Black Contrails – The Wyoming Collection by Mike Decker 6

Mike Decker – (Black Contrails) Is Black Programmable Matter Being Sprayed On Us??

Mike Decker – (Black Contrails) Must Watch!Black Chemicals Being Dumped By Swiss LX40! Geoengineering Programs Going Full Bore

Mike Decker – (Black Contrails) Alaska Airlines AS751 Turning On Lucifer’s Black Death Spray!

Mike Decker – (Black Contrails) Must Watch!! Turkish Airlines Turning On The Black Chemicals For Another Big Dump Over Wyoming

Mike Decker – (Black Contrails) Air Canada Spraying Black Chemicals Changes To White Then Back To Black Over Wyoming #WEDONOTCONSENT

Mike Decker – (Dirty Contrails) Dirty Chemicals Sprayed From Planes..

Mike Decker – Black Chemical Dumps At Sunset From KLM And UPS Over Wyoming

Mike Decker – (Dirty Contrails) AF 666 Unloading Toxic Chemicals With An Evil Blend Sprayed From The Belly Of The Beast

Mike Decker – (Dirty Contrails) British Airways Caught Dumping Mass Chemicals From The Belly For Solar Geoengineering Programs

Mike Decker – (Dirty Contrails) Swiss LX40 Spraying Toxic Chemicals For David Keith And The Military Industrial Complex

Mike Decker – (Dirty Contrails) FedEx 630 Spraying The Black Death over Wyoming

Mike Decker – (Dirty Contrails) New Chemical Dispersal System Under The Belly Of Edelweiss Air WK2

Mike Decker – (Black Contrails) Busted! FedEx FX1208 Dumping The Toxic Orange/Black Chemicals

Mike Decker – (Black Contrails) Just Spray It!!


    • Black Contrails are proof of climate engineering to make the weather warmer. The IPCC insiders know all about it and Fake News provides the coverup.

  1. Hi!

    As some of you know, I very much believe that the phenomenon we call ‘chemtrails’ (named after a US Air force chemistry book for pilots!) is real. I wrote a huge text in Danish on the subject here:
    I also wrote a text on how Wikipedia is manipulated on the subject – “Manipulation of Wikipedia covers up serious crime” –
    BUT the videos above don’t convince me (or anyone else) about anything. Almost all of them clearly shows transparent exhaust which condense into ice crystals several meters behind the jet engines – that which is called contrails…
    I am sorry to be the Devil’s advocate on this, but low quality information doesn’t further our cause – quite the contrary. If you don’t have self-critic, then someone else will criticize you.

    Best regards,
    Henrik Rosenø

    • For some reason you completely ignore the point that the “contrails are not white” as described by every scientific source. How do you explain the trails are far from fitting the scientific description?

      You must do far better to claim the honorable rank of “devil’s advocate”.

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