Last Chance – Resist the NWO Now 4

Trump and Clinton For President
A short but very powerful documentary as an indictment against all who still believe that the United States of America represents what is good and best for all people and lands.  To be asleep through these rapidly changing times, where all children will have very difficult and limited futures is betrayal to one’s own humanity.
No one else will change the world but you, in you own creative expression. When enough care enough to banish the word “struggle’ from their lexicon, and willingly put their lives on the line for change for the better, the world will change for the better.


  1. When are we going to explore the original fraud. No on in the Justice Dept or any on Capitol Hill including all sheriffs and peace officers has taken an oath to uphold the original constitution.

    The Constitution “for the” united States of America ( dejure aka “original contract” aka Rule of Law aka “Supreme Law of the Land)

    The Constitution using the words “of the” United States of America (defacto aka “fraudulent aka deceptively altered contract with words taken from the “original dejure contract”) In fact this phony contract does note exist anywhere in the world.

    Words mean everything “for the” and “of the ” please look it up for meanings/definitions.
    There is no active constitution for We the People as a contract given to those elected employees at the Country, City, State or any agency that is to represent us.

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