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Addendum 12/28/2015:  A 1988 study (below) appears to support Cliff Carnicom’s remarkable study that follows.

The investigator finds that the atmosphere plays a dominant role in determining the changes in Earth’s length of day (LOD). This could open the possibility that aviation and aircraft are also an influence on angular momentum of the atmosphere as are the aerosol dumps injected into the atmosphere by aircraft and possibly other means as “climate engineering”.

(1) Is it possible that part of the covert agenda to load the atmosphere with aerosols is an attempt to alter the number of hours, minutes and seconds in an Earth day?

(2) Is it possible that  changes in LOD observed by Cliff Carnicom are a result of either/and/or:  aviation, atmospheric loading with aerosols or the ensuing climate anomalies produced by deliberate climate engineering?

Cliff Carnicom’s study on this topic follows the study by William L. Benedict


By William L. Benedict (Source – PDF)

Changes in the globally integrated absolute angular momentum of the atmosphere were computed from the Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center NOGAPS wind analyses and compared to astronomically measured changes in length of day [LOD) obtained from the U.S. \aval Observatory, Washington D.C. The two time series were subjected to both time and frequency domain analysis. In the time domain, digital filters were used to isolate seasonal and subseasonal components. In the frequency domain, energy density, coherence and phase were computed over periods from 2 days to 1000 days. Over 90° of the total variance in astronomically determined LOD can be explained by meteorological phenomena. Fluctuations in LOD are coherent and in phase with lluctuations in the globally integrated angular momentum of the Earth’s shell (crust, mantle and oceans; liquid core is excluded) at almost all periods less than 365 days. Annual fluctuations in LOD appear to originate in the midlatitudes and propagate equatorward. Subseasonal fluctuations (30 to 100 day periods) appear to be a tropical phenomena


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The following is a series of six (6) papers authored by Cliff Carnicom in 2003 having to do with profound and unexpected geophysical changes in planet earth.

The specific area of interest is the deceleration (slowing) of earth’s rotation and resultant “bulging” of the earth at mid latitudes approaching the equator. Although a gradual slowing has long been expected due to lunar proximity, Carnicom’s data reveals a rate of deceleration that far exceeds what has been expected by the lunar hypothesis, alone.

Much of Cliff’s initial motivation to investigate aberrations of “time” appears as an effort to find a link to the covert jet aircraft aerosol spraying operation – aka “chemtrails”.  But since 2003, the covert aerosol spraying is revealed to be more of a military and deep state climate and bio-engineering weapons system than any effort to mitigate geophysical, geomagnetic or global warming anomalies.

Now retired, Carnicom’s work as a government scientist was closely related to this area of geophysical investigation.

A complete archive of Carnicom’s published data on aerosol geoengineering, cross domain bacteria associate with aerosol dumps, the “New Biology” of bio-engineering, contrail physics and more is available. (More)

Carnicom Investigates Unexplained Slowing Rotation of Planet Earth


1 – TIME – 7/23/2003

Research has been underway for several months to investigate a hypothesis that has been been forwarded to me for evaluation. The source of these propositions will remain unidentified at this time. The hypothesis purports the onset of major geophysical changes and life extinction cycles in the foreseeable and upcoming decades. The impact upon the earth and life from such events is extraordinary and beyond the realm of consideration for many people. There is also a claim of a connection between the aerosol operations and the anticipated geophysical events, and this has formed the basis for the research that is being presented herein. Additional hypotheses are under investigation, (e.g., biological and pharmaceutical) but they will not be be discussed at this point. No judgement on the veracity of these claims is being made, however, certain leads of investigation are being followed to see if they hold up to scrutiny and logic. (Continue)

2 – Time to Start Watching Time – 8/17/2003

Drift rate analysis of the independent time standard that has been developed now shows a departure of 1.5 seconds over a period of 57 days since the monitoring of time standards began. This indicates the detection of another 0.5 second additional departure since Aug 17 2003. A projection of the current time departure rate is estimated at 9.5 seconds per year; a departure of this magnitude is phenomenal in magnitude if these observations bear out in the future. (Continue)

3 – Time, Energy and Earth Changes – 8/26/2003

A preliminary relationship has been determined between any anomalies in time that may occur, the associated change in the kinetic energy of the earth, and the projected magnitude of any such changes on a geophysical level. The result of this study indicates that small changes in “time” will manifest themselves as tremendous changes in the energy state of the earth and that they are likely to have a significant geophysical impact. It is therefore valuable to the general public to determine if any aberrations in the recording of “time” are indeed occurring, and readers are referred to previous articles entitled Time and Time To Start Watching Time in that pursuit. (Continue)

4 – The Waistline of Rotation – 9/14/2003

A decrease in the rotational rate of the earth is expected to increase the equatorial radius of the earth.  This postulate can be demonstrated by two different methods.  The first of these examines the kinetic energy and inertial momentum of the earth as it relates to differentials, and the second will examine the problem from the viewpoint of conservation of angular momentum.  It can be shown that the results expected are similar in each case, where a change of one second per year in the rotational rate of the earth leads to an expected increase in the earth’s radius of approximately 4 to 8 inches.  Greater changes in the rotational rate (current observations support a change of 12 seconds per year) result in correspondingly greater changes in the equatorial radius of the earth.

