Alachua County Commission Intervenes to Save Santa Fe River From Phosphate Mining Reply

Chris Bird Phosphate Quote 5--3-2016-b

The Alachua County Commission has concerns that a phosphate mining proposal in Bradford County — with possible expansion into Union County — could damage the Santa Fe River and the springs along it.  (More – OSFR)

Below, Excerpt from Chris Bird presentation:  “I will tell you as your environmental protection director, I would say this proposed mine, especially if it spans both counties, is the largest potential impact to the Santa Fe River – that I’ve seen in the time I’ve been with Alachua County, … Potentially, it’s that big.”

Below: Dr Steve Pieczenik informs BoCC he was personally threatened by Jack Hazen during the April 21 Bradford County meeting and characterizes Hazen as a “terrorist”.

Below: Bradford County attorney, Will Sexton forced to publicly disclose that the phosphorus mine application had already been submitted before citizens spoke to commission on the evening of April 21, 2016.  Sexton and the Bradford commission knowingly withheld public notice of the filing.  This deception was apparently used to cancel a community workshop that had been scheduled for the following Friday, however it’s not clear how a fact-based workshop would violate a quasi-judicial restriction that would limit the Bradford commission’s ability to speak.

Our Santa Fe River Logo

Below: Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson – policy advisor for Our Santa Fe River, Inc.

Below: Complete Alachua County BoCC Phosphate Mine hearing related to unethical Bradford County actions.




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