Global Warming Conference Attacked by Geoengineering Watch Owner 10


Dane Wigington has chosen to lash out with personal attacks against credentialed scientists whose evidence argues against the UN/IPCC’s propaganda that CO2 is the cause of “Global Warming”.

Invitation to G. Edward Griffin’s Event: GLOBAL WARMING: An Inconvenient Lie — December 2, 3 & 4 in Phoenix, Arizona

List of Honored Guests includes Lord Monckton, Princeton University Professor William Happer, Professor Tim Ball, Patrick Wood, Former Madison County Commissioner Dan Happel, Alex Newman, Chemtrail researcher Jim Lee, Debbie Bacigalupi, Ealine Wilman and more.

Linked Articles:

1. Link to Dane Wigington’s criticism of G. Edward Griffin:

2. Link to Dane Wigington’s source that he used in his article to back up his claim that sea levels are rising. Note that this article is only an economic paper that doesn’t provide any documentation of a rising sea level, which was produced by Carnegie Science and Ken Caldeira, pro-chemtrail leaders funded with taxpayer money from the government.

3. Link to Dane Wigington’s own article that criticizes Carnegie Science and Ken Caldeira – Wigington calls them criminals! Yet Dane uses their work when trying to support his false claim of man-made global warming:

4. G. Edward Griffin’s source (one of several) showing that South Sea Islands are sinking:

5. G. Edward Griffin’s source showing that plate tectonics are responsible for South Sea Islands sinking:

Note: Dane Wigington cited twice in the bibliography of his article against Mr. Griffin, but Dane may be unaware that the publication was owned by the Carnegie Endowment for Peace for 30 years before being bought by the Washington Post, another media outlet that supports the global warming myth.

Hawaii island chain is formed by a unusual hot spot in the earth’s crust and the movement of the plates. The islands themselves are shaped by the eruptions from the hot spot and by massive landslides. From Discovery Channel’s “Fearless Planet”


INFOWARS:  Global Warming Caused by Climate Engineering


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      • Super, but what about yourself? I applied as a consultant for border security deploying state of the art intrusion detection systems.

    • Jeremy, yours is an off-topic post. The unlikely 5 star reviews all seem to be written by the same person or group of persons with an agenda to create a sensation. The Carnicom research is much too strong to consider this book can invalidate it.

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