Former NATO General Wants Answers to Chemtrails 3

General Fabio Mini, NAT Commander


Video Posted at GeoengineeringWatch

By Mala Na Colove

Genereal Fabio Mini is very well respected and has been very outspoken on this issue, since it come to his attention. Many often asked why he didn’t pursue investigating within the Air Force. Apparenty he did. Here he states he indeed questioned his Air Force connections but was to no surprise, shut down.

Below is a transcript of the linked video where he further expands his views and opinions of conspiracy. (Video)

At one point he references ‘The Ustica incident’ ~ also known as the Utisica Massacre. This is in reference to the 1980 Aerolinee Itavia Flight 870, which crashed into the Tyrrhenian Sea. Claims of conspiracy swirled, as it was said to have been taken out by missile fired from a French Navy aircraft. More at WIKI

Transcript – Gen, Fabio Mini, Retired: 

“CHEMTRAILS ……I’ll keep it short.   It’s a fundamental question. We won’t solve the problem with Ca’ Foscari. What I mean is, we won’t solve the problem with an investigation conducted privately or, in any case, funded privately. What we must aim for… Ca’ Foscari is a university. What we must aim for is verification and getting the highest-placed authorities to tell us what it is. Do you want to know when I first got suspicious? Do you reckon I’m such a fool? No, but it’s just not true, it isn’t, it’s all very very simple. The people who rule over us react to two things: money and politics, positions of power. People who are really well organized, politically speaking, can end even such conspiracies of silence as these, which may occur internally.

Chemtrails, Colonel….Giuliacci. He was the first to get me thinking. I used to believe what my air force colleagues told me, “Look, they’re just condensation trails. No more than that” OK. So they say. But how on Earth can a trail stop and the start up again? So I guess there’s something more to it than that. So, with all this stuff going on, I started to think, that’s strange, when top meteorologists, and, more importantly, top ecologists started screaming and yelling against the associations that look into chemtrails, into these dangers, and they say they’re crazy, idiots, and that the trails occur naturally. So if these people say so, and they have the proof but they haven’t produced it, or if they have vested interests in the claims they themselves make ~ so when I hear the word interests, or when I suspect there are interests at stake, I start to get suspicious about the true nature, the real reason for chemtrails and start to think these chemtrails are for real. Listening to Giuliacci, or reading his article, I don’t know if it’s another one …….this Mercalli.

The marvellous people who are committed to squelching it all, not scientifically and rationally but emotionally; something’s up. We need to check them out. How do you identify chemtrails? Yes, chemtrails are condensation. And YES, IT’S TRUE that there are trails that contain certain substances which have certain functions! But the substances are sodium, barium, aluminum. If they’re all there, it must be for some reason! One is what was once called deviation of electromagnetic waves or shifting them in a certain direction, and this is true because we constantly have systems which use chaff or those systems that fool radar systems, and which set out to fool guidance systems, and, militarily, we have them.

Careful now! I’m talking about methodology. There’s a problem. You see this problem. You see it, you’re sure AND I, LIKE YOU, AM CONVINCED that this stuff shouldn’t be there. What I don’t know is what it’s for. What I wonder is ‘how come these people are all over the place and say nothing and do these things as often as they do?’ And they do, very very frequently. Every day there it is, where my mother lives, close to San Marino, above the arms firing ground at Carpegna, around that part of the Appennino hills, it’s very frequent indeed and I told my colleagues. “No,” they replied, “it’s the Rimini flight paths”. I realize that’s ridiculous. But what’s the ridiculousness covering up? Whatever it is, not even they know what they’re covering up!

Militarily, we are perhaps the most vulnerable of all when it comes to lies and falsehoods, because we have a procedure which is both disciplinary and penal, and the procedures stack up. That doesn’t happen on Civvy street, so if there’s someone out there who can make people face up to their responsibilities….

One incident among the many, it’s the element that could bring the whole card castle down! Ustica came out all for an amazing 25 euros. Then things came to a halt because, obviously, when certain interests are moved to action, you’ll need a crowbar. Picking the lock won’t be enough any more.

In regard to chemtrails, we must first do some investigations, but not individual investigations, which we ask others to do for us.  My idea, too, is to ask the people at Viterbo, involve the University… if nothing else, it would get the ball rolling. For the sake of appearance, but it can’t be. What we must aim for is an authority which has responsibilities in that sector, the Air Force, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Scientific Research which says something:

Even denial becomes an instrument for understanding and discovering what happens, if everyone denies everything and denies the evidence like those two ~ the meteorologist and the other one ~ then that means there’s something going on behind the scenes, and that’s where we can start.”

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  1. Lets spread the rumor that NATO is spraying chemicals that only affect Muslims so they can’t reproduce or their children are idiots. Maybe they will shot a few of these planes down and we will have some tangible proof. They love to film their trophies.

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