Federal Funds Fraud Involving Sandy Hook and Chalk Hill Schools? Reply

Note: Fraudulent manipulation of federal school funding also reveals foreknowledge of intent to perpetrate a mock school shooting as a weaponized psychological operation upon consumers of mass media propaganda.

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Lets see how they did it!

I will always remember my math teacher making sure that we double-checked our math work.

Show me how you did it Wolfgang.

That always scared me because now I have to walk him through my math problem solved step by step.

That is the methodology that we are going to use.  Step by Step:  An Illusion is all about Deception.

There are controlling us and me by telling us to look here (misinformation), then they will tell you to look over there (misdirection) and before you know it the Magician completes his trick and we believe he actually did it, those of us with common sense know that it was simply a trick and he fooled us.

Let’s take a look at how they in Monroe, CT and Newtown, CT school board and town officials deceived The United States Federal Communications Commission. (FCC).

I am posting this before I disappear if you know what I mean.

The photos show the application of both Monroe and Newtown, CT school boards for E-Rates funding.

Both applications are submitted in the school year 2011.

Both applications are approved for the 2012 school year funding.

Why does Chalk Hill Middle School show up in the Newtown CT school board school listings in 2011?

Why does Chalk Hill Middle School NOT show up in the Monroe CT school listings in 2011?

So, now the deception is that the Newtown CT school board is receiving Federal funds for Chalk Hill Middle school in 2012 when the Newtown, CT school board did not even have discussion with Monroe CT school board until 2013 for using Chalk Hill Middle school?

Huge Government Fraud and now you have the evidence.




Chalk Hill: The Best School Money Could Buy
Of eight new schools built in Connecticut in 1969, Chalk Hill came in at the lowest cost with a comparable facility. On Wednesday, it will house Sandy Hook Elementary School.
By Bill Bittar, Patch Staff – Jan 2, 2013 2:43 am ET

Richardson Simon Seng (FB):  This local article (above) is from Jan 2, 2013, immediately after the Sandy Hook event, describing how the students from SH will resume classes at Chalk, a mothballed school in the neighboring town of Monroe, CT.

Hence your 4 points & questions illuminate something is amiss, and if so, Newton CT could be defrauding the Federal government (at least):

1. Both applications are submitted in the school year 2011.

2. Both applications are approved for the 2012 school year funding. [Why would federal funds be asked for Chalk if it’s been mothballed? Minimal maintenance???]

3. Why does Chalk Hill Middle School show up in the Newtown CT school board school listings in 2011? [The school is in the neighboring town of Monroe, to the south of Newtown. Is there paperwork anywhere showing that that this mothballed school was absorbed by Newtown prior to 2012?]

4. Why does Chalk Hill Middle School NOT show up in the Monroe CT school listings in 2011?


Former Crisis Actor Talks About Sandy Hook 1

Robbie Parker press conference the day following the Sandy Hook FEMA drill and media PSYOP

Watch on WordPress


Application for “Crisis Actor” membership accepted


Crisis Actor membership Suspended




Sandy Hook: Does David Wheeler’s Son Have 2 Fathers? 2

David Wheeler’s Son Has 2 Fathers?

Investigative work by alias “Barry Soetoro, Esquire” has completely exposed David Wheeler and his wife Francine as  frauds in the Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax.

David Wheeler was caught playing the role of a fake FBI “sloppy sniper” before he played a much different role of a victim;  a grieving father claiming he lost his son in a school shooting in what is now proved to be another staged massacre where nobody died, inside a school that had been closed for years.

Book: Nobody Died at Sandy Hook – It Was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control

Book: Nobody Died at Sandy Hook – It Was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control Second Edition—Expanded and RevisedOrder at MoonRockBooks


David and Francine Wheeler Exposed Playing 2 Roles

For those who are unaware of how mind-control is accomplished by reporting and repeating FAKE NEWS, links to the complete debunking of the Wheelers and the Sandy Hook Hoax are provided here.

