9/11 False Flag: Architect Employs Scientific Method to Prove Controlled Demolition 1

911-twin Towers Crime Scene

12/16/2016: AE911Truth founder and CEO Richard Gage, AIA, provides an overview of the evidence related to the collapse of WTC 7 on December 16, 2016, at the BSA Space, home of the Boston Society of Architects.

Gage’s hour-long presentation at the BSA Space was AE911Truth’s first-ever in-person continuing education course on the collapse of WTC 7.  More than a dozen architects received one learning unit for their participation.

1,000 Northeast Architects Learn about WTC 7 from 36 Volunteers

“Something smells fishy about the official report.” . . . “It’s obviously a controlled demolition, so why did they lie about it?”

(Comments from two architects who now support a new investigation of Building 7)

ABX Convention’s Most Popular Booth Yields 110 New Petition Signers

Richard gage mugPitching it as “an opportunity to shake things up in our city,” architect Henry MacLean and 9/11 activist Chris Gruener convinced Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth to attend Architecture Boston Expo (ABX) last month. As an incentive, they raised the first $900 of the $2,700 booth space fee. From there, we were off to the races.

Chemical engineer Rich McCampbell, P.E., and architect Michael Blutt, AIA, and their crew quickly followed up with logistics. They amassed a total of 36 volunteers who were willing to serve at the AE911Truth booth in various time slots over a three-day period. Their goal was to educate as many architects and engineers as they could among the thousands who visited the exhibit hall of the largest building industry trade show in the Northeast, held November 17-19. The annual event is attended by 10,000-plus architects, engineers, builders, and other design professionals. (More)


Bob Tuskin questions UF students and football fans about the collapse of Building 7 in “The Building 7 Challenge”. Tuskin was Arrested by Alachua County Sheriff’s department. Sheriff Sadie Darnell later said the arrest was a “mistake”.

The 2,700 members of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Continue Their Efforts For a New Investigation (Click Here PDF)

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