Researcher Can’t Find Anybody Who Died in Las Vegas Massacre 3

UPDATE 11/11/17:  Evidence And Documents – Las Vegas Shooting

Update 11/3/17: The Chertoff Connection: Las Vegas Massacre | Jack Mullen – Americans are being manipulated into a newly constructed prison nation — these shootings are not organic and will continue.

The bill, called “The Sportsman’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act” was expected to pass congress and be made ready for President Trump to sign soon.

The bill would allow gun owners to, again, transport registered firearms across state lines, carry guns in national parks and eliminate the $200 transfer tax on silencers. At the same time another bill introduced by the NRA would make sane and consistent State concealed carry laws, by allowing concealed carry permitted gun owners to carry in all States, regardless of the State laws, which violate the US Constitution (which is incorporate to all States Constitutions.)

Update 11/2/17: Crowd Behavior at Route 91 Exposes Hoax. Evidence of foreknowledge when a large group (crisis actors?) in convenient view of the camera inexplicably begins to scurry towards the exits before first shots are heard. How can it be that normal transit buses, taxis and traffic are seemingly unaware of mass shooting in progress?  Actors obey traffic signals at intersections where no police or first responders are presentThere is little reason to regard this as any more than a staged event.

Update 11/1/17  BILL STILL REPORT:  Former Security Guard and Whistleblower Exposes Campos as Fraud.  Media report that Santos did not need a license is a lie.  Gunshot wound to thigh likely never happened.


Update 10/31/17: In the following video, Mike Alley (Hangman1128) courageously attempts to interview alleged Route 91 gunshot victim, Michael Caster after transfer from Sunrise hospital in Las Vegas to Craig hospital in Englewood, Colorado for rehab therapy due to an undisclosed medical issue.

As the CBS interview revealed, there is no convincing evidence that Caster sustained a gunshot to his chest that penetrated his ribs, hit his spine, filled his lungs with blood while narrowly missing his heart.  An injury from a machine gun, AK-47 or rifle allegedly used at Route 91 would require weeks of recovery before rehab could begin.

The CBS interview displayed an unlikely set of vital signs including normal heart rate, respiration and sinus rhythm on a patient who allegedly sustained a high caliber bullet through the chest, lungs and spine that narrowly missed his heart.  The typical recovery would have required monitored bed rest with chest tubes to drain blood from the lungs and thorax.  Surgery required to extract the bullet and repair bone, lung tissue and other thoracic structures adds to recovery time.

The consequence of machine gun or automatic weapons ballistics on human flesh and bones in is not trivial and not the type of injury that would allow a casual CBS TV interview only days after the gunshot.

In view of continued lack of evidence for a gunshot wound,  it’s more likely that Mr. Caster was transferred to Craig for an issue not associated with a gunshot wound as described by the media.

Comments by Mike Alley:  “I’ll tell you a crazy story. I took the footage of the 4 FBI Clean Up videos (10/15/2017). I went to Vegas to see for myself. I booked a room at the Mandalay Bay hotel and they put me on the same side as the broken window and not far away but on a different floor. I look pretty shady to begin with and had talked with numerous hotel employees about the shooting. Later that night, security pulled me aside twice and confronted me about talking to hotel employees. After that it felt like everyone was watching me and I headed up to my room.

I checked out at 4am the following morning and felt relieved to get out of there. As I was leaving Vegas I received a phone call from a 12 digit number that came up on caller ID – UNITED STATES-– and when I answers the caller hung up. When I tried to return the call, it said the number was unavailable but would leave a message that said ” location number” followed by a series of numbers. Every time I called this number the location number in the recording would change. If I stayed in one place the number would remain the same. You talk about weird.

I called a friend of mine who is in law enforcement and he said this was a government number. Did security notify the FBI that they had someone asking questions in the casino and wanted to track my movements after I left the hotel? This is the number that called and I must have called it a hundred times and it changes every time. +1 650727498050.

Another weird thing was a couple days later this guy shows up at my door acting like he is selling home security systems and asked me if I had security. Not going to disclose my home securities, but I kindly told him that I had plenty of security and didn’t need what he was selling if he was actually selling anything at all. I’m definitely on high alert!!!”

