INTERVIEW: FAU Professor Fired For Blogging About Sandy Hook Gets First Amendment Trial 4


2/9/2017 – AMERICAN FREE PRESS by Dave Gahary

On Jan. 5, AMERICAN FREE PRESS spoke with Tracy’s attorney, Louis F. Leo IV, to discuss the many aspects of the case. He started out by explaining how the attack began.

The original complaint, filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, revealed in great detail how Tracy was harassed, hated, and even hunted for having unconventional opinions on several alleged mass shootings.

Because Tracy espoused views different from those offered by the controlled corporate media and the government, he was targeted for attack and removal.

The mainstream media set their sights on Tracy a few days after the Sandy Hook event, as a warning to others to never dare question the official version of events.

“There was this media blitz against Professor Tracy that was a result of his personal blogging,” Leo began. “He was on his blog on his own time writing about a matter of public importance, this mass casualty event, and he provided coverage to the American people that the national and international media failed to. And for whatever reason they targeted him and his job.”

What Tracy wrote “was constitutionally protected, so regardless of what his opinion was on the lack of evidence of the shooting, he had the right to say it,” said Leo.

“On Jan. 11, 2013, CNN dedicated 15 or 20 minutes just to Professor Tracy,” Leo said, “shaming him, showing the entire United States where Professor Tracy lives. They were literally outside his house.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper led the charge against Tracy, stating in the aforementioned broadcast, “shame on you, FAU, to even have someone like this on your payroll.” Cooper, who has no formal journalistic education, spent two summers following his sophomore and junior years at Yale—a well-known recruiting ground for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)—interning at their headquarters, in a program for students interested in intelligence work. CNN, which confirmed details of Cooper’s CIA involvement to “Radar Online,” claims his involvement with the CIA ended there, although it is more likely he was trained by the spy agency as part of their ongoing Operation Mockingbird, a large-scale program begun in the early 1950s whose purpose is to propagandize the media to influence public opinion.

“That was really the gist of all the media publications about Professor Tracy,” Leo explained. “None of them talked about his research or the basis for his opinions. They just called him crazy.”

Leo did his due diligence before he took on the case.

“I discovered really quickly that he’s not crazy,” Leo said. “I explored extensively his blog and his opinions and I’ve read the Newtown Police report, I’ve looked at all the evidence, heavily redacted reports, I should say. And I was extremely disturbed by what I read. Not only what I saw, but what I didn’t see.”

Although the process of discovery—a pretrial procedure in a lawsuit in which each party obtains evidence from the other party—has not yet begun, it appears that the faculty union, ostensibly there to protect Tracy, was actually hurting him.

“It remains to be seen exactly what the reasoning of the union was in failing to represent him, misleading him, misadvising him, not to mention discouraging him, coercing him, and really acting in a way that FAU was acting,” Leo explained. “They were basically doing FAU’s bidding by subjecting him to unlawful directives and ultimately violating his civil rights and his right to freedom of speech, and academic freedom, as well as his right to due process.”

Records were obtained utilizing Florida’s “Sunshine Laws,” which generally refer to Florida’s freedom of information legislation, the most expansive laws of their kind in the U.S. Specifically, Florida’s “Government in the Sunshine Law,” which passed 50 years ago but with precedent back to 1905, “requires that all meetings of any state, county, or municipal board or commission be open to the public, and mandates that any official action taken at the closed meeting not be binding.”

AFP asked how much was received.

“Hundreds and hundreds of pages of internal communications, records, and his personnel file,” Leo said, “and what we did receive and review was pretty shocking. These internal communications show that they’re really not firing him because of a policy that he didn’t comply with. He’s being fired because of the controversy surrounding his personal blogging.

Leo highlighted the significance of this case beyond FAU and Florida.

“This is alarming because it’s not just happening at FAU, and this case is not going to affect just this one university,” Leo explained.

“This is really a test case. This is something that universities are going to be using in the future when shaping their policies or dealing with the speech of their faculty members, as well as other employees and students,” he said.

“This is the First Amendment under attack,” Leo said. “If you allow Professor Tracy to be disciplined and fired for his personal blogging, what’s next, and where does it stop? And what is the First Amendment if this can happen to somebody like Professor Tracy, who has an unblemished academic record, literally has no complaints about his teaching?”

Contributions to this case can be submitted in the form of personal check or money order, payable to James Tracy Legal Defense Fund, 300 NW 36th Court, Boca Raton, FL 33431. You may also visit Tracy’s website at

Dave Gahary writes for American Free Press.


  1. What a sad state of affairs we all live under. There is also an investigator that went into the details of Sandy Hook and never hear about what happened to his fate. Oh wait I see an article about Wolfgang that is him, will check it out!

  2. It seemed to me that the lawyer’s interview was extremely edited.. by that I mean it’s like the individual words were “cut and pasted” to form the sentences needed to express what they needed it to. Maybe Leo’s cadence is what’s throwing me off… dunno. But this one case has massive implications for liberty and freedom. When it gets where you cannot say certain things… or perhaps even THINK certain things, we are history…

    • Editing an interview to eliminate coughs, off-topic comments, sneezes and dead air time is very common and requires extra work. I was happy the interview was condensed to 30 minutes. Too many shows that run over an hour – even if they’re important – are impossible to keep up with. Failure to edit thee long shows to reasonable length will turn their audience away. Simply no time to listen.

      The article actually contains highlights of the interview that make it possible to completely skip the blog-cast and still understand the issue in less than 10 minutes. Kudos to American Free Press.

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