There seems to be an endless supply of new discoveries in the Sandy Hook Hoax. Today we add one more. Here it is:

On November 8, 2014 the New York Daily News reported a story about the Wheeler family, who’se alleged son BENJAMIN WHEELER was reported killed at Sandy Hook Elementary Schoool on Dec 14th, 2012.

The story is about Francine and David Wheeler’s newly born son Mathew Bennett Wheeler.

But the Wheeler’s are alleged to be parents to a 2nd son who’s name is “Nate Wheeler”.

In a recently discovered News interview at the Sandy Hook firehouse, an unidentified man is seen fondling Nate Wheeler – or a boy who would pass as an identical Twin of the young boy and alleged eldest son of Francine and David Wheeler.

Although this would not be the first falsified ID discovered in the Sandy Hook shooting hoax, it raises the questions of child abuse and possible pedophilia that goes beyond playing a role as a child actor.

What we see here could be a minor child engaged in parent-swapping, child abuse, pedophilia and trafficking of a minor.

Why do the Wheelers appear to be pimping out their oldest child for political deception and into the caressing arms of an unidentified man.  Tell me how this is NOT child abuse?

Is there more to learn about the depths of the Wheelers’ moral depravity?

Here’s the clip as posted by youtube alias “Andrea Mitchell” on July 1, 2017.

Notice the man is holding the Boy who looks like Nate Wheeler as if he’s a puppet.  Also notice how the man’s lips seem to move with the boy’s words as if the comment has been scripted for the TV interview.

From 2012-to 2015 investigators didn’t consider pedophilia, sex trafficking and Satanic worship as an underlying enabler to the Sandy Hook shooting hoax.  But the revelations of Pizzagate in the Fall of 2016 changed everything.

The Ping-pong Pizza, James Alefantis and spirit cooking began to shine a bright light of suspicion on Hollywood connected staged events under the perversion of Barack Obama and his gender-challenged spouse, Michelle.

This video presents compelling evidence of child trafficking with the manipulation of “Nate Wheeler” by two men playing the part of his father – a suspicious relationship that should be pursued to indict the perpetrators of these monstrous crimes.

On December 29, 2017 President Trump proclaimed January, 2018 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

Maybe it’s time to start exposing the pedophiles and human traffickers as a way to prosecute the perpetrators of the Sandy Hook Hoax.

Link to complete Document


Debunking S A N D Y – H O O K With “Barry Soetoro” 5

Find Barry Soetoro at:

Compilation: The “Sloppy Sniper”and more

Just When You Tought David Wheeler Could Not Get More “Busted”



“Nobody Died at Sandy Hook- It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control”

Free Book in PDF Format    First Edition in Black and White


Documentary: We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook


SANDY HOOK: Wolfgang Halbig Prevails in Lawsuit Filed by Alias “Leonard Pozner” 5

BOOK: Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. It Was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control (Moon Rock Books)

We Are Change Orlando Reports on the Hearing

Sandy Hook Researcher, Tony Mead, sums up the Leonard Pozner vs. Wolfgang Halbig pre-trial hearing on 11/7/17.

Halbig scored a previous victory on 6/13/2015 when Newtown First Selectman, Patricia Llodra testified under oath that DHS was involved in setting up an electronic sign at the Newtown Fire Station reminding drill participants to sign-in.

11/7/17: Pre-trial hearing



History of the Pozner Lawsuit Against Halbig

Halbig/Pozner Hearing: “Who are you?”

There are many beautiful languages in the world, but the language of the court is not one of them. Never has there been a species of snake more double-tongued, slippery and capable of contorting the meaning of each word in a sentence.

Nevertheless, it’s necessary  to watch the recent pre-trial hearing between defendant Wolfgang Halbig (a Sandy Hook citizen investigator) and complainant “Leonard Pozner’s” attorney, which took place on March 28th, 2017 in the Lake County Courthouse in Florida. Necessary because it’s one of the many snake dances that followed the Sandy Hook event of 12-14-12.

