Brendon O’Connell (B.O.) Published on Feb 2, 2018

Netanyahu can get away with murder because Israel controls the worlds high technology sector – over and above even the US.

What is he Talpiot Program?

“The world of Cyber security is Totally dominated by Israel” – B. O’Connell

Inaugurated in 1979, the Talpiot program is an elite Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) training program, for recruits who have demonstrated outstanding academic ability in the sciences and leadership potential. Graduates of the Talpiot program pursue double higher education while serving in the army, and then utilize their expertise to further IDF research and development in technological leadership positions. (Wiki)


Brendon O’Connell responds to comments:

1. So many bullshit in 39 minutes. do you really believe this shit?

Yes, after 20 years of falling into the Jewish Talmudic Supremacist rabbit hole, Lord Jacob Rothschild and a million other annoying (to you) “facts” – on the mainstream record – Israel as a “state entity”, operating under the umbrella of the political zionist movement world wide, funded and coddled and directed by the City of London Rothschild private intelligence network, is indeed “taking over the world” and ushering in an age of high technology Gulags for The Goy called The Smart Cities Program. Ironically, people like you will not escape the gulag either, we can scream at each other from down the hallway of our 400 floor Smart Gulag apartment block, shake our fists and yell insults under the observation of our Rabbinic Approved Gollem Robot Butlers/Therapist’s/Guard’s.

2. Talpiot is not a secret program.

Not now. Especially when in 2009 I started agitating local state counter terrorism in Western Australia about it. In 2007 there was exactly one forum post on it and two articles. One of the articles was a BDS article which surprisingly showed ZERO followup by the BDS movement – seeing as military technology is Israel’s number one export, you’d think they would be onto it. It appears they may be making an effort now. Cant wait for the words, “Talpiot Program” to leave the lips of big name people from all points of the compass. The term “secret weapon” denotes the fact that Israel has become a world leader in this critical aspect of the cyber linked “Internet Of Things” giving it direct control of things like critical infrastructure – a nuke, without it being a nuke. But a powerful weapon all the same and technically untraceable.

3. And believe me Israelis will not bite you. we are ordinary people just like everyone on this planet.

Quite true, but you are arrogant little shits. Mostly based on collective trauma from having holocaust studies shoved down your throat from birth – it generates an expressive aggression that is ego defensive in nature. As well as being surrounded by a goodly number of very angry people wondering what blonde haired, blue eyes Russians and Poles are doing claiming to be semetic Arabs and bulldozing Palestian semetic Arab homes. You are looking for approval. And yes, most Israeli’s simply want to go to the beach, get laid, take high quality meth and XTC in the Tel Aviv nightclubs and marry a hot blonde busty German beer hall server. Agreed. Israeli’s are also composed of psychotic (literally) religious leaders who make Hezbollah blush. Regularly calling for the slaughter of Palestinian men, women and children (and babies); making grand Talmudic scholarly proclamation fatwah’s that you can murder a non jew and take their organs; attending “Yeshvia Academies” (military ones as well) that teach scholarly Talmud teachings like non jews being cattle, animals, worthy of death, under law an animal – therefore can be killed as such…and on and on. These are TOP revered religious leaders that bleed into the Israeli political, academic and business world. They are not “marginalized”. You can bore us all to death with claims of “anti-Semetism and hatred”, or you can join reality. You’re the one in deep shit, not me. Read “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years” by Professor Israel Shahak and “Controversy Of Zion” by former London Times editor Sir Douglas Reid. That should get you going.

4. Israel doesn’t want to control the world or the middle east, we just want to leave in peace.

I’m not going to dignify that with an answer. What are you? 12 years old? Israels SOLE reason for being is to dominate the Middle East region and fulfill Biblical prophecy of Greater Israel. “You” didn’t set up Israel, trillionair British Jewish bankers did. You’re just cannon fodder. You can learn about The Oded Yinon Plan, Bi Bi’s salesman pitch to involve the USA in wars for Israel’s benefit – or you can call me a auntie seeemite and slam the door on your way out. WHO DID 911?  (Christopher Bollyn Speaks at Portland Community College)

5. 99.99% haven’t been to Israel, or met Israelis, and talking like you know it so well.

How come all the IDF conscripts have all the best meth and XTC in Sydney? Shoved down their pants before they board the plane for their post conscript holiday (mission) to Australia?

6. Yes, there are many Israeli high tech companies, so what? is it mean we have a secret plan to take over the world?

No. It means you now have an “open plan” to take over the world. Israel is an arm of the City of London East India Trading Company empire operating under the Uniform Commercial Code legal structure. It is a “base” from which military style operations are specifically planned and carried out from. 911 being one such operation. It is a recruitment center and “Club House” where recruits relax, plan and depart to locations all over the world. The final plan in action is the Smart Cities Program to hook up ALL public infrastructure into the Internet Of Things with Israel being the dominant builder and maintainer of the infrastructure allowing TOTAL CONTROL at the touch of a button – this is Pavlovs Dog writ large. Be a good world citizen get a biscuit. Be a bad world citizen and nothing works, not even your vibrator. Once the cattle are herded, contained, tagged and culled according to social network profile, the herd (which will include you) will be sterilized. If “Rabbi Artificial Intelligence” is feeling electronically benevolent and the spreadsheet numbers are “perfect”, according to algorithm patterns, maybe we live out our lives till 90 – childless and alone with our robot butlers. But in all likelihood the Rabbi A.I will simply seek to remove the surplus 6 billion of the herd and allow the jungle to grow free to “balance nature”. Its like the movie “The Fourth Protocol”. As the mission progresses, each participant for that phase is killed. Once the drones and robots are here, you’ll go into the Smart City Ghetto to. You can continue calling me an auntie seeemite from down our Smart Ghetto apartment hallway.

7. come on, wake up and stop this bullshit. STOP spreading hatred.

Too late. Woken. I’m sorry you have confused “reasonable analysis” based on “publicly available information” with hatred. When you have run out of cliche’s and one liner thought stoppers you are free to peer over the edge of the cliff you are approaching. Otherwise, I’ll see you for a latte by the sea in a totally disarmed Israel/Palestine making HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS from tourism and Jew, Christian and Muslim billionaires-millionaires building their retirement condo’s on the beach.


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