Tom Wheeler Uses “Gestapo Tactics” to Hide Microwave Dangers in 5G “Cell” Press Conference 2

Is there a clandestine force working behind the scenes in the United States, censoring truth about the “5G” rollout?

Look no further than your elected federal representatives.   It was CONGRESS that enacted Sections 253 and 332 of the Communications Act  allowing the FCC to preempt local and State authority on cell tower deployment, including 5G.

SeeMobilitie, LLC Petition for Declaratory Ruling, Promoting Broadband for All Americans by Prohibiting Excessive Charges for Access to Public Rights of Way (filed Nov. 15, 2016) (Mobilitie Petition).

Tom Wheeler‘s Security forces intimidate press and suppress science at 2016 “5G” Press conference.


7/8/2017:  John Knox in Mar Vista, CA reveals two “4G” cell towers recently mounted on utility poles in a residential neighborhood.  Although these are not 5G systems (yet) John makes the point that those 5G towers can be mounted outside your bedroom window without your permission and no warning.

Below: 5/12/2017 – Long Island residents outraged when to discover cell repeaters installed outside their homes without notice or warning. Over 600 poles have already been erected with no regard to non-cell users in Long Island. This is a likely preemptive move for aggressive deployment of more dangerous, 5G Cell transmitters.  WABC7

Below: 3/27/2017 Public Comment Against 5G and Cell Towers at Greenbelt City Council, Greenbelt, MD. Council members expresses awareness that the US Congress has taken away local control in regulation and permitting of cell towers even if the radiation regarded as toxic, environmental pollution.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is pushing to streamline the approval of 5G cell towers, overriding the little regulation that exists to legalize use of experimental high frequencies without extensive safety testing. Untested frequencies in the range of 28 gigahertz to 100 Ghz or more are set to be deployed all around us without our consent, emanating from an even greater number of new, smaller cell towers.

“To make this work, the 5G buildout is going to be very infrastructure intensive, requiring massive deployment of small cells.” ~Tom Wheeler, Former FCC Chairman and corporate lobbyist

Some are talking about using even higher frequencies, in the terahertz range, much higher than previous networks.

A recent statement from Take Back Your Power says:

“US FCC wants to “streamline” the approval process for DAS (Distributed Antenna System) 4G/5G ubiquitous cell towers by exempting them from the 1996 Telecommunications Act!”

And the US Senate will imminently be voting on S.19 and S.88, to expand DAS 4G/5G deployment!

If such efforts succeed, millions of small cell towers (on existing light poles/utility poles, or new ones) will be deployed everywhere, throughout residential neighborhoods. The millimeter microwave radiation deployed will produce horrific health effects, worsening EVERYONE’s health, and will remove the remaining pollinators. It’s THAT serious.  The bees in particular will die off rapidly, per studies of bees and microwave radiation.”


It was CONGRESS that enacted Sections 253 and 332 of the Communications Act  allowing the FCC to preempt local and State authority on cell tower deployment, including 5G.

Complete Waking Times Article:  5G Network Being Pushed on the Public with Zero Concern for Safety

Israeli Connection to 5G:   ALERT: Radiation Hazards of New 5G Microwave Technology – Under development by Israel, 5G cellular technology will blanket planetary life with ultra-high microwave frequencies.






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