Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Geoengineering Watch Agrees Geoengineering is Warming the Climate

6/10/2017 Geoengineering Watch

Dane Wigington reports Climate Engineering is responsible for global warming.

For years, Wigington has adopted a confusing narrative that claimed geoengineering was an attempt to mitigate global warming while the military was using it as a weapon to alter the climate.

This may the first broadcast where Dane appears to drop the warmist, CO2 theory to agree with a majority of geoengineering researchers who see a clear link between aerosol dumps, chembombs, electromagnetic weapons and a warmer climate.

Dane also embraces the analysis of J. Marvin Herndon whose work has linked coal fly ash to bulk material contained in many aerosol dumps.

Who benefits? The elite, who are pushing for a New World Order with $Trillions in global transfer of wealth are depending on a population willing to pay a centralized planetary government in order to keep the climate safe and cool.

The recent announcement by Harvard and Geoengineer, David Keith, to commence spraying chemical experiments in the stratosphere is another authoritarian step to reduce sunlight without your permission.  They feel if you let them get away with this, you will most likely agree to anything the NWO cabal will force upon you.

With growing evidence that the earth may be entering a mini ice-age, the ability to warm selected areas of the the planet while denying relief to perceived enemies and populations would be an advantage to the military and globalist goal of Full Spectrum Dominance. “Owning The Weather in 2025”