Florida Environmental Protection Committee Hears Evidence For Climate Engineering 9

Report to Alachua County Environmental Protection Advisory Committee (EPAC) on Covert Aerosol Climate Engineering.

By Harold Saive – EPAC committee member

Harold SaiveThe stunning satellite images provide compelling evidence that Gainesville, Alachua County and most of Florida has been polluted by chemical aerosols, likely deployed by tanker aircraft capable of releasing large volumes of various chemical agents at high altitudes. The most prominent system was patented by Evergreen International in 2004 for installation in a Boeing 747 Supertanker. (Source)

NASA satellite images captured in this event are compelling evidence – beyond a reasonable doubt – that chemical aerosol pollutants are being dumped into the  earth’s atmosphere as a covert operation to alter the climate.

Florida Aerosol Dumps: Evidence of intent to elevate surface temperatures by creating artificial clouds to trap long-wave radiation.


Analysis of Massive Aerosol Dumps Over Florida Suggests a Fleet of Tanker Aircraft Fitted With Evergreen Patent

Stunning Satellite Image Reveals Aerosol Dumps Over Florida Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

12-1-2015 Terra Satellite Florida Chemtrails Aerosols

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  1. Harold, i commend you for pursuing the disclosure of this subject material. do you have any suggestions to us your readers how we can best help make the needed masses of people aware.

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  3. Harold, I live in Hewitt, TX & this is going on of epic proportion. I have been watching for years but only a year ago I have started to research & pay close attention. Recently the spraying is prior to a front resulting in bloomed landscapes to die after the rain. How can the bulk of the American people be in denial just look to the sky’s. Do you think we are dealing with a situation that is to far along to stop? If not were do we start to stop this madness?

  4. People will not demand removal of Fluoride from their tap water even after it’s proven to be a poison.. Why would we expect them to do anything to stop chemtrails?

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