EPA Reportedly Admits USAF Aerosol Climate Engineering is Active Reply

Chemtrails Truther weather Forecast

2015 Paris Climate Change Conference Reflections


Alexandra May Hunter – Senior EPA Official Admits USAF Involved in Aerosol Spraying Program – No EIS (Environmental Impact Study) Submitted, EPA took talking points for the USAF and not documentation!

This On Wide Lens Special continues to focus on the dangers and impacts of Geoengineering programs worldwide. Our featured guests on this segment include dedicated activists Max Bliss, Alexandra May Hunter, Terry Lawton, Michael J. Murphy, Olga Raffa, and Patrick Roddie, who share their reflections from the Paris Climate Conference this past July 2015, as well as insights and further activism moving forward to STOP Geoengineering.

Links in video

Original Post: Aircrap.org

Pope John Paul II Commemorative “Chemtrails” Coin, 1985 (More)

Vatican Commemorative Coin Chemtrail 100 Lire

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