Pilot Shows No Remorse After Spraying Family With Poison Aerosols 1

“Poison Falling From the Sky”

Note:  This interesting story reported by WCJB and The Gainesville Sun demonstrates how law enforcement, media and government agencies have the capability to provide timely response to complaints when aircraft spray toxic aerosols over populations and private property.

Also revealing is the pilot’s (Klint Anderson) reportedly hostile attitude and willingness to blame the victim for not running indoors as the poison came down on he and his children without apparent warning and due notice.

Finally, the Gainesville Sun story reports the public is not required to be notified when toxic substances are sprayed by aircraft operators.


11/4/2015 – Reporter Niko Clemons

WCJB TV20 LogoMembers of a vegetation control company were apparently spraying herbicide from a helicopter in Archer Wednesday morning when a man says he and his kids also were sprayed. So far, this family has received very few answers. Nate Hollow says the only thing he was worried about was the safety of his two kids.

“You don’t know what it is, you have no idea what they’re spraying or what it’s going to do,” Hollow says.

Hollow says a helicopter, which was flown by someone from the Vertical Vegetation Management Company, started spraying whats believed to be herbicide in a pasture across the street. That’s when the helicopter began spraying in their direction. Hollow says after he called law enforcement, he got a chance to talk to the people in charge of spraying.

“When I finally got them over here with the sheriff they were argumentative, no apology, no hey how are the kids how are you is everything ok? It was completely you should have been inside,” Hollow says.

Hollow believes the vegetation company was hired by a Dr. William Covell, the man who owns the property right next to his.

Members of the Florida Department of Agriculture did show up to take samples of what was sprayed. They say it could take up to 3 months before action, if any, is taken against this vegetation company. The company and the pilot of the helicopter, both ultimately ended up ignoring our calls. (Source)

Vertical Vegetation Management, L.L.C.

Florida Dept. of State Registration

MAAA Operator – Mississippi

VVM – Klint Anderson
Email: klintanderson@gmail.com

6655 N 700 E
Darlington, IN 46940
Phone: 765-366-4447

Link to photo below (Here)

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  1. At the next city counsel meeting Hollow, family neighbors and friends need to ask, what will happen to them if they defend themselves, children and property when attached with chemicals from planes and helicopters.

    Can we shoot them down because our government won’t protect us from these attacks.

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