Louisiana Flood Calls For Geoengineering Class Action Suit 5

Louisiana Flood Calls for Geoengineering Class Action Law Suit as Compensation to Victims.

.Louisiana flooding Climate Engineering

Court Justice gavel-smallIn view of the substantial evidence for deliberate and undisclosed alteration of the atmosphere over flood affected areas of Louisiana beginning Aug. 12, 2016, the filing of a class-action lawsuit could provide $Billions in monetary compensation to victims of a flood event made possible or made worse by chemical and/or electromagnetic alteration of the atmosphere over affected flood regions of Louisiana.
Evidence:  August 2016 Louisiana Flood Engineered With Aerosols and Electromagnetic Energy  (Article)
On July 25, 2016 Attorneys for LASG ( Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering) drafted a required 60 day legal notice prior to filing a law suit to stop undisclosed weather and climate engineering activity within the United States. (More)
On May 16, 2016 the six member LASG legal team was introduced in a GeoengineeringWatch article (More)
 9/8/2015:  LASG Attorneys William Blackwell and Joe Marman Present Preparations For Geoengineering Legal Action 



  1. PROBLEM IS: it is part of a massive genocide (Depopulation) program; an thus, those involved will never admit that it exusts. Kind of like hillary clinton…

  2. Tie in Morgellons… mind control elements… intentional destruction and relocation of agricultural and industrial complex areas … forcing-in of GMO seeds and agriculture… increased tumors / cancer and other known diseases. Reality is: LIKE IT OR NOT! BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Geoengineering is a form of Alchemy being used against the Natural Physical Environments. Get down to accepting that YOU are energy and your physical body has 5 heavy metals / components that when they exceed specified limits begin a destructive attack against the body itself. These 3 ingredients have been reported as being components of GEOENGINEERING!

  3. For Attorney Blackwell:
    Due to a contact mode being unavailable, I hope that this message will reach you through this comment >
    You might want to watch this (one of many) video in preparation for your law suit https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xrcu9h_history-channel-that-s-impossible-weather-warfare_tech I would suggest your firm do a research on the Louisiana area effected: For example corporate government interests; pending projects; political conflict; tactical interests; etc. You are entering into something that you may, or may not, fully understand, If you are not familiar with Agenda 21 of the United Nations, I suggest you become so. Easiest way is a You Tube and Google Search. I would suggest that you do not take likely, relayed truths and realities, that many are tagging theories. They are not! It is highly potential that Louisiana, in some way, fits into the New World Order game-plan; or Louisiana is not the main objective of what has occurred at all. If this major disaster moves into, under aka obama or FEMA a military supported assistance program: the target may be Texas. You are playing in, what might be beyond your wildest dreams. But also, could be your most awakening nightmares. I sincerely wish you the best in your endeavors; and further, you have my greatest respect. Increase your personal security measures…
    F Gregg Meagher
    eMail: f-gregg-meagher@mail.com

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