Seven Agendas of Chemtrails, HAARP and Electromagnetic Weapons 12

Book - Elana Freeland
clifford carnicom Institute logoNOTE:  The continuous injection of carbonaceous and metallic aerosols into the troposphere has had the permanent effect of increasing the conductivity of the atmosphere for various covert outcomes.  One example could be climate manipulation when a network of directed energy sources is applied to regions of the artificial clouds embedded with nano-metals.  The Carnicom Institute has published 3 papers related to the consequences of  increased atmospheric “conductivity” that may further enlighten the reader as to the potential for nano-sized aluminum and metallic particles to interfere with the planet’s natural climate and terrestrial ecology.
Elana Freeland
This includes: political blackmail and political pressure on various nations at least in NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization – responsible for defending its North Atlantic members). Environmental modification would be events like Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans where the ports and coastal areas are being restructured and remade;
HAARP, Nexrad/Doppler, SBX – Ionization of the upper atmosphere is drawing charged particles into the lower atmosphere. Our atmosphere including our jet stream is sucked up into it. Barium particles are spread for more conductivity. Moreover, Aluminum, barium and strontium are dispersed for increased conductivity. These particles are pulsed for various reasons and steered for various reasons. This is heating up the atmosphere and creating extreme weather events;
Our weather is used as a weapon;
Morgellons although not the only biological experiments going on, is being piggybacked on the polymeric nano fibres is being locked into the chemtrail components as well as nano technology and smart dust (minute micro-processors which can track and monitor us). If you have the frequency of a disease you don’t need to broadcast the virus or the bacteria, you simply broadcast the frequency;
Altered plasma, which is what they are deriving from the ionosphere. They are making plasma to keep our atmosphere thickened, it is a medium, something that electrons can be moved around in. Altered plasma means dramatic earth changes via the troposphere and magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is weakened and we are being told it’s only because of a certain solar cycle. It is very difficult to tell how much is actual real science that is coming from NASA and NOAA and what is being disseminated as disinformation;
Everyone on earth is under surveillance for what the military calls C4; Command, Control, Communications and Computers;
Build an atmosphere in which they can detect exotic propulsion systems. Those exotic propulsion systems can be earth created, in other words, we brought the Nazi’s over under Project Paper Clip, we brought over their plans for anti gravity exotic propulsion systems.


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  4. Truthdig, Chris Hedges advocates for Jill Stein while Jill Stein & the Green Party, along with Hedges never mention Chemtrails – they speak only of Climate change, now she’s running for POTUS – I find this highly suspect that someone who promotes someone who is running for POTUS in tandem, do they both never ever mention Chemtrails all the while Stein is campaigning and pontificating – ergo, I would not consider voting for Jill Stein – either these two, who are obviously bright, particularly is Chris Hedges, do not connect the dots of even the possibility of weather control and chemtrails to “climate change” or they are part of the problem – they speak about speaking out, protesting and not remaining silent – and yet they are non verbal when it comes to speaking about what the hell is going on in our skies throughout the world – this makes me very angry that two mouth pieces for speaking out against the “rigged system” and “climate change” never speak on the subject of what is so very obvious to many of us because we actually watch the skies, how the sun and skies become whited out, how weather patterns change and how those planes in the skies are up in areas for hours spraying in all sorts of crazy designs and patterns while others call these CONTRAILS – mad as hell because without an eco system, without non contaminated soil and water, without bees then no other protest is more crucial to speak out against than what IS going on in our skies

  5. In other words: They try to build up artificial world, where all is artificial, operated and controlled by artificial intelligence. It’s just another “upgrade” of the Matrix where we live. All this “world” as a Program where we live must be shut down!


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