Evidence Scalise Baseball Shooting a FAKE NEWS Event 5


6/14/2017: Initial Report

  • Five people were transported from the scene for treatment, Alexandria Police Chief Michael Brown said at a short briefing.
  • President Donald Trump said the shooter died.
  • Scalise, who was shot in the hip, was transported to MedStar Washington Hospital Center. He is in stable condition.
  • A staffer for Rep. Roger Williams, Zack Barth, was among those shot, as was Tyson Foods lobbyist Matt Mika.
  • The House has canceled votes on Wednesday, and several committees have also canceled planned hearings. The White House, too, pulled back planned events
  • Complete reportLive updates: Congressional baseball practice shooting in Virginia

Smoking Gun Reveals Scalise Baseball Shooting is Probable HOAX

Why does a Park Police Helicopter arrive on-scene to transport a US Congressman to Medstar trauma care in DC?  If Scalise is being rushed to emergency surgery to stop profuse bleeding, then where is the Medstar helicopter that’s staffed with critical care personnel and life-support equipment?

Instead we see law enforcement personnel casually loading Rep Scalise aboard a police chopper.  Who decided that Scalise didn’t deserve the fastest and most qualified emergency transfer of a gunshot wound to the Medstar Emergency room in DC.  If Scalise had gone into shock I doubt that police personnel would be the best equipped to respond with effective life-saving treatment. In contrast – Here’s what Medstar offers:

MedSTAR Transport is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems and consists of four helicopters with bases strategically located throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to transport any critical care cardiac patients, as well as heart and and trauma patients. The standard flight crew consists of a pilot, critical care nurse, and a critical care paramedic, all of whom are trained to handle the full spectrum of adult and pediatric critical care patients. So what’s the real story here. Why doesn’t Scalise deserve the best emergency care available.? Why don’t we see IV fluids running through a vein to compensate for blood loss.? I don’t even see an IV pole. In a universe of Fake News we have to wonder if Congressman Scalise was really shot at all. The media reported that he needed multiple operations but these are the same bunch that falsely claim this scene was taken at 8:33 in the morning when the shodows clearly show the sun was directly overhead in the afternoon. MedStar Rapid Transportation – Source:

Why was Congressman Scalise Evacuated on a Police Chopper Instead of a Medstar Critical Care Helicopter?

A gunshot wound to the hip would endanger femoral artery, bowel and kidney with significant probability of shock. Why is Scalise transported without intubation and pressure applied to the profusely bleeding gunshot wound?.  No IV pole suggests no fluids were administered to prevent shock due to blood loss.

Skepticism of the official media story is justifiable through examination of highly inept decisions involving medical transport and other circumstances.

Update 10/2/2017  60 Minutes interview with Congressman Scalise. (1) Medical curiosity as to how a tourniquet applied to the leg, below the hip, is effective at stopping profuse bleeding of gunshot trauma. A tourniquet applied to the leg would tend to accelerate bleeding from gunshot wound proximal to tourniquet (2) Appearance of both legs in the 60 minutes segment appears the same with no sign of muscle atrophy, discoloration or disfigurment in the effected left leg. (3) At 3:20, 60 Minutes shows 2 bullet “holes” that are not really bullet holes at all. Both holes have been obviously “drilled”.  Scalise admits he never saw the “shooter” which means he never saw the gun either.

Update 10/1/2017  How Did CBS Obtain Dramatic Video of Scalise Evacuation in Parks Dept. Helicopter? (1) Transport by Parks Dept copter denied Scalise advanced medical support available by Medstar Transport helicopters (2) No pressure applied to profuse bleeding of alleged gunshot wound of the hip (3) Transport via Parks Department police helicopter instead of MedStar Transport contracted to provide critical care air transport services for all patients needing air transport to Washington Hospital Center  (Article)

Update 7/12/12017  Scalise Is Moved From I.C.U. but Remains in Serious Condition (NYT)

Update 7/6/2017 Scalise returned to surgery to manage newly discovered infection. Doctors said they expected the congressman would be confronted with such infection at some point during his recovery. (Politico)

UPDATE: Daily Caller 6/27/17: Sen. Durbin’s Office Won’t Release Emails With GOP Baseball Shooter – Hodgkinson, a left-wing Bernie supporter, allegedly opened fire on a group of GOP Congressman practicing at a baseball field. He shot and injured Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, and his social media presence indicated he thought Trump was a “traitor.”

Update 6/15/2017 – Brasscheck questions Scalise shooting

Brasscheck Asks Question about Scalise Shooting (PDF)

Facebook Page for Eugene Simpson Stadium Park reveals #Pedogate link to Scalise GOP Baseball Shooting.

Sheriff Dana Lawhorne a key member in 2006 Operation Falcon III, the nationwide crackdown organized by United States Marshals to serve outstanding warrants on sex offenders. ALSO: (1)FB page did not exist before shooting. (2) Banner placed at third base dugout suggests foreknowledge. (3) Highly pro-Democrat/Anti-Trump political posts on City FB site inappropriate for official City business intended to represent and protect voters without partisan bias.

Senator Jeff Flake admits he never saw a gun. CNN interviews Senator Jeff Flake in front of Green Screen. Flake admits he never saw a gun when he claims the shooter “lost the rifle” by the time he saw him.

Noah Nathan Facebook Page and the Scalise GOP Ballpark Shooting Video

CNN reported  that Noah Nathan immediately handed over his cell phone with the video to the police which means he never had a chance to review and upload his own video of the shooting.  It’s curious that the video was apparently released to the media directly from law enforcement sources. On his facebook page, Nathan confirmed the police still had possession of his phone.

Nathan apparently gave permission for media to use the video but apparently allowed the police to remove the video from his phone for distribution.

“Nathan immediately gave his cell phone with the video to police, just in case it would help in their investigation.”

Nathan gave permission for media to use the video but apparently allowed the police to remove the video from his phone for distribution.

FAKE VIDEO Depicting Scalise Shooting. (1) Woman running across soccer field – not baseball field (2) Shadows reveal time of day is closer to noon than time of shooting at 7:15 AM

BELOW:  ZIONIST Clues in Scalise Shooting Hoax. Shades of Sandy Hook.

ABOVE VIDEO TAKEN DOWN – Originally Uploaded by  JEWrassic Liars and JEWrassic Liars Backup Youtube channel

BELOW: FOX NEWS posts graphics allegedly depicting East Monroe Ave. at 8:33 AM.  But shadows on the ground clearly reveal the timestamp is fake as the shadows on the ground clearly reveal the Sun is directly overhead in the afternoon.  This could be evidence of foreknowledge if photo was captured on a previous day.

BELOW: Media photo of East Monroe Ave with long telephoto lens reveals position of Sun directly overhead in the afternoon.

BELOW: Gunshot wound to the hip endangers femoral artery, bowel and kidney with significant probability of shock.  Why is Scalise transported without intubation and pressure applied to the profusely bleeding gunshot wound? .  No IV pole suggests no fluids administered to supplement loss of blood volume.




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