Sutherland Springs Church Shooting a UN PsyOp 6

Update 6/19/2018: Sutherland Springs Texas Church Shooting PsyOp.

Update 6/9/2018 Jason Boss update on Side Thorn at

Update 5/29/2018:  Mason Actor Doxx – Sutherland TX Church Shooting   (Video)

Fast People Search Sadie Rodriguez

(NIVEN1) We found the real identity of one of the actors in Sutherland. Masons fucked up on their local lodge page and left a clue. Vid explains it best I could if you have any questions ask. But I think we may have found a photographer who does some of the false flag masonic pictures. I suggest further research into this lodge in Floresville, Texas. They have facebook pages. Check em out.

Sadie Rodriquez, from Sante Fe shooting, Mother of the girl named Fisher who they claim rejected the shooters , Pagourtzis , romantic advances just prior to the hoax. Look these people up they don’t have records. Completely manufactured. Also start comparing these people to photos on the Facebook’s of the Masonic lodges in these areas. I bet we find the actors in the lodges like we did with Irma Villalobos.

Update 5/5/2018: Blasphemy as NRA Validates Sutherland Springs Shooting Hoax

Source, Sidethorn

Researcher Reports Shooter Killed Children That Were Never Born

Sutherland Texas Church Shooting: Who Were the Victims in the deadliest shooting inside a house of worship in modern U.S. history. ?


Update 11/22: Texas Church MASSACRE – Meet the Mysterious Marshalls – ANOTHER Military Connection

Update 11/16: Anonymous donor offers to pay for new church building in Sutherland Springs following massacre. A fund set up by Glenn Beck for the victims of Sutherland Springs will send 100 percent of the money raised to the relief effort. (New Building? (The Blaze)

Update 11/16: Texas church becomes a solemn memorial a week after shooting massacre
Church officials said this week that the building might still be torn down, rebuilt or replaced with a permanent memorial but that the decision will be left to pastor Frank Pomeroy and his congregation, which lost nearly half its members. So far, they said, they have not made any firm decisions. (WAPO)

Update 11/16:  Media Foreknowledge ABC NEWS JUMPS GUN – Publishes Church Shooting Story on November 4th (Chris Dorsey)

Update 11/15: Texas Church MASSACRE – “Victim” Keith Braden ALIVE in California?

Update 11/14:  The GoldFish Report 152. – Texas Shooting  (11/6)

Start at 3:40)

Update 11/13: NBC NEWS: Unidentified Rogue Crisis Actor Destroys Official Narrative – Claims Shooter Had Shotgun on the Roof, not AR-15. Why is this victim not identified? Did she really get wounded inside the church or somewhere else?

Update 11/13:  Devin Kelley’s 2017 MASSACRE of Grandma-in-Law… WHO DIED in 2014!

Update 11/13: Texas 2017 MASSACRE; Grandma “Saved” Kid… From the INSIDE of a PRISON!

UPDATE 11/11:  TEXAS CHURCH SHOOTING: VIDEO SHOWS NO BULLET HOLES. Civilian photographer’s video reveals No Bullet Holes on Church front exterior as Official Story Alleges

All Sunday services are recorded on high definition video.  Still missing from scrutiny is the church video from 11/5/17 that allegedly shows the gunman “methodically shooting people in the head”, according to NBC News.

Video below shows services from 10/29/17.

NBC confirms the church video was running on 11/5 during the alleged massacre but it will take an FOIA request to release it for public scrutiny.

Complicating the NBC report is new information that the shooter was on the roof.

KEY Texas Massacre Witness *HAPPENS* to be Related to Columbine Victim !

Texas MASSACRE – the FAKE Death of Tara McNulty?

Shooter Killed Children Who Were Never Born – Pt 1

Shooter Killed Children Who Were Never Born – Pt 2

See Inside Edition Video Here

Active shooter drill to take place Saturday



  1. I want to know who was the Hazmat Contractor that cleaned up all the so called blood and guts that should have been scattered all over the interior of that church before they tear it down.

      • Will you be able to have access to that video to post it?

        Remember the school shooting where no children died and no hazmat contract was ever issued before they tore down the school?

  2. Pingback: Evidence of HOAX in Sutherland Springs Texas Church Shooting | Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon – PRECES FUNDE, VERBERA TE IPSUM, VELLICA TESTICULOS TUOS, LACRIMAS MOVE, IMPLORA DEOS TUOS (ex libris Bonconte Montefeltro et alii)

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