Israeli 9/11 Attack on America Demonstrates Need For Robust Second Amendment 2

9/11 Was an Israeli Attack on America

Americans Need The Second Amendment Now More Than Ever

Neocon Israelis and traitors working for subversive foreign and corporate interests are eager to destroy America’s Constitutional Republic.  The rapidly escalating attacks on the First and Second Amendment by social media corporatists are sending a clear message.  President Trump and his family’s glee at the wicked relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem is a sadistic act of indifference to the semitic peoples of Gaza who are murdered for their expression of unarmed resistance in the face of dual US/Iraeli Tyranny.  These events are a strong signal that American citizens will soon be regarded no better than those souls currently under torture by this evil, Talmudic duopoly.   [Noahide]

VIDEO:  SOLVING 9/11:  Christopher Bollyn: Israeli Terrorists Planned and Executed 9/11 False Flag

Bill Whittle expertly demonstrates how gun violence decreases as gun ownership increases

Bill Whittle reveals how so-called “assault rifles” are responsible for less than 3% of all gun deaths yet the push for gun control targets semi-automatic rifles –  the most effective firearm at neutralzing government tyranny.


THE FEDERALIST:  How The Second Amendment Prevents Tyranny

The Second Amendment was supposed to protect us from government by dispersing its coercive power among the people.  We still adhere to that system today.
By Robert Tracinski March 22, 2018

The latest gun control hysteria being stoked by the press has revealed an enormous amount of confusion about the role of the Second Amendment as a guarantee of liberty in our constitutional system.

That role is alternately embraced in rather simplistic form or dismissed as an absurdity: how could ragtag bands of rednecks with AR-15s ever hope to take on the U.S. military, with its full panoply of tanks, helicopters, and elite troops?  The same people who say this will also insist that any American military action overseas is a mistake, because the U.S. military, with its full panoply of tanks, helicopters, and elite troops, can never hope to defeat ragtag bands of insurgents with AK-47s. But don’t look for consistency in partisan politics, and don’t be surprised when a Democratic politician wanders off script and suggests that if President Trump were to “ignore the courts,” then “this is where the Second Amendment comes in, quite frankly.”

Some declare flatly that this would never even be necessary, because “in a democracy, the government is the people’s government.” That begs a very big question. I wish I could be so complacent that it can’t happen here.

The Founding Fathers didn’t ask why it was necessary to provide the people the means to resist a tyrannical central government. It was a problem they had very recently encountered in real life, in the form of thousands of Redcoats sent across the Atlantic by a distant central government to suspend civil rights and enforce oppressive laws. So when they drafted their own system of central government and provided it sufficient military force to repel or deter foreign threats, they were profoundly concerned that this new national government would not be able to turn its power back against its own citizens. (More)


Bystander Uses Gun to Stop Armed Robbery/Child Abduction

If Trump ignores courts, congressman says that’s ‘where the 2nd Amendment comes in’

MIAMI HERALD March 12, 2018:  An audience member asked Rep. Tom Suozzi, D-N.Y what could be done if the President Trump refuses to comply with court ordered mandate.

“It’s really a matter of putting public pressure on the president,”Suozzi replies in a video of the March 12 meeting, adding that it would also be necessary to go to the courts. If that didn’t work, he suggested other methods might be necessary.

This is where the Second Amendment comes in, quite frankly, because you know, what if the president was to ignore the courts? What would you do? What would we do?.  (Source)

Rep. Suozzi’s comment is a reminder to how quickly the US government can go from a Constitutional Republic to the tyranny of an unconstitutional dictatorship.  When the people are under assault by a tyrannical dictator with guns, the second amendment provides the right to neutralize the guns of a tyrant with the firepower of the people.


Media Has Misplaced Priorities Sensational Increase in Road Deaths Ignored

40,000 Die on US Roads and Highways in 2016 – Biggest 2-Year Jump in 50 Years.

Fortune: New preliminary 2016 data shared Wednesday from the National Safety Council estimates that as many as 40,000 people died in motor vehicles crashes in 2016, a 6% rise from 2015. If those numbers bear out, it would be a 14% increase in deaths since 2014, the biggest two-year jump in more than five decades. (Fortune)

EveryTown:  Gun Homicides – Average of 13,000/ Year


National Safety Council: 

The interactive chart reveals suicide deaths are more common than any other category of firearm death among both males and females and across most age categories. Males account for more than 85% of all firearm deaths, regardless of firearm intent category.

Firearm-related assault deaths outnumber suicide deaths in all age groups from ages 5 to 34. (Please note: Suicide deaths are not coded for children younger than 5).

Beginning with the 35 to 44 age group, firearm-related suicide deaths outnumber assault deaths. Firearm-related assault death rates peak in the 15 to 34 age groups for both males and females. However, firearm-related suicide deaths are highest for females age 45 to 54 and for males age 85 and older. ( See NSC Interactive Chart )




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