The Goy Guide to World History – War With Islam Over Economic Usery 1

Author, E. Michael Jones:  The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and It’s Impact on World History (Amazon)

BOOK - The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit

E-Michael-Jones MugIn Part 2 of “The Goy Guide to World History”, E. Michael Jones compresses hundreds of pages of his book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History, into a few words and phrases: the necessity of understanding ‘usury’ and what its elimination would mean; the cultural propensity for the Talmud-Tanach propagandized Jew to mistrust and exploit the Goyim; the subsequent destruction of the Church and the public commons (focusing here on England); the toleration and then triumph of usury; the guilt and cover-up culture of the new ‘owners’ of the Commons; the ‘triumph’ of state socialism (lottery & football mayhem); the inability of the Goy to recognize the Jew (goy blindness) and its affects; the corrosive effects of the loss of trust in our economic and political system. (part 2 of 6)

Comment: The NWO publicly promised by former president, George Bush, Sr. is a next generation of economic usury on steroids where State Oligarchs endow themselves with ownership rights of everything tangible and intangible – from artistic creations of individuals to the DNA of all species of animal, plants and food, whether natural or synthetically engineered. The singularity of economic usery – largely made possible by global artificial intelligence networks – is theoretically immune to market swings and crashes at the expense of the new-age “proletariat” whose perpetually negative balance will be adjusted from generation to generation as a remedy to maintain the state’s dominance and overwhelming police powers in a dystopian population where weapons of self defense and retaliation against such tyranny formerly guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment of the US constitution, have long-since been confiscated through relentless, false flag state media propaganda followed by Hegelian remedies written as federal law. – Hsaive

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