Comments by Mike Alley – 10/30/17:  “I went to Vegas to see things for myself as I have been following everything since 911. I don’t take my camera everywhere I go, especially into the hospital. I know how these things work and just had to see things for myself. This story doesn’t end here. I’m not going to get into it, but while I was at Mandalay Bay, I was confronted twice by security for talking with employees of the hotel. Some strange things happened after that, but that will be left alone for now. This whole event is crazy, I didn’t go to Vegas or post them videos with the intention of swaying public opinion, I just found it to be odd that things didn’t show the damage that one would expect to see. What does amaze me is the amount of trolls or outright disrespectful people that leave the most rude and uneducated comments you could possibly think of. Hope this helps??”


Update 10/30/17: Foreknowledge is Evidence of Drill.  Active Shooter Drill in progress 9/30, day before shootingStock manipulations, Crisis actors move to exits before shots are fired.

Update 10/30/17: Foreknowledge is Evidence of Drill.  Aerial video reveals police cars already in place with lights and sirens.  Entire area around the concert venue blocked off from any public gaining access to the ongoing drill , long before the first “gunshots” were heard.

Update 10/30/2017

Update 10/30/17:  Clark County Coroner’s Office Denies Public Access to Death Certificates and Autopsies. 

Judge Rules Coroner’s office can’t keep death records secret (9/28/17)

RJ files lawsuit against Coroner’s office  The Las Vegas Review-Journal filed an open records lawsuit against the Clark County Coroner Monday, seeking autopsy records. (7/17/17)

EDITORIAL: Judge rules that autopsy reports are public

Shooter shot guard before he fired on concert-goers.  Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg said Monday he could not discuss the results of an autopsy done on Stephen Paddock, who police said shot himself dead before officers arrived at the Las Vegas Strip hotel suite from which he rained gunfire on a concert crowd below.


Update 10/29/17: A Second Researcher Reveals Nobody Died at Las Vegas Shooting.  Mona Alexis Pressley’s Research Agrees with NowtheTruthTV to conclude Nobody Died at alleged Route 91 Mass Shooting. (Fetzer)

Update 10/28/17: High resolution video reveals no bullet holes Las Vegas mass shooting drill.  FBI caught tampering with evidence.
Update 10/28/17: Witness Reports Gunfire Audio Originating From Sound System at Route 91 Music alleged shooting “Massacre” (Source)
Update 10/27/17:  Undercover Spying on FBI Vegas Clean Up Crew with Telescopic Lens. This video is related to Update 10/27/17 “Detailed Assessment…” below.
Investigator “Hangman1128” uses High resolution zoom camera to reveal (1) No divots or trace of bullet strikes  detected on lawn, buildings, tents or infrastructure presumed to be sprayed with high power automatic weapons fire. (2) FBI caught using paint roller and liquid in a bucket to obscure evidence that could be theatrical blood used by actors at the scene. (3) No DNA lab collection kit visible as expected. (4) FBI fails to place a single flag marker at even one divot or suspected bullet strike.

Update 10/26/17:   Dr. Steve Pieczenick Vindicated For Naming Las Vegas Massacre a Victimless, Staged False Flag.

Update 10/26/17:   ER Physician, Dr. Jeffry Davidson at Valley Hospital reports he was called to respond to “initiation of Mass Casualty Incident or Disaster Drill”. (Source)

Update 10/25/17: FAKE Death of Stacy Etcheber 2, Confirmed

UPDATE 10/25/17:  FBI Incompetence as Another New Timeline is posted- Notorious litigation attorney, Kenneth Feinberg gets involved…and more

Update 10/25/17 Daily Mail – New Timeline

UPDATE 10/24/17: NOBODY DIED in LAS VEGAS SHOOTING:  Those who have been publicly identified as “victims” of the 1 October 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, it turns out, died at other times and other locations and of other causes. Some of them do not even exist but were created through a photo-shop program that produces the illusion of an entirely different person.

