TURBOFAN EXHAUST: Chemtrails Smoking Gun in Plane Sight 1

Smoking Gun in Plane Sight

Aerosols in Turbofan Exhaust Consistent with Bypass Duct Injection

 BOEING-737B Photos

B-737 exhaust show chemtrails dust in bypass duct-B-SBS


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The image above showing an obvious coating of aerosol dust suggests one of several scenarios. This observation however, is not intended to rule-out pylon tubes as a source of aerosol emissions but serves to demonstrate more than one deceptive method for spraying chemtrails has been developed.

 1) In this example, aerosols are deployed inside the bypass duct in the high-bypass turbofan engine where nozzles are hidden beneath the engine cover. This scenario is favored since it would avoid exposing critical engine parts to abrasive aerosols and hazardous, premature engine wear.  It makes no sense the dust is deployed by the pylon drain tube in this case, since the aerosols would be required to flow backwards against exhaust thrust from the tube into the engine. 

2) A less likely scenario asserts the dusty coating is a result of this aircraft flying through atmosphere containing thick deployments of aerosols that passively accumulate on engine surfaces. This scenario would require that abrasive particles pass through all parts of the engine with consequences to expensive, hazardous and premature wear to critical engine parts.

3) A preponderance of current and historical observations rules out jet fuel as a source of aerosol emissions although experiments with biofuels and other additives is under development.  But with increasing pressure on the airline industry to suppress “contrail” emissions due to their effect on warming the climate and modifying the weather, the development of bio-fuels and exothermic fuel additives (alumina) that create persistent contrails will  not likely be widely deployed as alternative fuel for the high-bypass turbofan engine.

In the first example where aerosol deployed inside the bypass duct, the advantage is emissions are injected away from vulnerable moving engine parts (area 9 in the animation below).  This method avoids corrosive and physical damage due to abrasion by aerosol particulates.

Pylon chemtrails nozzleWith the aerosol nozzles hidden beneath the engine cover, observers make the error of always pointing to  the suspicious external nozzles located on the pylons. It’s important to note that only one pylon tube (installed during manufacture) is evident in this example. Compare this to a majority of multiple pylon tubes that  appear to be installed as a post manufacturing modification.

When the turbofan is removed for maintenance, the bypass duct can remain mounted on the pylon providing opportunity for installation of plumbing to pump aerosols into the bypass duct.

High Bypass Turbofan Anim

LOOK-UP.ORG.UK – So far this group remains convinced that the pylon tubes are armed for spraying aerosols however they also provide well researched information on how chemtrails containers can be losded onto an aircraft.

Airbus A320 family dispersal systems

Suspected chemtrail containers seen loaded aboard A-320 series

Chemtrail Containers loaded onto Aircraft

It is conceivable that pylon tubes could spray chemtrails if the aerosols are released under pressure and into vacant wing cavities that are intended to be drained by the pylon tubes. This method, however, would likely produce a trail so unnatural in appearance as to draw suspicion from the highest paid weather channel disinformant.

Early experiments with this method could be what is occasionally documented as a “wing sprayer” when aerosols are blown into wing cavities to be forced out of pylon nozzles in addition to leaky, randomized wing surfaces.

Continue:   Airbus A320 family dispersal systems

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  1. Hi, sorry to see your petition never got the required amount of signatures, i’ve been on this for years….it’s quite a lonely place…..damn them, damn them all to hell….those sell out scientists……when is the next meeting of other scientists that are against this, is there a timetable for meetings of when and where?

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