THE AIDS HOAX: A Drug War On Gay Rights Through Depopulation 3

Trailer – Behind The Fear: The Hidden Story of HIV (2016)

Full Video Behind The Fear: The Hidden Story of HIV

The HIV/AIDS hoax was deliberately concocted from old diseases by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the drug cartels. AIDS is not caused by a virus and is not contagious.

The HIV hoax was a Psyop to wipe out the gay rights movement through depopulation and expanded to instill fear of having sex in the general population.

WHAT CAUSES the AIDS “SYNDROME” ? Aggressive immunodestructive drugs that poison critical organs. Most of the deaths of so-called AIDS are a result of massive chemotherapy and drugs. Almost all deaths attributed to AIDS are confirmed users of AIDS drugs like AZT.  Those who are dying of AIDS are those who are under medical care.

The truth of the scandal comes from unorthodoxed viewpoints of experts who reveal the CDC, medical and pharmaceutical establishments and their allies in the media, as profit-driven and corrupt.

Below: Jon Rappoport  – HIV myth, explained  (subtitled in Greek)

“Deadly Deception the Proof That Sex And HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS” (1994) by Robert E. Willner, M.D., Ph.D (Amazon)

Orson March 10, 2012: Terry Fry was a friend and mentor to me, and a tireless seeker after truth. He and Jon Rappoport, author of AIDS, Inc.   were both motivated by the work of Peter Duesberg, the German scientists who first worked with the retrovirus and said it didn’t do anything. That was a no-no. Duesberg was naive enough to think that he could get away with telling the truth in a culture dedicated to dollars, deception, and utter disregard for the truth.

Some day scientists will be able to look at the contagion theory with new insight, unfettered by the influence of grant money. They will be free to call drugs what they are: cytotoxins, cell killers and derangers. So-called “medicine” has been getting away with murder for a long time, but people are beginning to wake up, and this is scaring the hell out of the pharmaceutical dictators.

As you may remember, Robert Mendelssohn MD was one of the first doctors with high credentials to jump ship. A colleague once asked him casually about what he thought modern medicine should do at this time in history to benefit the health of mankind. “Go out of business” was his reply. (See “Confessions Of A Medical Heretic”).

Whenever you see a condition like AIDS touted as mimicking a wide variety of diseases, you know you are dealing with a money-maker. Everything can be AIDS. Syphilis took on the same mystique years ago. Everything could be interpreted as syphilis. No symptoms now, but just wait. That prostitute you bedded down with 40 years ago is what did you in. As if medicine was so sophisticated as to trace some germ in a population back when they were still shooting people up with mercury as a “cure”. Mercury kills, folks. AZT kills. Drugs kill. When they kill too many, they make the drug less lethal, then they take credit for the person surviving AIDS. (See “Roger’s Recovery From AIDS”)

I worked with a patient supposedly diagnosed positive with AIDS. Before taking AZT he felt fine. After starting the drug he started getting sick. He and I both agreed he should quit the drug, after which his health improved. I advised him on a better diet and laying off recreational and prescription drugs. He’s doing fine years later.

And AIDS was such a boon to the blue noses among us who just couldn’t get it across to their errant kids constantly rolling in the hay without God’s OK. Now they could say with certainty that sex will kill you!

Like 911, AIDS is an inside job, a black op. But tracing the perps of AIDS is a lot easier than piecing together the 911 scenario. 911 relies on incredulity in the face of overwhelming evidence. AIDS is stark. Take a look at Duesberg’s writings with an open mind.


This article, written prior to the fall of the Soviet Union, first saw print in THE VIEW newspaper of Reno, NV in 1990 or ’91. Although the “news” aspect of this piece is a bit dated, the basic thesis that AIDS is man-made is not. If anything this debate has only intensified, with much more damning evidence having since come to light.

Around the world there is a growing controversy surrounding the origin of AIDS, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. The first ‘shot’ in this war of words was fired in the Patriot, a newspaper from New Delhi, India on, appropriately enough, 4 July, 1984. There it was charged that AIDS is a biological warfare weapon being used against the innocent peoples of the Third World!  (Continue)





  1. If so, the psyop is a dismal failure as not only is the gay or LGBT movement not wiped out, it has brainwashed and has our entire society in its tyrannical grip.

  2. I actually knew two men who were both gay and were twins, and were both airline stewards, and had been to Africa. They both died within a year of each other, Kaposi Sarcoma and neuropathy, also lymphatic tumors were outward symptoms, but I believe it settled into their bone cancer.


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