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Las Vegas Shooting Linked to Corrupt LVMPD Police Force

Editor’s Note: This documentary does not necessarily report events as they actually happened.  With the firm proof of Crisis Actor participation, many questions remain as to how many victims were actually killed and wounded at the Route-91 venue as the Clark County Coroner’s office refuses to obey public records law by producing death certificates and autopsy reports on request.  Refer to the article:  “Researcher Can’t Find Anybody Who Died in Las Vegas Massacre”  (Here)


What Happened in Las Vegas ?

Worst Police Force to Call During a Mass Shooting

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BELOW: Fair use excerpt of the documentary “What Happened in Vegas” implicates the ruthless actions and secret arrangements of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department under disgraced Sheriff  Lombardo.

Attorney, Stephen Stubbs reveals the LVMPD had long established a secret communications channel with casino owners in order to protect “high rollers” and the casinos from media exposure and liability.  Any potentially embarrassing and newsworthy incidents were avoided by communicating through a private “back-line” instead of the prescribed 911 operator system.

By circumventing the 911 system casino owners effectively eliminated any knowledge and reporting of unlawful events by the media.  Stubbs claims it was this secret communications line that prevented the timely take-down of Steven Paddock and led to the horrific murders at Route-91.

Below: Official Trailer – What Happened in Vegas”

History of LVMPD Cold-Blooded Murders

Review: Documentary ‘What Happened in Vegas’ blows the whistle on local police

A filmmaker’s brutal encounter with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department compelled him to make “What Happened in Vegas,” a documentary profile that blows the whistle on a disturbing pattern of excessive force and corruption within its ranks. (LA Times) 

“The Leadership Is As Corrupt As They Come”: An Interview With WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGAS Director Ramsey Denison (Film Inquiry)

Arrested For Reporting Police Brutality –  Ep. 1

Ramsey Takes His Court-Ordered Impulse Control Test –  Ep. 2

LVMPD Twisted Reality Exposed In Ramsey’s Police Report – Ep. 3

Ramsey Goes To Jail – Ep. 4

Internal Affairs – Ep. 5

When TV editor Ramsey Denison was jailed for simply reporting police brutality on the Las Vegas strip, he was inspired to investigate the Las Vegas Police Department. His investigation would lead him right up to the biggest mass shooting in American history. In this damning exposé, he reveals that the police know more than they are letting on about what really happened at the Mandalay Bay Resort, where 59 people were killed. Uncovering a long legacy of cavalier methods and dire consequences, civilian fatalities, unconstitutional arrests and embellished crime reports, this doc paints an incriminating picture of a police department where the officers are above the law. (Source)