Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

1962: “He Who Controls The Weather, Will Control The World” (LBJ)

Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University (1962)
Gordon Wilkison

On May 27, 1962, then Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson presented the graduation address at his alma mater, Southwest Texas State University (today known as Texas State University) in San Marcos. Vice President Johnson also was the recipient of the university’s first honorary doctorate degree. Johnson’s stirring speech touches upon his international travels and his experiences seeing the rest of the world with his emphasis being upon the example of freedom that the United States must set for the rest of the world.  (Source Video: Texas Archive)

Of special interest is LBJ’s comment about controlling global cloud layers with a prediction that,

“He who controls the weather, will control the world”

Johnson’s vision to control the weather is not about the benefit to mankind, but about ultimate CONTROL of MANKIND

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Jet Engine “Contrails” Create Clouds

Ken Caldeira Has His Head in the Clouds with Patent US 9526216 B2

EXCEPT: “It is desirable to control cloud formation and precipitation. Controlling cloud coverage by creating clouds or precipitating clouds provides some measure of control over warming, cooling, and climate benefits such as atmosphere albedo factors. Controlling precipitation has certain advantages, including helping farmlands to receive enough water to maximize crop output, aiding in the accumulation of natural snow on ski slopes, and helping to prevent precipitation when outdoor activities are scheduled.”

Geoengineer, Ken Caldeira et al have been forced to acknowledge the Geoegineering research of the last 50 years, which is significant in confirming investigators’ findings of chemical aircraft emissions. (PDF)

Reflecting on 50 Years of Geoengineering Research – Ken Cardeira (PDF

Dylan Jones: Weather and Climate Modification Problems and Prospects

“Satellite and balloon measurements show that the presence of cirrus clouds in the upper troposphere near the tropopause strongly reduces the heat loss of the atmosphere by infrared radiation. Thus, a cirrus cloud cover over warm northward-moving tropical air will prevent it from cooling as rapidly as does southward-moving cooler air, which has no cirrus cover.” (P61)

“It is interesting that this phenomenon has the basic ingredients of a possible control mechanism, i.e. a small amount of cloud, such as a vapor trail, released at the optimum altitude, has a large influence, will last a long time, or may even grow.” (P 61)

Also:  “Budyko, 1962, concludes that if this ice cover were removed, the central Arctic might enjoy summer temperatures of +10 °C to +20 °C and winter temperatures of +5 °C to + 10°C, which obviously would imply decisive changes in the climate of Northern Siberia and Canada.” (P 61)

Weather and Climate Modification Problems and Prospects


Space shuttle Discovery is seen behind Vice President Mike Pence as he delivers opening remarks during the National Space Council’s first meeting, Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017 at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Va. The National Space Council, chaired by Vice President Mike Pence heard testimony from representatives from civil space, commercial space, and national security space industry representatives. Photo Credit: (NASA/Joel Kowsky)

National Space Council Reconstituted (2017)

VP Pence convened the meeting from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia. Acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot also participated, along with Trump administration cabinet members and senior officials, and aerospace industry leaders. There were three panels of speakers covering ongoing civilian space exploration work by Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Orbital ATK; new commercial space projects by SpaceX, Blue Origin and Sierra Nevada Corp.; and presentations on space as a national security asset by former NASA Administrator Mike Griffin, former head of STRATCOM and retired Adm. James Ellis, and astronaut Pamela Melroy, DARPA’s former deputy director of the Tactical Technology Office.

National Space Council Meeting – Mike Pence, Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017

The Space Review:  Is creating a National Space Council the best choice?

In January 1960, a comprehensive 21-page statement of national space policy was developed and issued inside the government (but not made public) as a National Aeronautics and Space Council document. The statement noted that “although the full potentialities and significance remain largely to be explored, it is already clear that there are important scientific, civil, military, and political implications for the national security.”  This Eisenhower space policy was to be the last presidentially approved statement on national space policy for 18 years.

Executive Order 12675—Establishing the National Space Council (George HW Bush, 1989)


This paper describes the origin of the National Aeronautics and Space Council in the closing years of the Eisenhower administration, and its development and institutionalization during the Kennedy administration. The functions,staff and operations of this unique organization are described.

The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ Paperback – September 2, 2014 (Roger Stone)

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