Weather Terrorists Engineer Hurricane Harvey For Maximum Destruction 24

8-25-2017; Weather Terrorists Allow Hurricane Harvey to Plow SE Texas With 130 MPH Wind!

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HURRICANE HARVEY is Houston’s Katrina… Only Much Worse!

Friday, Aug 25th, 2017:  Looking at the SSEC Watervapor map on a 28 hour loop, we see that hurricane Harvey was being targeted with microwave RF sufficient to temporarily destroy the eyewall’s organization at two separate times in this loop as the storm advanced in a Northeast path toward Texas. In the previous two videos we show the distinct markings of the microwave transmitter targeting Harvey, superheating various areas near its center which generate pressure waves and ‘blast’ patterns while disrupting the convective process in the storm.

Simply put: this storm was allowed to move into Texas unimpeded and cause millions of dollars in property damage and possible fatalities.

A major hurricane has not hit the Gulf coast area in many years because of the same covert weather control operation that has been occurring unreported until about two and a half years ago when this channel began daily reports showing how weather manipulation in the form of satellite-based microwave and/or laser transmitters are used to generate on-demand high pressure to steer and/or super-heat and kill large storms and hurricanes. Ground-based microwave transmitters (NEXRAD) are also employed to break up and evaporate precipitation from the ground.

‘Chemtrail’ aerosols are sprayed in the skies preceding incoming weather fronts or moisture fields in order to cause a capping inversion layer over the moisture field which prevents atmospheric lift necessary for the precipitation process while also lowering the RH and Dew points in the atmosphere.

All three of these elements of covert weather control are coordinated by a small group of people connected with the NOAA, Dept. of Defense, Defense Meteorological Agency, and NASA. Raytheon / Boeing build much of the satellite hardware used to generate the high power microwave RF.


8-28-2017; Tropical Storm Harvey Cornered w/High Pressure; Historic Rain Totals; Houston Underwater!

(Mon, 8/28/17) Tropical Storm Harvey has been stalled in place with high pressure on its North side, West side and East side. On the North side there is an upper level low pressure system. On the East side, a large disturbance is developing with a good chance of hurricane formation in 48 hours. On its West side the system is blocked as well. Looking at the pressure maps there are a lot of squiggly isobars indicating turbulent airflow patterns, which are being caused by these microwave transmitters forcing descending air into weather systems to either generate blockades or to destroy supercells. This descending air activity near the center of Harvey is causing tornados in the SE Texas area.

A very similar situation occurred with hurricane Joaquin September 30 through October 5, 2015. Joaquin was stalled in place and its moisture flow drowned South Carolina for three days straight. This channel covered that storm. Watch the videos.

On the West coast there is a surface closed low pressure system located over Nevada and California. Looking at the 500 mb map there is an installed closed high presure zone stacked on top of that closed low pressure area – and those squiggly isobars represent the warm descending air intermixing with the low pressure causing a turbulent flow which is represented by the squiggly lines on the pressure maps. The installed high pressure zone is dominating and ‘squashing’ the low pressure area creating very hot temperatures and low humidity over the Southwest over the next few days. This installed high pressure will also block and re-route the upper level low pressure offshore that formed from the remants of hurricane Kenneth.

Worldview Satellite

Hurricane Harvey Chemtrails Weaponized Weather 8-24-17

Hurricane Harvey Chemtrails Weaponized Weather 8-25-17

Hurricane Harvey Chemtrails Weaponized Weather 8-26-17

The next video will show some examples of how the ground-based NEXRAD microwave transmitters (WSR-88D) chop up and evaporate precipitation in the area around the transmitter.



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  2. Your entitled to your opinion Gaylen . but obviously you have never read Nick Begich’s book ” Angels don’t play this haarp ” or viewed the patents related to weather control and modification … But hey … Just keep on watching all these record weather events wreak havoc on the planet and keep on wondering … Maybe one day you’ll take a closer look .

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  5. Microwave transmitters from Nexrad doppler radar for sure.
    Microwave transmitters from aircraft such as Hurricane hunters or similar is quite likely
    Microwave transmitters from satellites? Unconvincing.

    Most importantly, these beams will not generate high pressure but the very opposite, low pressure systems. Think about it, heat (infrared waves) causes air to rise, low pressure systems form as a result as cooler air winds in (anticlockwise in the Northern hemisphere). This is how convection works in nature, why should it be any different for weather mod? It isn`t.
    Also, the transmitters are not powerful enough to heat the air with sensible heat. They would simply fry anything in their path if that were the case. They release latent heat by exciting the electrons in the air until an avalanche takes place. The electrons accelerate cloud condensation which releases latent heat, the fuel for storms. It is far more subtle, like using a key to open a door rather than a sledgehammer.

    The Rf transmitters enhance the storm, they don`t disrupt it unless they overdo it and cause the augmented clouds to rain out.
    This is particularly unlikely if the clouds have also been seeded with condensation nuclei which amplify the effect whilst spreading the water vapour out, supressing precipitation for a while but eventually resulting in deluges. The “blasts” or bursts are evidence of artificial cloud augmentation not disruption.

    Chemtrail aerosols are usually sprayed to enhance artificial cirrus cloud cover which actually warms the underlying atmosphere. This is going to enhance storm formation, not suppress it. It encourages atmospheric lift. RH is lowered because of this extra warming which enables the air to hold more water.

    It is evident from the development of the hurricane that, far from being disrupted it was brewed to monster proportions in the gulf.

    It is also being reinvigorated over the land for maximum flood damage.

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