNCINUS (Cirrus Uncinus) with any reference to clouds or meteorology, the term has suddenly appeared to define a new species of “hooked” cloud that appears to look more like an aerosol dump.  Absent any historical reference that UNCINUS refers to as a cloud species, the naive are left to assume this cloud’s bizarre “mares tail” cloud has only recently appeared in the skies of planet Earth towards the end of the 20th Century.

The Cirrus Uncinus photo below is posted in Wikipedia and sites no references or sources. Wiki is notorious for hosting trolls and cognitive infiltration networks to plant false data and disinformation.

The “nephology” link provided contains reference to Cirrus Uncinus but without providing a photo or comparative graphics. The International Cloud Atlas has deceptively been infiltrated to include new cloud species in order to re-write cloud history to include what we now know are aerosol dumps.

Finally – Mick’s use of a commercial DOT.COM website, ( implies a “debunking” fee is collected.

Perhaps the answer lies in Mick West’s relationship to aerosol geoengineer, David Keith as revealed in Keith’s little book: “A Case For Climate Engineering”.

Feature articles by Mick West appearing on the GAMASUTRA website:
Collaborative Game Editing [05.20.09]
Intelligent Mistakes: How to Incorporate Stupidity Into Your AI Code [03.18.09]
Visualizing Floats [01.07.09]
Optimizing Asset Processing [10.29.08]
Debugging Memory Corruption in Game Development [10.16.08]
Procedural Spooling In Games [10.02.08]
The Whimsy Of Domain-Specific Languages [09.03.08]
Random Scattering: Creating Realistic Landscapes [08.06.08]
Practical Fluid Dynamics: Part 2 [07.23.08]
Measuring Responsiveness in Video Games [07.16.08]
Programming Responsiveness [07.09.08]
Practical Fluid Dynamics: Part 1 [06.26.08]

MICK WEST and DAVID KEITH – Silent Partners?

David Keith - A Case for Climate engineering-c

Boston Globe Article – CLICK HERE

BOOK - A case for climate engineering david keith-smIn his 2012 book, “A Case For Climate Engineering” aerosol geoengineer, David Keith reveals his willingness to align with an admitted novice in meteorology and science when he recommends Mick’s Contrailscience website.

Excepts of pages 125 and 126 (below) reveal Keith’s attempt to associate ideas of spraying “alumina” as a “conspiracy theory”.

“Believers claim that metals such as aluminum and barium are sprayed from commercial aircraft”

youtube-icon-square-66But in 2010, it’s well known (Video) that Keith was promoting this very same “aluminum” conspiracy theory at a geoengineering session at the 2010 AAAS annual meeting.  Rather than be labeled a “kook”, Keith’s book contains not one word about his own idea about spraying alumina nor does he offer any reason as to why he gave up what was technically a better method than spraying sulfur to mitigate alleged, global warming.

Screen-shot from book reveals David Keith’s alliance with Mick West.

David Keith writes in his notes:

“There are many good websites for debunking chemtrails, including and”

BOOK Excerpt__A case for climate engineering david keithFinding rogue “debunking” sites recommended in Keith’s notes rather than credentialed sources indicts Keith as a creepy and potentially dangerous pseudo-scientist willing to destroy the planet’s atmosphere as a business venture.

Keith’s relationship to Mick West and Bill Gates speaks to the character of the criminal climate change cabal.

Stephen Colbert Punks David Keith in Interview

Notice David Keith when he asserts aerosols must be deployed at 20km above the earth – an altitude of 65,000 feet where the air is too thin for normal passenger aircraft.  Maximum altitude for the current fleet of aircraft is about 42,000 feet – a difference of 25,000 feet.

If David Keith would dare to acknowledge the chemtrails “military” operation (below 40,000 feet) he would put himself out of business with his own plan to spray aerosols almost 5 miles higher in order to mitigate global warming.


“…it’s not all about vaccines”

Monsanto the Franken Food CompanyBill Gates is invested in a half-million shares of MONSANTO as he focuses his wealth on developing genetically modified technology, geoengineering and experimental vaccinations.  With the participation of Gates in the future of the global food supply, MONSANTO is privy to any operation – including geoengineering and chemtrails that effect the Franken-corporations’s bottom line.

Gates also uses the resources of geoengineers, David Keith and Ken Caldeira for his own NWO agenda as asserted by Climatologist, Clive Hamilton in his book:  “Earth Masters”:

“For some years Keith and Caldeira have been Bill Gates’ principal source of expert knowledge on climate change.”

“It is clear, even at this early stage, that burgeoning commercial engagement in geoengineering is creating a constituency with an interest in more research ….”

Regardless our opinion of Keith’s ethics, he could never afford to admit the military was already spraying weaponized aerosols at the same time he was proposing a completely different aerosol geoengineering program that too closely resembles what the military was already doing – and what the public was already seeing in the skies.  The only answer available for Keith is a complete media-supported “stonewall” of the covert chemtrails operation where most of the people remained fooled for most of the time.

They simply need to run out the clock until they get regulations passed and their profitable geoengineering business plans implemented.


