Government Report Confirms Climate Change Caused by Secret Climate Weapons 12

Update: New Evidence Reveals Weather and Hurricane Weaponization Deployed As UN Agenda-21 and Ultimate Gun Confiscation in the USA



WEATHER MODIFICATION Programs, Problems, Policy and Potential-b

The most important finding in this report is that climate engineering was covertly deployed decades before any measurable effects of so-called “global warming” could be detected to justify such climate manipulation.

The inescapable conclusion is that aerosols and electromagnetic weapons have been used for decades in order to justify pseudo-scientific findings by the IPCC that an epidemic of bad weather is caused by CO2 and greenhouse gases.

The WWII development of the V-2 rocket was the inspiration for space-based weapons deployment to control people on the ground regardless their nationality.

The post-war influx of NAZI scientists under the ironically named, “Operation Overcast” (later named Operation Paper-Clip), began the military effort of weaponizing the unreachable high altitudes of the atmosphere and outer space.

The 1978 Senate report – only made public in digital PDF in 2013 – confirms these aircraft dumps were carried out for decades under the guise of national defense.  But the recent emergence of global United Nations governance over national sovereign has exposed the weaponization of space as a tool of the oligarch elite to ultimately control the global population regardless their disappearing notions of countries with borders.


  1. I find it interesting that a book: ‘CHEMTRAILS, HAARP, AND THE “FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE – written by ELANA FREELAND and published in 2014 is based on ‘her’ research that our ‘Gov’t’ has had a covert ‘seven level program’ of atmospheric manipulation going on for several decades. The report mentioned in this web article above coincidentally also cites a ‘seven level program’ which is dated May 1978 and which is claimed here to have been released and exposed to the public in 2013. I believe this 1978 report to be the document from which ELANA FREELAND’S research appears to have been ‘her’ source.
    I notice on other sites this document carries a U.S. Gov’t copyright so maybe that is why she did not disclose nor include this report directly in her book.
    I find it despicable that our gov’t can put the research ‘We the people’ pay for under a copyright and block us from using it without THEIR permission. LET ME BE CLEAR WE DON’T WORK FOR OUR GOV’T – THEY WORK FOR US!
    We should have been informed of all this decades ago. Oh how we’re being screwed!!!

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  4. The Government report from 1978 is very long. However having read the introduction and searched for key words I find that it basically says

    “The Weather Modification Advisory
    Board summarized the state of weather modification by concluding
    that “no one knows how to modify the weather very well, or on a very
    large scale, or in many atmospheric conditions at all.”

    In short – the 700 plus report states that weather modification (1978) is not practiced with any certainty. More over the report indicates that the US lead an effort to ban any weaponization of weather modification by treaty.

    I did not find any passage which would indicate or support any idea that weather modification has been a cause of climate change or used in any but small experimental trials (1978). More recent discussion shows the US and world at large concerned with moral, ethical, legal, aspects of WM and still acknowledge that not enough is currently known to make it a useful tool for any purpose.

    Where does anyone get the idea that the 1978 report exposes any wrong doing by anyone?.

    • I could assume that you haven’t walked out your front door and looked up at the sky but that assumption would be incorrect. Your statement in the next to last paragraph, “More recent discussion shows the US. …” makes your prior comments of No Consequence.

      Geo-engineering methods were tested in the 1960’s The development, further testing, and deployment have continued until this day. This ‘weather modification’ has become a Weapon against humanity. It is Criminal.

      One has but to look at the airplanes overhead to view the intense spraying. These are Not Contrails, as TPTB would have us believe. These engineered chemicals not only affect our weather, they poison our people, lands, and water supplies. It is a Massive slow-kill program to destroy civilization, while the ‘Theys’ live in seclusion, unaffected by their Tyranny upon the world.

      • Carmine, I’m afraid the masses will never wake up in time to ‘save’ themselves. Indeed, our Tyrannical Governance has been over run by the “Dynasty of Wealth”. They need 99% of humanity to die off.

    • In an age of extreme secrecy under guise of “national security” It’s unreasonable to conclude that everything that is known about climate engineering would be published for you to read. In 2016 the evidence from observers and satellite data confirms large scale climate engineering is a fact and is driving weather chaos and military-style “global warming”. Much has happened since 1978. This article is intended to inform the public that great interest in manipulating the weather has been a goal for decades.

  5. Dale, go to Dane Wigginton’s site and there is lots of scientific data there that you can check out. Geoengineering (chemtrails) are changing the climate dramatically…causing draughts, floods, warming of the atmosphere in many places…cooling of the atmosphere in other areas…it’s dramatically up/down in with the weather here in Michigan. Spraying is going on DAILY here. This is also used for ‘mind-control’ as well through nano particles, haarp and mircrowave activity. Pyschopaths are running this operation, the world and it Will come crashing down when we all wake up to the insanity and educate each other. It’s very important to educate each other that Mother Earth has no control over the weather anymore, it’s psychopaths running this Very Dangerous operation!! We need to be open our sleepy eyes!! The Majority of folks are walking around with amnesia. These Next 2 Years are crucial that we know what is going on without Fear, without

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