WEATHER WARFARE: Geoengineering Weapons and Synthetic Climate Change 2

Best Viewed in Full Screen – High Resolution

Documentary: “Weather Warfare” aired on History Channel, 2009


usaf 2025Daily Motion  – Since this documentary first aired in 2009, a more complete network of ionospheric heaters and electromagnetic transmitters has been installed to produce a synthetic Global Warming (now climate change).  The USAF benchmark date for full ownership of the weather is year 2025.

The 2016 Louisiana flood is an example of weaponized weather inflicted as terrorism by Zionists and Khazarian mafia banking cabal now in control of the US government. (More)

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

Mayor of Walker Claims Flooding was Man-Made

Louisana Flood 4 frames

Geoengineering is a deceptive, Orwellian term. When we watch geoengineering operations we actually see the deployment of climate weapons intended to inflict global warming, drought, floods and climate chaos.







  1. My heart truly goes out to those good people. California could join for our crop damage. I posted an article re. Chemtrails on iPatriot. One guy commented I must be off my meds. Thankfully, another lady countered him. Yes, I would join in a suit.

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