UPDATE 10/23/17: Phony Testimony From Hooters Casino Employee Becomes Obvious. Employee claims victims died conveniently at Hooters – nearly 1/2 mile from Route 91 music shooting scene.  Seventeen ambulances arrived at Hooters to pick them up while somehow ignoring victims at Route 91.  This looks more like a “parade” than a mass shooting. (Video)

UPDATE 10/23/17: GOFUNDME sites a Smoking Gun in Las Vegas alleged “deaths” (Facebook)

UPDATE 10/20/17: A military surgeon and American trauma surgeon agree – patients shown in multiple videos are actors with fake wounds. (Jim Fetzer)

UPDATE 10/19/17:  Professional Analysis of Vegas Route 91 Audio Proves “Gunfire” Was Coming Out of the PA System.  Victims Who Reportedly “Died” Where Actually Killed by Cancer and Unrelated Diseases in California and Vermont. (Jim Fetzer – The RAW Deal)

UPDATE 10/18/17:  Extensive Review and Analysis by “Sane Progressive” Demonstrates Las Vegas Shooting Hoax.   (BitChute)



Part 9 – Search For The Evidence

Were there ANY real deaths, as a result of the Las Vegas Strip “Massacre”?  If so, there would be real bodies (not sand bags) to dispose of, detailed obituaries to notify distant relatives; all would be and should be entered into the record. But is it?

Of special interest in this episode: Carrie Parsons, who appears to be connected to NASA, and lives parallel lives at TWO DIFFERENT ages; Brennan Stewart, a (failed ?) country singer who now appears in lesbian flicks; Keri Galvan, who seems to have “died” by moving to “Crazy Shooter School” in Littleton, Colorado; and Rocio Guillen, who has evidently been located living under the alias of Roca in Texas.

Youtube Censoring Requires Videos have been uploaded to 

Youtube Channel: NowTheTruthTv-14

Part 01    Searching For The Evidence

Part 02   Searching For The Evidence

Part 03   Searching For The Evidence

Part 04   Searching For The Evidence

Part 05   Searching For The Evidence

Part 06   Searching For The Evidence

Part 07   Searching For The Evidence

Part 08   Searching For The Evidence

Part 09  Searching For The Evidence

Bogus Strike – New Channel

Youtube Strike: New Channel NowTheTruthTv-15

Part 10 Searching For The Evidence

Part 11 Searching For The Evidence

Considering Hundreds Admitted to Hospitals For Gunshot Trauma How Is it Possible Nobody Died Due to Complications?

Huge statistical anomaly:  Out of hundreds injured, not one has yet died of complications weeks after the alleged “massacre”.  What are the odds?

10/15/17  FRONTNEWS:   As a result of shooting in Las Vegas, 45 people are still in hospitals.

Las Vegas: After shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas, which killed 59 people, so far 45 people are in hospitals. This was reported by the local police sheriff Joseph Lombardo.

“To date, 546 people have been injured. 501 of them have already been discharged. In other words, they applied for medical help, but were subsequently discharged. The number of deaths so far is 58 (along with the shooter 59 – FNI). 45 people are still in hospitals. Some of them are in critical condition, so the death toll may increase, “he said.



Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot talks with Dr. James Fetzer and Dr. Scott Bennett, author and former officer with a high level clearance inside a US military PSYOPS division, about all the evidence surrounding the Mandalay Bay shooting in Vegas.


(Video) SMELLS LIKE SANDY HOAX: Las Vegas coroner’s office on lockdown — but why? (DC Clothesline)


Las Vegas Hospitals Deny Receiving Gunshot Wound Patients From Alleged Route 91 Massacre

Roxii Love (Facebook) contacted 3 LV area hospitals to ask if any Route 91 shooting victims were admitted. Two hospitals denied they had received any victims and the third refused to answer based on HIPPA privacy issues.

AMG Specialty and North Vista denied receiving gunshot victims, however both hospitals are extended care and geriatric specialty facilities that would be least likely or qualified to receive gunshot patients.

Listing of Las Vegas Area Hospitals





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