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School Bus Crash Reveals New York Truck Terror Hoax

Investigators stand near the wreckage of a Home Depot truck at an overpass for Stuyvesant High School, Tuesday Oct. 31, 2017, in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

TIMELINE: How the New York City truck attack unfolded

Update 11/8/17: No Arrest, Mug Shot or Court Date Found for Halloween Truck Terrorist Sayfullo Saipov. Evidence of Photoshop discovered

Update 11/7/17: Google Earth assessment of School Bus and Truck Crime Scene.

Update 11/6/17: Exclusive: Teen on bus speaks out about New York City terror attack.

Teenager, Noah Salz was on the school bus and transported to the hospital. Later in the interview he claimed he was not injured and went to school the next day.

Update 11/6/17: Student injured in terror attack went to school next day ‘because he was working on 100% perfect attendance’
A 17-year-old who was injured in the deadly terrorist attack Tuesday in lower Manhattan went to school the next day “because he was working on 100 percent perfect attendance,” New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña said.

The collision left the school bus mangled. Another student on that school bus, a 14-year-old girl, was injured, suffering a fractured hip, internal bleeding and a laceration to the liver. Two adults on the bus were also injured. (No ID’s of injured reported)

Update 11/6: Bernie Marcus Owner of Home Depot Has Ties to Israeli Military.

“Expressing pride in his Jewish heritage, he founded in 1991 the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI), a nonpartisan think tank in Israel dedicated to promoting and defending democracy in that country. Marcus’s enthusiasm for Jewish causes motivated former Secretary of State George Schultz to become involved with the IDI, and together they created the sole consulting think tank for the Israeli army.”

UPDATE 11/5: New York Truck Attack a HOAX For HALLOWEEN

School Bus Crash Scenario is Staged

Hoax exposed when man shooting video with his smart phone yells for someone else to “call 911”.

A suspiciously quiet street scene, devoid of sirens, NYPD and multiple agency emergency response is evidence of foreknowledge and staged event.

A bystander just happened to have his smart phone video rolling as he approached the school bus. He shows us what appears to be two special needs children on the left side, followed by a bit of over-acting to damage to the right side of the bus.

In the distance we see the Home Depot rental truck with emergency flashers blinking. How considerate for a terrorist to think of safety.

The truck is positioned at the intersection, just beyond the cross-walk with only the driver-side door open while other photos show both doors open.

The camera turns toward a flock of NYPD rookies who approach the scene but inexplicably ignore the children to keep on walking. Oops… camera fades to black.

HOAX BECOMES OBVIOUS: Allegedly T-boned by the truck as it emerged from the bicycle path, the school bus continues to travel almost a block before stopping. The truck reveals substantial front-end damage from what looks more like a head-on collision rather than an encounter with the relatively soft side of a school bus. No transfer of yellow paint or blood can be seen on the truck. More importantly, the impact to the school bus was probably not made by the Home Depot truck since the above ground position of the truck’s bumper and grill fails to match the more elevated damage to the school bus.

Damage to the Home Depot truck suggests it should have come to a full stop parallel to the cross-walk with air bags deployed after impact.  However the truck mysteriously rotated more than 90 degrees to the left where it somehow came to rest facing the intersection. The final position of the truck is contrary to the kinetics of the crash that would tend to rotate the truck to the right instead of to the left as it encountered the school bus moving from left to right. The failure of air bags to deploy on impact adds to the skepticism.

Damage to School Bus Not Compatible With Collision by Home Depot Truck

Foreknowledge: FBI and Multiple Agencies Already On-Scene

Student interviewed below can’t explain why the FBI would already be on-scene acting as a defacto “first responders”. Student: “This all happened in 30 minutes or less”.  Notice alleged victim already placed on stretcher in video sweep.

Below: Early Signs of Hoaxed Event: Bicycle casualty revealed as “drill dummy”.  Plastic leg does no fit mannequin’s shoe. Dummy attendant’s shirt reveals a connection to British military,  “The Black Watch”

Now The Truth TV-16 Analysis

Below: Search For Any Real Dead Victims – Pt 1

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After dark truck photo with State Police on Scene – 10/31/17

Source: Washington Examiner

Truck Transport on 11/1/17

Retraction notice:  The original post incorrectly alleged the damaged truck was on scene prior to terrorist event, however it was recently discovered the truck was not towed from the scene until the next day – 11/1/17. This explains how the night photos are appropriate to the story.  Even so, the school bus crash, Drill Dummy and other anomaliesdo the good job exposing the hoax.