Mobile App Uses Atmospheric Data to Prove Chemtrails vs Contrails 1

Contrails-Chemtrails Mobile APP

This forthcoming mobile app that could well prove a major stride towards bringing about the end of chemtrails and the return of our natural, healthy blue skies.

The app does not use any conspiracy theory – only official data to compile reports that prove that what we’re experiencing CANNOT be “ordinary condensation trails.”

These reports will then be used as part of co-ordinated, global campaigns to bring down the lies and deception surrounding contrails and geoengineering, with the focused intent of bringing back our healthy, deep blue skies.

I can only make this happen with your financial support, so please donate via .

Thank you to everyone who is a part of this – including Mark from Windows on the World ( who kindly provided the audio for this fundraiser video.


Please donate via

One comment

  1. Don’t be so sure this will expose these liars. And here’s why … they aren’t just denying and lying – they also fraudulently post knowingly inaccurate data. I get a weather feed on my cell phone from the Weather Channel – you know, one of the companies owned by the Rothschild’s. The most recent inaccuracy was my local temperature at around 10 am they said was 68F. The actual temp was 78F. But according to them we were experiencing cooler than normal temps. As I check various temp readings all over the country I find the inaccuracies to be a regular occurrence.
    It seems to follow their ‘extreme weather de jour agenda’. So be prepared for their manipulation of the Appleman chart or the humidity readings themself – it’s coming!

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