Pilots For 9/11 Truth Will Test For Chemtrails 1

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5/29/2016 by Harold Saive

Pilots For 9/11 Truth Chemtrails Sampling Fundraiser   (MORE)


Interesting things are happening with the Saudis responding to the secret 28 pages by correctly claiming the Deep State within the US committed their own False Flag terror attack on 9/11/ 2001.

Rob BalsamoCaptain Rob Balsamo and Pilots for 9/11 Truth and have provided exellent technical analysis of the events of 9/11 since 2007 to prove the Saudi’s are correct.   Balsamo’s team of aviation experts have provided professional debunking of the governments official story of 9/11 to a level far beyond a reasonable doubt.

Now, Rob Balsamo is offering to investigate the issue of covert pollution of chemical aerosol releases into the atmosphere.  In 2011, NASA scientist Doug Rowland used the word “Chemtrails” to describe release of such chemicals into the atmosphere.

When you review the many video presentations that report the truth about aircraft performance during 9/11 you may be encouraged to donate to the fundraising effort of $7,500 dollars to kick-start the project in order to provide hard evidence for deliberate covert chemical pollution.

Now we see a confluence of inspired actions on covert Climate Engineering with a Law Suit in Canada and another to follow in the US with Geoengineering Watch.  Using data from The Carnicom Institute and now Pilots For 9/11Truth is very ecouraging in our determined mission to stop the pollution and eco-terrorism of covert climate engineering.

Keep looking up.

One comment

  1. The chemtrails over Lake Tahoe were AWFUL today!
    There were many trails that went clear across the sky, like the ones that are sprayed to “usher in” a storm. That’s weird, though, since Tahoe just had rain for most of last week.

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