2016 Louisiana Biblical Flood: Chemtrails, Aerosols and Microwave Reply


Note: The December 2015 notable increase in LVAP (Large Volume Aerosol Plumes) as a potent tool in weaponized Climate Engineering is coincident with the recent increase in surface temperatures, catastrophic flooding, droughts and wildfires. As observers may report a decrease in classic “chemtrail” sightings we must learn to identify visual characteristics of LVAP.  Sightings of rainbow and whispy artificial clouds are on the increase but satellite images from NASA’s Worldview console offers the most complete awareness of  LVAP that cannot hide from ground observers when lower clouds obstruct the view.
Man-Made Climate Weapons Cause Historic Flooding in Louisiana
1Pacific Redwood:  (8/13/2016, Sat.) Louisiana rain totals in the past 24 hours are so high, they are almost not to be believed – but they are real. Later in this video I show some of the 24 hour totals in some of the hardest hit areas of the State. It is no accident this unnamed storm sat parked and stationary over Louisiana for nearly two days. As we see today, high pressure on the NE side of the storm is now pushing it West into Texas as a new larger vortex of low pressure moves into the East side of the Gulf of Mexico. A microwave transmitter is producing sufficient RF heat energy to prevent that large vortex from spooling up into a storm in the 85F – 89F water in the Gulf.
Meanwhile out over the East Pacific, a huge area of high pressure is preventing any cooler weather from a number of upper level lows from moving into California to produce rain. Also, note the strong Eastbound flow over California and Arizona which is preventing any Monsoonal thunderstorm activity from advancing into the Colorado River area or California. This is deliberate.
Our weather in the United States is completely controlled by a small group of terrorists – probably in the U.S. Air Force – who control the: a) satellite transmitters, b) the ground based transmitters and c) the aerosol chemtrail spraying program. The Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP)  is probably involved, as are the NOAA obviously (with their daily photoshopping efforts), NASA, and Raytheon. The puppets hired to report the weather on television have been instructed to not talk about the long chemtrail streaks in the skies, or the gigantic low pressure systems in the East Pacific. Nor are they allowed to talk about the obvious blast patterns shown on most of these storms – or the photoshopping overlay to hide the nefarious manipulation activity occurring daily. Instead, the weather forecasts are in animated cartoon-form these days so as to not raise any questions by observant viewers. Clownish, comedian weathercasters are the norm today on television, as are the short skirts and pretty women hired to report the weather as well. These are engineered distractions to keep otherwise curious minds distracted.
Research on NEXRAD Radar Causation in Louisiana Flood Submitted by  IndustrialSurrealism
WHO/WHAT Is In Our Skies, Louisiana Floods – Nexrad Radar Geoengineering – National Radar Installations
Historic Flooding in Louisiana –  Storm Targeted With Insufficient Microwave Power to Disable 

1Pacific Redwood: (8/12/2016, Fri.) A storm over Louisiana is dumping historic amounts of rainfall according to the NWS. 17″ of rain has fallen in Livingston, LA.

Looking at the Visible Light map we can see that a microwave transmitter is targeting this storm, but the power levels used are not sufficient at wiping it out, as we’ve seen previously, for example, with Hurricane Patricia last season, a CAT 5+ storm that hit Mexico last year – but Patricia was hit repeatedly with microwave as it moved onshore destroying it and no catostrophic damage was reported in the region despite reported 200+ MPH winds in the core before landfall. What we are seeing today is a half-hearted attempt by the terrorists controlling our weather to ‘stop’ the historic flooding in Louisiana, based on what we’ve seen over and over in these videos – the capabilities of these transmitters and the size of the storms / hurricanes repeatedly killed using superheating from microwave transmitters. In other words, the RF power levels applied on this storm are not sufficient nor effective to stop the rain – and a show is in fact being put on by these terrorist weather controllers.

Perhaps Counties in the State stopped paying their protection money. Just a thought. The storm appears to be stationary – adding to the misery.

8-14-2016:   Storm Parked Over Louisiana Is Moved West, Merges With Monsoonal Thunderstorms
1Pacific Redwood:  (8/14/2016, Sun.) The storm that was parked over Louisiana for two days dropping a staggering 22 – 27″ of rain over some areas of the State has been moved West to make way for an upper level low pressure vortex spinning counterclockwise in the Gulf of Mexico and heading West toward Louisiana and Texas. (The Louisiana storm system has been moved West and is now merging with the Monsoonal thunderstorm flow in Mexico.) The upper low has a transmitter focused on its core, which is the dark area in the center of rotation. This same transmitter has also cut a channel of high pressure which will maintain separation between the upper low weather activity in the Gulf and the moisture streaming back towards the Northeast.
The Louisiana storm system will probably move further West before it is forced to make a U-turn and catch the Eastbound flow NE. Strong high pressure over California and Northern Mexico will prevent that system from advancing any further West into the Pacific. Note the line of high pressure installed in Northern Mexico, not allowing any moisture to get near Arizona or California. In the meantime high pressure will remain installed over California and Southwest producing hot dry weather.
LVAP Aerosols Florida 12-1-2015-B
LVAP Aerosols Florida 12-1-2015-A

LVAP – Large Volume Aerosol Plumes


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