In conjunction with anomalous variations in time that are currently being reported, there is the recollection of a popular science article published by CNN on August 7, 2002 entitled, “Earth’s Waistline Could Be Expanding”.  This account summarizes an article published in Science magazine in that same week, where the following excerpts from the CNN article are provided as follows:

“The Earth’s gravity field has bulged more in the middle in the past four years and scientists suspect that the same is true for the planet itself.”

“The researchers say neither rising global sea levels nor faster glacial ice melting could produce such a sharp change in the gravity field measurements. Something else is moving mass from the high latitudes to the low latitudes nearer the Equator, causing a suspected bigger bulge around the middle”.

“While understanding the precise shape of our planet and its gravity field may seem like esoteric endeavors, the data could have a profound impact on everything from weather forecasting to agriculture to making sure there is enough fresh water to support life.”

It will be of further interest to examine the magnitude of this change within contemporary ellipsoid models that incorporate this latest data, and as it is reported in the Science journal. It is also of interest that the earth change recorded is noted primarily within the last four to five years; readers may also wish to be aware of the anomalous time measurements over this same period as recorded in the earlier articles, Time, Time To Start Watching Time and Time, Energy and Earth Changes.

The question of rotational rate change as it corresponds to earth shape changes is to be equally considered, as there now is observational data available to support the existence of both.  In addition to these considerations, a discussion has been provided on the expected tremendous kinetic energy changes (and expected geophysical changes that result) associated with small changes in the earth’s rotational rate, i.e., time.

Additional fields that are under further examination include the magnetic field of the earth, either natural or affected artificially, the gravity field and the atmospheric pressure of the earth.  The current work assumes a homogeneous sphere as a first approximation to the problem.

The remainder of this article is mathematical in nature, and will be provided below to those with a further interest. (Continue)

5 – Time and Rotation Changes Sustained – 10/25/2003

Careful measurements and extensive statistical analysis have been conducted for 110 days in an effort to determine if anomalous variations in time exist. These variations, if they are demonstrated to exist, translate directly into anomalous variations in the rotational rate of the earth. This project is ongoing and requires extensive data to evaluate any hypotheses that are currently under examination. A limitation on the quality of timepieces available inhibits a more direct and ready interpretation of the data under collection. Atomic time systems of the highest order, if available, would facilitate the process. Independence from claimed authoritative sources of data is now also required.

This report remains of a preliminary nature. Eight quartz clocks currently comprise the timekeeping system, and additional clocks will continue to be incorporated into the measurement system. Two to three months of additional data beyond that which has been collected will likely determine if the project remains warranted.

This paper is to provide notice that all data collected thus far during the last four months continues to support the existence of anomalous time variations, and subsequently, anomalous earth rotational changes. Efforts are now directed towards the detection of an acceleration component (actually, a deceleration). All data collected thus far continues to support the hypothesis of the existence of the slowing of the rate of rotation of the earth.

The act of data collection and analysis requires patience. Extensive data is required for the proper analysis of the problem. Although this report remains preliminary, a bias of an acceleration (deceleration) is under analysis at this time.

Small changes in time will translate to large changes in the kinetic energy of the earth. One second of time change per year corresponds roughly to the energy contained within all of the fossil fuels of the earth. Data under collection and analysis indicates that a significant multiple of the historical level of approximately one second per year may now be occurring. This indicates the prospect of significant energy and subsequent geophysical changes occurring in future times. (Continue)

6 – Deceleration Continues – Nov 08 2003

A detailed statistical analysis of time over a period of four months continues to support the hypothesis of an earth in a state of deceleration. The magnitude of the deceleration, if confirmed, is sufficient to anticipate unusual geophysical activity in the foreseeable future.

The magnitude of the deceleration is currently best estimated at approximately 0.3 milliseconds per day. Any deceleration component of rotation of the earth is to be regarded with the greatest of interest, as an apparent small acceleration (deceleration) will result in significant velocity differentials and accumulated time differentials over a relatively short period of time if sustained. A deceleration component of 0.3 milliseconds per day will result in a velocity change of approximately 0.1 seconds per day at the end of a one year period. This same deceleration component would lead to an accumulated difference of approximately 20 seconds of time after a one year period. These are phenomenal magnitudes relative to any historical basis that is available.

Small changes in time will translate to large changes in the kinetic energy of the earth. One second of time change per year corresponds roughly to the energy contained within all of the fossil fuels of the earth. Data under collection and analysis indicates that a significant multiple of the historical level of approximately one second per year may now be occurring. This indicates the prospect of significant energy and subsequent geophysical changes occurring in future times.

Further data that is accumulated with additional timepieces over a greater interval of time will continue to clarify the findings that are under examination. The independent time system now consists of 14 quartz clocks with measurements on a regular basis. The deceleration bias that is under detection remains thus far regardless of the subset of timepieces examined or of the interval over which a constant rate of rotation is assumed.

Readers may also wish to be aware of the anomalous time measurements over this same period as recorded in the earlier articles, Time, Time To Start Watching Time ,Time, Energy and Earth Changes, The Waistline of Rotation, and Time and Rotation Changes Sustained.  Additional notes related to the computation of time differences are presented below. (Continue)

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