SKYSCRATCH: Coherent Documentary Links “Contrails” to Climate Engineering 2

Harvard Scientists Moving Ahead on Plans for Atmospheric Geoengineering Experiments

A look at Media fear-mongering to convince public drastic geoengineering methods are necessary to mitigate “climate change”.

A sober look at history weather and climate have always been changing.
(1) Local network affiliate meteorologists report jets spraying aluminum particles in the atmosphere. (2) A segment on a BBC documentary on global dimming – a mysterious reduction in amount of sunlight reaching earth’s surface.

A look at geoengineer, David Keith as interviewed by Stephen Colbert. Keith is promoting a little book “A Case For Climate Engineering to explain how spraying the stratosphere with sulfuric acid may be necessary to mitigate the alleged ravages of global warming.

Keith’s book is an embarrassment to MIT with a typo on nearly every page; a publication that reveals the degradation in quality and prestige of the MIT Press.

Furthermore, Keith’s recommendation that readers go to the hobbyist website of instead of NASA to learn how to debunk “chemtrails” is a red flag in flames. Owner of the website – Mick West – is an admitted novice who simply likes to debunk everything in general but he’ll tackle the impossible if he thinks it’s fun.

It’s telling of Keith’s risky judgement that he recommends the public learn contrail science from a non-scientist and admitted hobbyist.

On this page, West’s amateur debunking includes a near comical attempt to explain how ice crystals can form immediately exiting the hot exhaust of a turbofan engine.

Since contrails are defined as ice crystals formed from water vapor, Mick attempts to seduce readers into believing that almost no invisible gap is required before the vapor suddenly freezes to form visible ice crystals. West attempts to justify the short gap by theorizing that the air must be so cold and the plane must be moving so slowly that the water vapor is somehow freezing into ice crystals almost immediately after exiting the blazing hot engine exhaust.

In the photo below Mick hopes his naive readers will fail to discover the solid filaments inside the proximal trails that can be best explained by imperfect mixing in the nozzle spraying design.

Find more disclosure on the disinformation crew at my page: “Debunking the Chemtrails Debunkers”

DAVID KEITH: “A Case for Climate Engineering”

David Keith End Note 43:

“There are many good websites devoted to debunking chemtrails including and

Surprisingly, each site posts an honest disclaimer:

  • Skeptic Project actually boasts: “Your #1 COINTELPRO cognitive infiltration source”
  • Mick West has an equal disclaimer for Contrail Science posts: “The Science and Pseudoscience of Contrails and Chemtrails”

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