Pilots for 9/11 Truth Plan Atmospheric Testing For “Persistent Contrails” Pollution. 4



Pilots For 9/11 Truth Atmospheric Testing Project Fundraiser (MORE)


Rob Balsamo1/21/2017:  Captain Rob Balsamo and Pilots for 9/11 Truth and have provided excellent technical analysis of the aeronautical events of 9/11 since 2007, Capt. Balsamo’s team of aviation experts have provided professional debunking of the governments official story of 9/11 to a level far beyond a reasonable doubt.

Pilots For 9/11 Truth  has initiated a project to investigate the issue of pollution associated with unusual “persistent contrails” released by jet aircraft.  Many investigators believe these unusual emissions are linked to chemical and/or metallic releases into the atmosphere.  Years of rainwater lab analysis have revealed high levels of  chemical and metallic pollutants associated with unusual persistent contrails that remain and spread to form artificial Cirrus clouds.

It’s well known among UN/IPCC scientists that aircraft contrails have a net warming effect on earth’s climate that has nothing to do with CO2.

“Contrails tend to warm the Earth’s surface, similar to thin high clouds”


In 2011, NASA scientist Doug Rowland revealed the term “chemtrails” (a contraction of “chemical trails”) is commonly used in NASA lexicon to describe release of chemicals into the atmosphere. A history of how the term “chemtrails” has been used to describe unusual aircraft emissions and “persistent contrails” is available:   (History of “Chemtrails” terminolgy used by NASA, US Government and civilian observers)

When you review the many video presentations that report the science-based facts on aircraft performance during 9/11 you may be encouraged to donate to the fundraising effort of $7,500 dollars to kick-start the project in order to provide hard evidence for government sponsored covert chemical pollution.

Now we see a confluence of inspired actions on covert Climate Engineering with a Law Suit in Canada and likely others to follow.  Using data from The Carnicom Institute and now Pilots For 9/11Truth is very encouraging in our determined mission to stop the pollution and eco-terrorism of covert climate engineering.

Keep looking up.


  1. The Canadian case was rejected, due to lack of evidence. Although courts require a lower standard of evidence than scientists, this nonsense couldn’t even come up to that standard.

    • If courts are involved in the coverup of a covert operation, no amount of evidence will be acceptable. I expect a court determined to silence a complainant would find a way to find a lack of evidence in this scenario: OVERCAST: Scientists (Prof Ulrike Lohmann) Discover Aircraft “Contrails” Contain Aluminum, Barium and other Chemicals. (contrails = chemtrails)

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