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16 Windowless Air Force Tankers Located in Florida

16 Windowless Air Force Tankers Located in Florida

Google Earth reveals  Air Force tankers that have no windows are assigned to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida

The satellite shows seven KC-135 Stratotankers on the field, out of the total 16 tankers assigned to the base.

The KC-135 tanker was added to the USAF back in 1957 for air-to-air refueling.  It has the same basic airframe as the Boeing 707 introduced into civil aviation in the early 1950’s.

The engines have now been upgraded to the CFM56 high bypass turbofan. This suggests that today’s KC-135 should be able to run as quietly and efficiently as most commercial jets now fitted with similar high bypass turbofans.

With significant economic impact to the Tampa Bay area MacDill’s PR program integrates into the local community in many ways to include law enforcement and first responders.

The Team MacDill Page reveals multiple agendas under one roof.  But one logo not mentioned in the text stands out –  NOAAThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration created by president Nixon in 1970. Under the Department of Commerce NOAA’s job is to monitor – (or coverup) – the conditions of the oceans and the atmosphere.

If your interested in numerology you’ll appreciate all the “Sixes” (666)

“The 6th Air Mobility Wing is comprised of the 6th Operations Group, the 6th Maintenance Group, the 6th Mission Support Group and the 6th Medical Group. In addition to the 6th Air Mobility Wing, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, is also home to 28 mission partners, including U.S. Central Command and U.S. Special Operations Command. The presence of these two unified commands and other mission partners creates a unique multi-service community at MacDill, with all branches of the armed forces represented.

So, although MacDill is an Air Force Base, it is also home to many soldiers, sailors, Marines and coast guardsman. Because of this, we refer to ourselves as “Team MacDill.”

MacDill boasts a progressive policy of all female leadership in the Air Mobility Wing and provides robust support for the LGBT community.

An interesting story of two partners in a transgender marriage is featured on the MacDill Youtube channel.

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