Rebekah Roth Comments on George Webb DNC Criminal Investigation 5

Washington DC Increasing Exposed as a Dangerous Criminal Cabal


Rebekah Roth – George Webb for Dummies Part 1 (Audio File)

Posted 6/3/2017: Rebekah and Ramjet bring you up to date on the George Webb, DNC, Spy ring, Mossad operation, Primary Election theft, Seth Rich murder and more. History in the making, election fraud exposed. What will happen next?

Roth provides valuable insight and links familiar to her work with 9/11 False Flag revelation.


George Webb and Jason Goodman Framed? — There have been a lot of developments over the past day or two in the DNC investigation. Many will know about the thumb drive obtained by Trish, presumably with the info that Seth Rich was trying to publicize. Things are ramping up on all sides since that transaction took place, including an appearance on Alex Jones who many of us believe is not “as advertised”. This is an important video to watch, even if confusing at first. George again proves his courage and incredible gift for investigation. He’s puts the “intelligent” back into Intelligence.

How Muslim Terrorists Were Able To Access Top Secret Congressional Emails – Mike Cernovich reports for Inforwars live, and details the hacking of over eighty Congress Men and Women’s classified emails by the infamous Awan brothers.

Pieczenik Opus 7 – Steve Pieczenik warns about war drums for Syria and comments on Zbig’s passing. Like the 9/11 False Flag, multiple terror attacks in the UK designed to bolster public opinion for UK to join US in war in Syria.

Follow George Webb on Youtube:

5/30 Day 219.1 George Webb Names “Alpha Jalloh” as Man Who Set Up the Murder of Seth Rich

6/2/17 (VIDEO) Journalist Mike Cernovich Interviews George Webb and Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth (FB) – Update on SETH RICH Murder, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Criminal Behavior, AWAN Brothers National Security Threat and More.


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