CO2 Stops Rising But Climate Engineering Continues to Warm Planet Reply

Geoengineering - hacking the climate

Suspicious 0bserver segment – No Increase in Carbon Emissions For 3 Years


CLIMATE ENGINEERING = CLIMATE CHANGE:  The disconnect over CO2 emissions related to global warming continues.  As carbon emissions has stopped increasing for the third year we see record El Nino and heat events.  Increasingly obvious is the massive planetary aerosol dumps that are forcing drought and increasing surface temperatures.

Far from being climate change deniers, we continue to point out that so-called “global warming” is a function of covert climate engineering – not CO2.  (More)

Global carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels did not grow in 2015 and are projected to rise only slightly in 2016, marking three years of almost no growth, according to researchers at the University of East Anglia (UEA) and the Global Carbon Project. (Source)

“The projected rise of only 0.2% for 2016 marks a clear break from the rapid emissions growth of 2.3% per year in the decade to 2013, with just 0.7 per cent growth seen in 2014.  The new data is published in the journal Earth System Science Data. It shows emissions growth remained below 1 per cent despite GDP growth exceeding 3 per cent.”

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