BUSTED: Fake Gunfire Audio Mixed Into Dallas Police Shooting Video 2

Michael Bautista video contradicts Dallas News photo also published in the Wall Street Journal and substantiates the police shooting is a hoax

Dallas Police Shooting Michael Bautista Video Hoax

Analysis of Bautista’s Video Reveals Fake Gunfire and Siren Audio Mixed Into Staged Action Scene as Hollywood Style “Special Effects”. 

  • Police captured in Bautista video fail to match SWAT personnel in Dallas Morning News photo
  • Examination reveals hoax when gunfire and siren audio were added to the video track.
  • Video capture before sunset contradicts official story that Johnson fired first shot after dark at 9 PM.
  • Photographer available to capture action image of SWAT member even as dangerous firefight was allegedly in progress.

The scenario captured in Bautista’s camera is considered the only opportunity for a Dallas News photographer to acquire a still image for the same SWAT team photo. Failure of the photo to match events recorded by Bautista’s camera establishes the photo cannot be authentic even if Bautista’s video is a hoax.

The New York Times continues to feature this debunked video on the their website. The article also makes reference to Dealey Plaza and the JFK assassination.

“The shooting erupted just before 9 p.m., only a few blocks from Dealey Plaza, where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963”

A CW33 News article and video also linked the JFK assassination with the police shooting  “Déjà Vu: Dallas Shooting Brings Back Feelings from JFK Assassination” (More)

The photo below was published in the pulp version of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in the early morning hours of July 8th following the alleged shooting in Dallas that reportedly began at  9 PM on July 7th.  In his video report, Dr. William Mount makes a substantial case for media foreknowledge when he presents evidence the Bank of America wall image at 901 Main Street may have been pre-processed and available for the WSJ print media version before the first shot was fired by alleged shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson.  (Video)

Dallas Shooting - WSJ Photo Foreknowledge

Media foreknowledge of contrived disasters and shooting events has been a typical finding since 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon Bombing and many more.


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