Chemtrails Infecting Everyone With Alien Biology 8


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This important video presentation was produced in two parts by Clifford Carnicom and Dr. Gwen Scott in circa 2008.

Carnicom’s central message is to alert the audience that chemtrails are far more than for the purpose of atmospheric modification.  His research finds that the aerosols also contain bio-engineered filaments that are infecting the global population with exotic, cross domain bacteria that do not exist in nature.

Most people infected with the pathogen may exhibit constitutional symptoms of varying intensity but a minority of victims also exhibit skin lesions that can exude visible colored polymer fibers from within the lesions or from umder the skin.  Carnicom chooses to call the condition “Morgellons syndrome” since it somewhat mimics this previously described condition.

Dr. Scott devised a “wine test” where subjects can swish dark red wine inside the mouth before expectoration into a sink or basin. Those who are carrying the pathogen will spit out a large volume of filament tissue. Dr. Scott claims the amount of tissue can be of sufficient volume as to nearly clog a sink.





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  2. The filaments are not enough to clog a sink, I have never heard them say that, . Put a bit of peroxide on your gums, with either red wine or only organic grape juice and swish for 3 minutes then spit into a clear glass so you can see it…. everyone has these “nano filaments” Now, 2015, it’s coming out in documentaries on Nanotechnology the role these filaments are having in the human body. WE ALL HAVE THEM INSIDE OF US. If you listen to a few of their videos you will see that the ONLY WAY to inhibit these pathogens is to eat 80% alkaline foods – become alkaline in your blood. This is their findings.. and it’s truth and we are at the end of evil – called end of the time. Seek the King

  3. The “clog a sink” comment was made by Dr. Gwen Scott. Are you calling someone a liar?. Also, your bogus claim that alkaline foods is a method to inhibit the filaments cannot be true since the “pH” (hydrogen-ion concentration) of human blood is regulated to about 7.40 by the lung, brain and several internal organs. One way to make the blood more alkaline is to hyperventilate, whereby the lungs will release CO2 (an acid gas) to cause the pH level to rise above the typical 7.40.= 100 mmol/L. — Respiratory alkalosis by hyperventilation is almost always associated with light-headedness and fainting…a self-limiting and very temporary state of alkalosis. — The best method for maintaining correct systemic pH is to exercise. This will improve the efficiency of the oxygen transport system across the lung tissues (alveoli) to allow the acid gas (CO2) an efficient exit from the blood that supplies the entire body with a corrected acid-base balance.

  4. BOGUS SMOGUS – shows how much you really know what they have found. Dr. Gwen Scott and Dr. Carnicom ARE the SOURCE of information regarding Alkaline blood which means alkaline diet, such inhibits the filaments. As far as Gwen Scott’s comments she may have been exaggerating or not. I do not remember her commenting on this.

    • You are a totally bogus liar. The facts on blood pH as the driver for systemic acidity is correct. Anyone who recommends an alkaline diet to alter blood acidity is wrong.. Period. — The most common problem with alkaline diet when refined sugars are consumed is when Candida albican becomes dominant and kills off the good strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum. Candida albicans can also surge up into the small intestine, where it ferments food inappropriately and creates chemicals that can cause gut spasm. The wall of the small intestine may then become leaky and partially digested foodstuffs may escape into the bloodstream, where the immune system tries to destroy them. The immune system is then activated to react to those foodstuffs and the owner of that gut may become sensitive to certain food. This scenario could deeply aggravate the underlying Morgellons problem and make recovery more difficult…. or impossible.

  5. Are there other things going on out there like modification of viruses and bacteria? There was an “Unsolved Mysteries” episode that youtube pulled off (of course), but they had an incident over the Oregon coast in the 1990’s where some fighter jets were seen ‘chasing’ something off the coast as it got dark in the evening. Soon after, a storm blew in and it started to rain. It also rained this ‘clear goopy’ stuff. The two people they talked to, one was a cop. He pulled into a gas station and saw the crud landing on his car. He went and took some gloves and swept it off. Later on, he got violently ill. The second one was a lady who said her mother saw the stuff all over her lawn before the sun came up. Once the sun hit the goop, it vaporized. She touched the clear goopy stuff and she took some and put it in a jar. About 10 hours after she touched the stuff, she also got violently ill, and her daughter took her to the hospital. They said they brought some of the goop with them to be analyzed, and that the lab test claimed it was very strange, and it had white blood cells in the goop. The daughter said that the lab later ‘lost’ the sample of the goop (conveniently, I’m sure).

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