Outrage as USCG Abandons Deceased Body of El Faro Crew Member at Sea 3

EL_FARO Container ship-b

CNN 10/6/2015:  Capt Mark Fedor, USCG reported from Opa Locka, Fl

USCG statement including outrageous rationalization for failure to recover deceased crew member for families and NTSB evidence.  Notice the nervous nodding by public affairs officer, Gabe Somma standing to his right.

VIDEO:  U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Commander Gabe Somma stands next to U.S. Coast Guard Captain Mark Fedor as he speaks to the media at U.S. Coast Guard Station Miami, about the sinking of the 790-foot container ship El Faro on October 5, 2015 in Opa Locka, Florida.

Why is there misinformation about the position of the El Faro as it approached Hurricane Joaquin? (Video)

Insurance Fraud?

“Families Upset” News4Jax Content removed

El Farro New4Jax content removed“Families Upset” News4Jax Video Content removed

Video Removed by News4JAX

Geraldo Rivera Reports: “This was the last trip the ship was going to take before they retired it”.

Why did the USCG not recover the body of deceased crew member and presumably leave body at sea?

CNN 10/6/2015:  Capt Mark Fedor, USCG reported from Opa Locka, Fl

“In one of the survival suits, we did find human remains. We lowered a rescue swimmer to confirm the person was deceased and was basically unidentifiable.”

This story is unacceptable for the families who are waiting for the bodies to be recovered.


(1) Why was the body of a presumed El Faro crew member not recovered by the USCG for identification via dental records and/or DNA.?

(2) Does the USCG have sole authority to determine whether a deceased body, can or cannot be identified?

(3) Are we to assume the USCG made a legal decision to leave the body in the ocean on the word of one rescue swimmer lowered to inspect for signs of life in a flotation suit?

(4) Are we to assume the deceased crew member’s body is not evidence of value to the families of the victoms or to the NTSB?

(5) Considering the reported inability to identify the body, is it possible the corpse was not from the crew of the El Farro?

survival suit immersion Gumby el faroWhy did the USCG abandon a deceased crew member and why is this crew member still not recovered and presumed still floating in the ocean?

Media misinformation about El Faro last known position in the Bahamas raises more questions.


El Faro in Hurricane Joaquin map


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