Below:  A 2012 Screen-shot of alleged Jay Reynolds on – most likely – his or his son’s Facebook page that has since been removed. If the Zipcode (75098) is accurate Jay, or his son’s location at the time would be in the vicinity of Wylie, St. Paul, TX.

Jay Reynolds Mug Facebook

  • Also owned by Mick West – this site is a watering hole for “trolls” with a mission to convince a naive audience that aircraft chemtrails are normal “contrails”. Mick’s most prominent ally goes by the name “Jay Reynolds” who appears to have a science background but uses his knowledge like a tobacco lawyer to convince the judge that cigarettes are harmless. (ie: R.”J. Reynolds” tobacco).

Fritz Springmeier overview of REYNOLDS’ financial interests

Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil-chemtrails-bBefore we get into the nitty-gritty let’s take a quick overview of the Reynold’s financial interests. Much of the family’s money has been well-hidden behind fronts, holding companies, etc. The Satanists of the Reynolds family have been involved in high level drug dealing during this century. They have also had some important and major interests in Banking, Tobacco, and Aluminum, it seems like a fair number have gotten into the mortuary/cremation business, which is a great assistance for cremation after rituals involving human sacrifice. The financial interests of the Reynolds seem to be strongest in the Middle South, and strong in both Virginia and North Carolina. The Reynold’s financial interests are so tightly woven in with the Cuilmans and Dukes that I will have to deal with all three families together. A few years ago the financial heads of the three families were as follows: Angier Biddle Duke, Richard S. Reynolds, Jr., and Joseph F. Cullman, 3rd. All were members of the Pilgrim Society. It is possible that the family also has sonic type of secret spiritual hierarchy too. If so, it might follow along the lines of the top 13 families which have kings and princes, and princesses, etc. of their bloodlines.

CONTINUE:  Complete Chapter Exposing Reynolds Blood Line (PDF)


Ken Caldeira – Climate Change Engineer


“Caldeira, then a scientist at Lawrence Livermore Labs, [who] admitted that he had conducted the original computer modeling for the use of chemicals like aluminum oxide to fight global warming.”

*** Complete Story ***

# # # #

Bob Graham Comments on Why Obama is Continuing the Bush 9/11 Coverup. Reply

Release the 28 Pages Bob Graham Interview

“…the question remains as to what the Obama Administration stands to gain by continuing the Bush Administration’s coverup.” Matthew Ogden

COMMENT:  The alleged content of the so-called “28 Pages” appears to fly in the face of what AE911Truth and others have demonstrated as conclusive evidence for controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and Building-7. It will be interesting to see if demonizing the Saudis for financing the terror attacks with hijacked aircraft will be sustainable when too many people already know the Israelis, banksters and Black-ops insiders were involved in the 9/11 False Flag.  But the issues in the 28 pages could serve to place the disgusting, saudi-smooching George W. Bush in a perpetual hot-seat.

This interview appears in the November 21, 2014 issue of Executive Intelligence Review and in PDF format HERE
Release the 28 Pages, (HR 428)
Expose Saudi 9/11 Role


Why the Obama Administration Cover-Up?

Bush Kisses Saudi PrinceOgden: You’ve said previously that although the close relationship between the Bush family and the House of Saud maybe sheds some clarity on why the Bush Administration decided to classify the 28 pages, the question remains as to what the Obama Administration stands to gain by continuing the Bush Administration’s coverup. Can you share with us any thoughts you might have as to what might be the reasons for Obama to perpetuate this coverup, even though he’s repeatedly pledged to do otherwise?

Graham: To me, that’s an enigma. There was a history with the Bush family and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia that gave you at least some basis of reasonable speculation as to what might be the motivation for treating Saudi Arabia with such soft hands. Why the Obama Administration continues that policy is a mystery.

One explanation may be that we have decided that it’s better to deal with the enemy that you know than the enemy that you don’t know, and that we don’t want to disrupt Saudi Arabia and further deepen911-twin Towers Crime Scene the entanglements in the Middle East. Personally, I think, if that’s the reason, it’s a shallow reason, because what it’s really doing is, it’s allowing for these entanglements in the Middle East to not be just the result of a single leader like Osama bin Laden, or an organization like ISIS, but rather to become a broader and broader and more permeating influence of extremist Islam throughout the society in the Middle East.

This interview was conducted with former Sen. Bob Graham in Naples, Fla., by LaRouche PAC’s Matthew Ogden, on Nov. 11. Senator Graham served as co-chair of the Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11 (see above). The subject of the interview is the urgency of declassifying the redacted 28 pages of the Congressional Joint Inquiry’s report to expose the role of Saudi Arabia in financing not only the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but also in continuing to finance ISIS and related terrorist organizations today.

Investigative reporter Dan Christensen of the Broward Bulldog, as well as Miami-based First Amendment attorney Tom Julin participated in the interview. Christensen and Julin have been instrumental in combating persistent stonewalling by the FBI in pursuing crucial leads pertaining to connections between a prominent Saudi family, and a cell of 9/11 hijackers in Sarasota, Fla., prior to the 9/11 attacks.