Orlando PULSE Shooting Follows SANDY HOOK Easily Provable HOAX 2

Christine Leinonen Fake green screen interviewNote: Open source investigation is ongoing in the case of the 2016, Orlando PULSE nightclub shootings however the contemptible US media  has featured several alleged victims and participants who are now discovered to be professional and/or crisis actors including the shooter.  Valid death certificates of the alleged deceased are needed to firmly establish who, and how many people actually died.  But regardless the number of actual deceased – substantial evidence now exists to doubt the official media “stories” and the numerous misrepresentations published as corporatist media “stories”.  Research by RedSilverj provides one good open-source investigation.  (VIDEO) 

Thanks to open source investigation by responsible alternative media researchers, there’s good reason why public confidence in TV news and newspapers is currently at a 10 year low.  See 2016 Gallup Poll

NEW YORK TIMES: Terrorist Plots “Hatched” by the F.B.I.  (Story)

In January, 2016 Mark Devlin interviewed author and publisher, Jim Fetzer, PhD.

The topic: The Obama Administration’s ongoing attempts to disarm American civilians through executive orders and congressional legislation following apparent but dubious acts of mass gun shootings.

james Fetzer PhD mug-bThe Sandy Hook school “shooting” is only one example of how the media promotes false events as real news, however the list of deep government and media treason against the American people is very long.

Fetzer’s book and this interview present evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Sandy Hook shooting is an easily provable hoax, drawing on the findings in his book, “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook. It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control” (Source)

Book - Nobody Died at Sandy HookA short while after publication,  brisk sales and multiple 5-star ratings, the book was suddenly banned and removed from sale by Amazon without notice.  Perhaps it’s  more than a coincidence that a new position was created at Amazon for Obama’s former press secretary, Andrew Carney as Amazon’s Senior VP for “global corporate affairs”.  Carney’s connection to the Obama administration is now forever linked to Amazon’s “book burning” of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” – a “dangerous” book containing hard evidence of federal crimes and massive media deception.



  1. They wanted to replace the WTC but it would be SUPER expensive since it was full of asbestos. Sandy Hook school needed replacement and with the shooting they could have the excuse to demolish it (and they probably got funds to pay for it). In Ferguson, the city wanted to redevelop that part of town and when the “riots” destroyed that area, they had the excuse to tear it down. Now there seems to be foreknowledge in the Pulse Club to be destroyed so it could be torn down and replaced:

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