Scientist Issues Plea For Governments To Disclose Secret Climate Engineering 2

Geoengineering - hacking the climate
Atmosphric Scientist, Jasper Kirkby discloses method and consequences of Covert Climate Engineering
Published on Oct 4, 2015

Stop GeoEngineering Message from J. Marvin Herndon Ph.D.

European Anthem –  ‘Stop Geoengineering”

Europeans look above you
Jets are spraying toxic waste
Ash from burning coal they out spew
Europe’s leaders in disgrace
EU leaders should stand upright
Follow not what fool Yanks say
Shield humanity from this plight
Heed our call and save the day!

Geoengineering madness
Coal fly ash into air spray’d
Earth will suffer from that badness
All humanity betray’d
Neurological diseases
For the young and very old
Slow pandemic in the breezes
Breathing ash from burning coal

Academics remain silent
‘Bout the spraying o’er the land
Are they being just compliant
Or their heads stuck in the sand
Europe’s scholars should speak outright
If they want to be believed
Academics bear the true light
People should not be deceived

Europeans stop the spraying
Do not be American
Protect life that’s what we’re praying
Nature’s life depends on man
Europe’s people all together
Sanity again can rule
Do not try to change the weather
That is folly for the fool

Music by Ludwig van Beethoven 1824 (music to Ode am die Freude)
Words by J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D., © 2015, Creative Commons License*

Recorded at “Mas Vinyets” Home Studio. Girona, Catalunya, Spain. © 2015, Creative Commons License*
Music Production, arrangements and mastering: Bruno Franquet and Lua Català, M.D.
Soloist voice: Lua Català
Bass, Drums, guitars, keyboards, virtual instruments, choirs: Bruno Franquet.

*Creative Commons License means free use is permitted, provided 1) Authorship attribution is given, 2) Use is non-commercial, and 3) Wording is not altered.


  1. There is an elite tiny faction of humans engaged in global work in a war against the elemental forces of nature that can lead to a path of destruction on a vast scale on Old Earth… destruction that has impact through multiple dimensions.

    One group is composed of the top science department heads of CERN running particle collision energies over 1-trillion electron volts. Their secret agenda has a director whistleblower who’s gone public. Another group is our nuclear forces if ever used. That won’t be allowed to happen according to my research, because atomic war impacts worlds in multiple dimensions. Those inhabitants, some far advanced in their knowledge, won’t let us get away with wrecking their worlds with our war. Non-interference does not apply when our global actions destroy other worlds. A third group is composed of Earth scientists of great hubris, the geo-engineers chemtrailing our sky’s for black mail shakedown profit and HAARPing our earth in secrete weaponized atmospheric warfare, shaping and directing ordinary weather systems into biblical floods.
    READ MORE >>>

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