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ABEL DANGER: MH-370 Hijacked – Landed With 239 Corpses Aboard

6/26/2017 – Interview with retired pilot and founder of ABEL DANGER , Field McConnell who confirms media reports of “lost” MH-370  is FAKE NEWS.

Highlights: The Boeing 777’s 2 Rolls Royce Trent engines were communicating service data with satellites as they normally do as it was being hijacked to Diego Garcia where it landed and rolled into a portable hangar. The airliner’s location was cloaked by a portable hangar designed to block radio/RF transmissions from leaving or entering – much like a “faraday cage”.

Illegal modifications to the Boeing/Honeywell Uninterruptible Auto-pilot (manufactured by GE) allowed the MH370 to be remotely hijacked.

Another modification was made to the little known ATI (Air Tranquilizing Injector).  Once MH370 was on the ground at Diego Garcia McConnell reports the plane had to be opened from the outside revealing 239 “corpses” due to toxic “tranquilizing” gas releases from the ATI.

When the discussion pivoted to the events of 9/11, McConnell confirmed no aircraft hit the Pentagon. The passengers aboard American Flight 77 were murdered in-flight using toxic “tranquilizing” gases from the ATI.

Flt 77, along with the other 2 Twin Tower airliners were flown to a military protected air space, “W386A” where the three airliners were remotely incinerated with “Smacsonic” – a hidden layer of rocket fuel sandwiched between insulation deceptively installed to function as cabin insulation. The “Smacsonic” was remotely detonated whereby the 3 aircraft were immediately incinerated at 5,800 deg. F. rendering all metals, bodies and contents to airborne plasma that virtually left no trace of evidence to be found.

Flight United 93 was running too late to make it’s target and was shot down over Shanksville, PA according to McConnell.


CORBETT REPORT 12/8/2014: Field McConnell of joins the program today to discuss his life, background and investigation into the Octopus that connects Serco, the Senior Executive Service, Barry Soetoro, 9/11, MH370, MH17, the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot and much, much (much) more.

REPORT (PDF): Evidence of the Hijack of Malaysian Flt MH370 Using Uninterruptible Autopilot


Synopsis: Belief RICO sponsors of Hillary Clinton, hired Boeing to adapt Iridium – Thuraya satellite for virtual private assassinations (‘Arkancide’) and trigger ‘Trilaminar Unabombs’ as used on 9/11.

Hawks CAFE believes that racketeering-influenced sponsors of Hillary Clinton, hired the Boeing Company to adapt Iridium/Thuraya satellite communications into a virtual private assassination (‘Arkancide’) network and trigger ‘Trilaminar Unabombs’ as used on 9/11.

We have acquired samples of SMACSONIC – an insulation material that could conceal Trilaminar Unabombs in illegally-modified Boeing passenger aircraft and ground targets.
The samples appear to represent the design and development of exotic incendiary and aluminum powder-boosted cluster bombs that capitalize on the material characteristics of layers acting as seemingly-benign sound absorbers until a trigger condition is reached.The design of Trilaminar Unabombs as dual-use insulation would be consistent with ..

1. The FBI’s 1993 profile of the Unabomber as a “blue collar airplane mechanic”

2. The intimidation of BATF and DoJ agents in the attack on the Murrah Building, OKC and the extorted publication of the “Unabomber Manifesto” in 1995.

3. The sabotage testing of hijacked aircraft on 9/11 by OIF private equity groups and ‘militant syndicalistes’ in the mobbed-up Laborers’ (LIUNA) union, and,

4. The admission by Doug Bain, Boeing senior vice president and general counsel, at a 2006 Boeing Leadership Meeting in Orlando, Florida, “One nasty little thing is that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which has an almost explicit prohibition on possessing explosives. For those of you who are at BCA [Boeing Commercial Airplanes], you might remember that every single door on an airplane has actuators that are triggered by explosives.” (Continue)