The complainant, who is the parent of a child purported to have died in the Sandy Hook shootings, is suing Mr. Halbig for posting his personal information online, which consists of his name, business address, email address and phone number, already available publicly according to many sources.

The first 17 minutes is taken up with the complainant’s attorney caviling with the judge over the presence of a reporter from We Are Change. The attorney based his objection on the argument that the reporter represents “fake news.” (Now we see how that charge is going to be applied by lawyers who don’t like real people with real eyes and ears and mouths recording and interpreting their words.) Regardless, the judge allowed the reporter to record the hearing.

What’s in a name? For the real issue, which is that of the identity of the complainant, start at 57:00. Because the plaintiff has used a variety of aliases on various documents in the past (e.g., the Dickensian “Eliezer Pozner”), Mr. Halbig had asked for a copy of the plaintiff’s birth certificate to ascertain by whom he is being sued. It seems reasonable, doesn’t it? Especially since the plaintiff’s signature on a pertinent legal document (“Lenny Pozner”) differs from the name under which his suit was filed.

“This man has five, six different names,” said Mr. Halbig at one point, in reference to various aliases he found in public documents. “That’s why I think that question is relevant to my discovery. I want to know who this man really is, who’s filed a lawsuit against me.”

But the torrent of legal-speak issuing from the judge’s lips thereupon is so serpentine, so full of writhing, squirming, squeezing and cloaking language, one is left wondering if the court is in a county that speaks any English at all. “Irrelevant,” a favorite court-speak term, is lavishly deployed. But why should Mr. Halbig’s request be “irrelevant” when the very nature of the plaintiff’s allegations concern Mr. Halbig’s use of the plaintiff’s name?

So, exactly who/what is/are Eliezer Pozner? You will not find the answer on Jeopardy, nor, I’m afraid, in the court proceeding.

Orlando PULSE Shooting Follows SANDY HOOK Easily Provable HOAX 2

Christine Leinonen Fake green screen interviewNote: Open source investigation is ongoing in the case of the 2016, Orlando PULSE nightclub shootings however the contemptible US media  has featured several alleged victims and participants who are now discovered to be professional and/or crisis actors including the shooter.  Valid death certificates of the alleged deceased are needed to firmly establish who, and how many people actually died.  But regardless the number of actual deceased – substantial evidence now exists to doubt the official media “stories” and the numerous misrepresentations published as corporatist media “stories”.  Research by RedSilverj provides one good open-source investigation.  (VIDEO) 

Thanks to open source investigation by responsible alternative media researchers, there’s good reason why public confidence in TV news and newspapers is currently at a 10 year low.  See 2016 Gallup Poll

NEW YORK TIMES: Terrorist Plots “Hatched” by the F.B.I.  (Story)

In January, 2016 Mark Devlin interviewed author and publisher, Jim Fetzer, PhD.

The topic: The Obama Administration’s ongoing attempts to disarm American civilians through executive orders and congressional legislation following apparent but dubious acts of mass gun shootings.

james Fetzer PhD mug-bThe Sandy Hook school “shooting” is only one example of how the media promotes false events as real news, however the list of deep government and media treason against the American people is very long.

Fetzer’s book and this interview present evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Sandy Hook shooting is an easily provable hoax, drawing on the findings in his book, “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook. It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control” (Source)

Book - Nobody Died at Sandy HookA short while after publication,  brisk sales and multiple 5-star ratings, the book was suddenly banned and removed from sale by Amazon without notice.  Perhaps it’s  more than a coincidence that a new position was created at Amazon for Obama’s former press secretary, Andrew Carney as Amazon’s Senior VP for “global corporate affairs”.  Carney’s connection to the Obama administration is now forever linked to Amazon’s “book burning” of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” – a “dangerous” book containing hard evidence of federal crimes and massive media deception.